Everbelt REVIEW

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What is EverBelt?

Ever Belt

EverBelt The indestructable perfect-fit belt designed specially for you.Always look your best with a kevlar core and handcrafted leather. It has a ratcheting buckle – simply slide and click, that’s it!No matter your size, you always get a custom fit.Hand crafted with a beautiful buttery soft leather. EverBelt is Lightweight, Flexible and with a Virtually indestructible Kevlar core that is 5 Times Stronger than others – Our guarantee is it Will Not Wear, Tear, or Stretch. It Works with all pants styles.

Is it Stylish & durable ?

Whether you’re wearing your favorite pair of jeans or even your best dress pants! The secret is it’s wrapped around a virtually indestructible kevlar core. Plus our ingenious ratcheting buckle eliminates the need for belt holes all together. You simply slide and click, that’s it! So no matter your size, you always get a custom fit so stylish, yet so durable, we guarantee the EverBelt forever!

Will EverBelt Fit all sizes ?

The rachet system design of EverBelt replaces the need for belt holes so no matter your size you always get a custom fit!

aces the need for belt holes so no matter your size you always get a custom fit!


Is it really indestructable ?

The EverBelt  Buckle is not user friendly ,infact it loosens often, needs adjustment often in a day. Ok for mild use. ,,.,not where a lot of get up–sit down use is needed. Looks good ,,,can be used for light use!Feels really light and poorly made.

Nice belt for what it is. It is not a very wide belt. Looks kind of silly for larger belt loops. Works pretty well. The teeth have not chewed through yet but I can see it happening in the future.The buckle design is different from the others I bought. This is easier to un-buckle, The width of the belt is small and is not as wide as the buckle so looks little awkward. Other than that, this is okay.

Money worth or not:

Don’t cut it – This is the first belt of its type that I’ve purchased. The grain and color of the leather is “ok”, but not as nice as belts that I buy in the store in a similar price range. My biggest beef is that the teeth don’t run far enough to the tip of the belt. I didn’t do a good job of noticing this before cutting it down to size (still with plenty of slack to get the tip into the first belt loop on my pants. Once cut down, the teeth don’t reach the “hook” in the buckle. If I had cut it less, the tip of the belt would have flopped around and stuck out. So far, so good. The sliding EverBelt Buckles are very practical, and so far hold well. Click Ratchet is a better belt of its kind that I did experience. Of course, only time will tell me if it lasts as expected. In my life, I prefer quality than quantity, and I believe that so far this belt is a quality one.

EverBelt Fits us all?!

If your weight changes all the time, this belt is the one to wear. just pull or release to make it tighter or loser and nice looking.Easy to adjust belts that come in a nicely upscale box; however, there is an industrial/chemical odor when you open the box. Even after hanging the belts in the open air for a few weeks to get rid of the odor, they still stink when you put your nose right up to them. Should be okay to wear; but, it doesn’t look like that nasty chemical smell is going away.CANNOT BE REAL LEATHER.

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