Miss Belt vs Waist Trainer

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Compare What is it? Miss Belt vs Genie Waist Trainer vs Sbelt Waist Trainer

Miss Belt – It is a slimming belt that helps in achieving a slimmer-looking waist and instant hourglass figure while supporting the back.


Genie Waist Trainer – It is a waist training belt for women that harnesses the formula of models and celebrities to achieve the perfect hourglass figure with smooth looking curves in the midsection.


Sbelt Waist Trainer – It is a body shaper and waist trainer that helps obtain slimmer looking waist, toned midsection and hourglass figure in just two seconds.


Compare How does it work? Miss Belt vs Genie Waist Trainer vs Sbelt Waist Trainer

Miss Belt – Compression Technology in Miss Belt allows the user to achieve the size drop. Once the belt is wrapped around the midsection, the 2-step process kicks. The first layer is to be locked for compression and midsection support. The second layer comes over it to slim down the waist and tummy.

Genie Waist Trainer – A patent-pending technology called double compression waist training is developed to make Genie Waist Trainer better. One has to wear it using the bands and front and side fitting wraps.

Sbelt Waist Trainer – There are two steps in Sbelt Waist Trainer’s double compression waist training technology. The first being compression and support for slimming the waist. The next is its exclusive technology that tightens around the waist, abdomen and back to firm the skin and give a suave shape.


Compare Features: Miss Belt vs Genie Waist Trainer vs Sbelt Waist Trainer

Miss Belt – Feature wise Miss Belt provides results in just 2 seconds time. It has adjustable straps for comfortable wearing all day long. It can be worn outside and even under clothes due to its discreet design.

Genie Waist Trainer – It has the ability to adjust as per the requirements of user. Genie Waist Trainer is not at all uncomfortable to wear and is discreet to wear under clothes easily. It also helps in feeling fuller to cut down on binge eating. It can be even put on while sleeping.

Sbelt Waist Trainer – It compresses the waist to drop sizes instantly. Sbelt Waist Trainer is also designed for providing comfort and adjusts as per the activity performed. It can be worn anytime over clothes or underneath, too, as it is completely unnoticeable.


Compare What to expect: Miss Belt vs Genie Waist Trainer vs Sbelt Waist Trainer

Miss Belt – The slimming down effect happens instantly as it shapes the midsection and provides an hourglass figure. It also greatly supports the back during any activity.

Genie Waist Trainer – A slimmer looking waist, improved posture due to back support, tucked in tummy and flattened bulges, rolls and muffin tops are a few things Genie Waist Trainer promises to achieve. It also helps in providing effective compression while performing exercises.

Sbelt Waist Trainer – It helps to slim the waist, support the back and shape the figure instantly.


Compare fabric: Miss Belt vs Genie Waist Trainer vs Sbelt Waist Trainer

Miss Belt – It is made from soft and flexible fabric that adjusts easily to provide ultimate comfort.

Genie Waist Trainer – The fabric is adjustable and breathable for optimum comfort.

Sbelt Waist Trainer – It uses a lightweight, comfortable, and stretchy fabric for all-day long usage.

Compare sizes available: Miss Belt vs Genie Waist Trainer vs Sbelt Waist Trainer

Miss Belt – Small/Medium – 25-32” waist (dress sizes 4-10) and Large/X-Large – 33-40” waist (dress sizes 12-18)

Genie Waist Trainer – It is available for waist – 23” to 55” in small to 4X sizes

Sbelt Waist Trainer – It is available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large sizes.


Compare colors available: Miss Belt vs Genie Waist Trainer vs Sbelt Waist Trainer

Miss Belt – Black and Nude

Genie Waist Trainer – Black and Nude

Sbelt Waist Trainer – Black and Beige


Compare sizes it claims to reduce

Miss Belt – It makes the waist 2 sizes slimmer.

Genie Waist Trainer – It reduces 2 sizes instantly.

Sbelt Waist Trainer – It can drop two sizes on the waist.


Compare Review: Miss Belt vs Genie Waist Trainer vs Sbelt Waist Trainer

Miss Belt REVIEW

One customer, Angie, who reviewed Miss Belt reveals that it is not as it promises to be. It surely provides an hourglass figure in the middle but the design is absolutely unsightly. The belt works better in the midsection but its top and bottom edges do not stay in place. Instead, they simply roll leaving a disfigured view instead of a shaped tummy. Kathy, another customer who used Miss Belt complains that going 2 sizes down means losing approximately 12 kg weight. This miraculous weight loss shows only in waist region and actually doesn’t work the thighs or double chin. One other customer Boopsie who used Miss Belt says it does not train the waist but sucks it all in, which is not permanent. For more Miss Belt review, see this page.


Genie Waist Trainer REVIEW

One customer, Hairfied, who used Genie Waist Trainer says that the concept is very appealing but it does not come across as successfully as promised. She says that the design of Genie Waist Trainer is in no ways discreet because using it underneath the clothing does reveal it. In fact, the only time it does not show is while wearing it under an oversized sweatshirt. Even though she has a short torso, Genie Waist Trainer was unable to cover all the necessary regions that would provide the slimming effect. In fact, it could not properly fit in length or provide compression as it claims. She further complains that the fat on the back region gets pushed upwards creating a muffin top like effect in the upper back region near its edge. Shannon, another customer who reviewed Genie Waist Trainer complains that it is not at all worthy for girls who are overweight. When pulled in too tight, it creates muffin top effect at its edge under the arm region. The bottom section of Genie Waist Trainer is difficult to place as it can dig into the lower back and chaff the skin. Plus, its concealing abilities are useless under close fitting clothes due to its thick ends. One other customer Cristal who used Genie Waist Trainer reveals that it tore apart in just two week’s time. Read more Genie Waist Trainer reviews here.


Sbelt Waist Trainer

Lucy, a customer who reviewed Sbelt Waist Trainer, complains that it is created only for skinnier girls as it simply does not help the overweight ones due to distributed weight across the body. According to her Sbelt Waist Trainer is just a waist cincher that does not cover up the entire torso region. However, she likes using Sbelt Waist Trainer during training as it provides good amount of compression while working out. It is also perfect for new moms to get good waist compression without hurting the body while training for weight loss. Another customer, Serena who used Sbelt Waist Trainer says that she likes it a lot. Even though it is a little uncomfortable it still does a better job than traditional corsets with its adjustable option. She says that Sbelt Waist Trainer does not possess unnoticeable abilities under clothes. One other customer, Amber, who reviewed Sbelt Waist Trainer says it worked pretty well for her. She uses it under a uniform at work for an entire shift of 8-10 hours. Sbelt Waist Trainer still provides a great looking hourglass shape without any uncomfortable feeling throughout the day. She warns that it is not great while bending or hiding pudgy tummy, and sitting.

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