Pillow Pad 360 REVIEW | Tablet Pillow Stand As Seen On TV

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Pillow Pad 360 Offer
Pillow Pad 360 Offer. You get only 2 Pillow Pad 360 not all the three for the price of $34.

What is Pillow Pad 360?

It is a pillow stand that you can rest your Tablet/Pad/iPad on for hands-free viewing. According to the claims the Pillow Pad 360 supports all types of tablets/pads. What sets Pillow Pad 360 apart from the other tablet pillows is that Pillow Pad offers 3 different viewing angles – now this is something new and revolutionary.

How does Pillow Pad 360 work?

As per the claims the New Pillow Pad 360 makes viewing any tablet much more comfortable & absolutely hands-free, wherever you happen to be! Available in gray, blue and burgundy the Pillow Pad 360 props up your tablet or book so that you can stay comfortable. The key point here  is in the amazing tri-ledge design of Pillow Pad 360 that gives the user three near to perfect viewing angles — in case you’re lying down, sitting up right or even standing for that matter.

Pillow Pad 360 Sponge
Pillow Pad 360 is made from Cushion Sponge. Sponges are shaky and retain heat, not a good material to rest something on.

All you need to do is simply readjust the Pillow Pad 360 to locate the view that suits you best. According to the official website buypillowpad.com, the Pillow Pad 360 has been created from a completely new cushioned foam that is not only ultra lightweight but also super soft at the same time for you to be able to place it on your lap. Also, Pillow Pad 360 is firm enough so one is able to swipe, wipe or type with complete precision and speed. Because of the non-slip fabric and fresh ledge design, it claims to hold tight basically all of the devices you can think of, huge or tiny! That’s not all, the most fascinating bit is that Pillow Pad 360 is equipped with three perfect viewing angles, the Pillow Pad 360 adjusts with you!

It claims to be a surprisingly comfortable way to be able to binge watch, hunt for the nicest deals out there, video chat with friends or family, not to forget to keep the kids happy in the car, although it’s not simply for devices! The Pillow Pad 360 can be used on the table for displaying recipes, to help children work on their music or basically just complete their homework!

Pillow Pad 360 Uses - 2
Pillow Pad 360 Uses – It is not much suited to be used in the car as depicted in the first photo of the second row. Neither is it easy to be used in the laps with the absence of straps.

It’s for people of all age groups especially the older ones love PillowPad 360 since it gives them joint comfort and there’s no nicer method to read the Bible  than with Pillow Pad 360! Also, the cover is detachable and can be completely washed in a machine !

Pillow Pad 360 REVIEW

OK, now lets analyse the claims and features of the Pillow Pad 360. We are really impressed by the features offered by the Pillow Pad 360. You get options of 3 viewing angles here is why this is important.

Viewing Angles: We are all different, our sizes, height, weight our posture, etc, our way of sitting, even the way we watch TV is unique. If you have noticed we all sit in different positions to watch even TV, though this difference may be very subtle in the TV viewing scenario, it gets amplified when the viewing object is reduced to the size of a pad. People with a longer torso naturally prefer to place the pad at “flatter” angle while short people tend to hold it more in a upright position. Considering these facts, the pad/ipad viewing angle gains tremendous importance.

Now given the fact that we all have different habits and styles of watching tv/pad, one viewing angle cannot be the solution for all of us. Here is where the Pillow Pad 360’s unique features come in handy.

Pillow Pad 360 Viewing Angles

72 Degree – Suited for “shorter” people who generally tend to hold the devices close to upright position.

46 Degree – More suited for taller people who tend to have a flatter or spread-out viewing angle in the Y-axis.

62 Degree – For all those who fall between 72 degree and 46 degree.

We have analyzed the performances of other pad pillows and concluded that the most common complaint is about the viewing angle. By providing 3 different slanted surfaces of different inclination angles, the makers of Pillow Pad 360 have hit the bulls eye.

Pillow Pad 360 Uses
Pillow Pad 360 Uses

So Is Pillow Pad 360 the best Pad/Tablet Stand?

Nope, having said all the great things about the Pillow Pad 360 we would still say it is not “THE BEST” solution for viewing tablet or iPad. Pillow Pad 360 can the best termed as the best “pad pillow” stand. But there are better alternatives in the form of “Tablet Stands”.

Tablet Stands offer infinite adjustments and thus viewing angles, over the Pillow Pad 360. But tablet stands cannot be used when you are lying on the bed or reclining on a sofa. In such cases Pillow Pad 360 is the perfect solution.

Pillow Pad 360 Angles
Pillow Pad 360 Angles

Disadvantages of Pillow Pad 360

There are some drawbacks of the Pillow Pad 360 inherited from its “pillow” like nature.

Slippery – Pillow Pad 360 surface is slippery. Your tablet is going to slide down the Pillow Pad 360 with a slightest of movement. Tablet surfaces are ultra-smooth and so is the Pillow Pad 360 cover surface. There is very little friction between the two surfaces.

No Straps – The Pillow Pad 360 does not have straps to hold the tablet securely. This is the biggest drawback as tablets slipping is the biggest complaint of such tablet pillows.

Material – Pillow Pad 360 is made of FOAM, which is polyurethane. And foam is known to retain heat. That means Pillow Pad 360 is going to get hotter with prolonged use.

Size of Pillow Pad 360 – Though they do not mention the size of the product, it looks to be of big good size. Big size means cumbersome to use, especially if you place it on your lap.

Not for Cars – Pillow Pad 360 is not suited for use in car. Car rides are bumpy and with even the smallest jerk, the tablet/ipad will slide down the pillow. So the claim that it can be used in car is gibberish.

Only Good for Viewing – Pillow Pad 360 is lightweight and hence is suited only for viewing, because it is not firmly secured to any surface – touching, swiping, wiping and typing is ruled out. Any such actions will cause it to move and slide off.

Expensive – Pillow Pad 360 is available only at the official website BuyPillowPad.com. And the TV offer is a bundled offer. You have to buy 2 Pillow Pad 360s for a price of $34.00. That is $17 for each pillow. This is an expensive offer, many other similar products cost around $10 on Amazon.com.

Money Back Guarantee – Pillow Pad 360 comes with 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. This may sound very convincing but when you read the fine print on the money back guarantee badge, you will notice the condition of the return. “Less Shipping and Handling Fees” – so you still pay $14 to ship the product back to the manufacturer.

Our Verdict

We do confirm that Pillow Pad 360 with its three surfaces, is a better tablet pillow than those in the market. But it is not suited to be used in the car. And with no straps to hold the tablet securely in place, the Pillow Pad 360 is not convenient to be used placed on the lap. It is most useful when places on a firm surface like a table or kitchen counter-top. Nonetheless it is a better tablet pillow than those in the market. But given the crooked nature of the offer, we suggest you stay clear of buying this product. It would very soon come to your local store or on online retailing stores like Amazon.com, Walmart, Target etc, you may buy it from there.

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