Piggy Pop REVIEW

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Believe it or not , Now you can Bake Delicious Piggies In A Blanket That Look Like Little Pigs! Quick & easy — just pour, fill and pop! The Piggy Pop  Works with any batter!The Piggy Pop  is a Unique and durable design .

Piggy Pop

Introducing Piggy Pop!!These new, delicious piggies in a blanket treat that look like little pigs! Now everyone can make them fast and easy with the amazing Piggy Pop bake pan! Just pour in any batter, fill with your favorite franks and bake! Wow — 12 homemade piggies in a blanket that pop out and look amazing! The unique design and durable non-stick silicone bake each one to perfection. They’re golden outside and deliciously meaty inside. Then just dip ‘em, drizzle ‘em and devour ‘em!

Piggy Pop REVIEW

Cute mold. To buy or Not to buy ?

Piggy Pop are super cute but not sure they’re really necessary. The batter I used was a cornbread recipe and it was just as easy to form them with my hands. Hands got a mess using forms or not. Cute mold but not really necessary for baking corndogs.

Is Piggy Pop as cute as they make it sound?

Really small. Thought the heads would be much bigger. I bought these to make fat bombs. They are much smaller than I expected. About the size of a coin and not very deep. They will make miny fat bombs but they really don’t serve my purpose. Its a cute design and made well , just needs to be much larger.I used the mold when I got it, and the kids in my family loved them! They work better with pancake batter, but I have used biscuit dough successfully, too. Easy cleanup.

4 Must know tips&Tricks you need to be aware of.

trick #1 – slice the weenies in half long ways and don’t push them into the batter too far. Takes a couple of tries to get the right amount of batter and right depth. If done right the batter will expand slightly and be even with the flat side of the weenie, and the weenie will not touch the mold so it won’t show through.

trick #2 – use cheap generic pancake mix that has a fair amount of sugar, also add a tablespoon of maple syrup or corn syrup and the fine details will brown a little better (and taste better overall). Muffin mixes and the like don’t work quite as well because they are too granular for the mold details. They sort of work but the result is a blob not a piggie. Also these work better on a cookie sheet than on a baking pan.

trick #4 – Experiment with minor temp changes, pan styles and rack heights, and then you’ll want more than one after you get the hang of it and adjust for your oven. we’d recommend 4 at a time.

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