Fish Harvester Review

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About Fish Harvester

The Conrad Meier Fish Harvester guarantees to help catch fish easily from deep into the sea without even going into the water.

Fish Harvester Claims

Fish Harvester claims to travel about 2 km from the shore and carry 25 hooks in the line with bait to catch a fish. Once in water, the heavy-duty variable speed electric winch is used to retract.

Innovative fishing
Catching big fish is allegedly made easy with Fish Harvester. The intelligently-designed hull is launched in the ocean and steered through big waves and adverse conditions where the big fish are and can go through heavy wind, waves and breakers. There are no user reviews yet to verify this claim.

Get the biggest catch
The winch of Fish Harvester states to have monofilament nylon line with 180lb breaking strain to catch the biggest fish. There are no Fish Harvester reviews yet to prove this. Its rechargeable battery assures to last for two rounds of half hour fishing. Is Fish Harvester worth the price? Send us your reviews.

What do I get?
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11 Comments on "Fish Harvester Review"

  1. Has anyone got a cheep winch for sale. we have a seahorse and winch is too heavy to push on trolley Ex Torpedo

  2. hi just brought one of these read and watched dvd instructions that came with the harvester .followed the instruction to a tee but couldnt get it to operate using these instruction.also the dvd supplied was for an earlier model not much use to me rang tv shop and was told that they havent updated dvd.i did manage to work out what to do to operate propely also weigths supplied are to lite dosent hold on bottom.having said this once id worked out what to do works well would recommend to buy good vaule for your dollar,cheers russell

  3. yep every thing above is correct. f****g has never worked utter disaster, winch does work might use it for cloths line’

  4. Utter crap those people on the advertisment are paid.
    Had trouble with remote
    Go to beach with family all set up doesnt work sent back and forth to conrad myer got sick of that.
    Ended up buying a seahorse no problems i didnt put lid on properly come back full of water flushed it with freash water and it still works.
    Fck conrad myers

  5. Mike Stewart | May 22, 2018 at 11:47 pm | Reply

    Thought I would replace my preditor with one of these, hasnt worked since the remote packed up got a new remote paid for it, then a new circuit board 2 different sets of instructions but still dosnt steer or start, but the few times it did work it was fine, at the end of the day its fishing not catching, this thing is no differant to any of the others on the market, it just dosnt work.

  6. I have just purchased one and hope i dont experience wot you have.The price was important as was the buggy … Seahorse out of our price range as we r pensioners. Be good if there was something good to read about it

  7. Hi ,the remote is crap ,it wont last and when it does go faulty they say on the phone that they will replace it at thier cost ,but then youll recieve a email saying you have to pay ,real cunning ,dont buy this crap get a real one -sea horse or something not a fish harvester

    • Yes must agree 100% I have had nothing but problems,with it,
      Regret buying on price now

    • The remote is crap where do you buy another Remote the worst buy I’ve ever made!! REGRET BIG TIME!!! Im in Kaitaia where from here do you buy another remote.. I’ve left comments on the Facebook page, I’ve rung the TV shop got nothing from them but the run around.. I haven’t heard back from fair go..

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