“Mighty Sight” REVIEW Lighted Magnifying Eye Glasses Exposed

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Mighty Sight Offer
Mighty Sight As Seen On TV Offer. Price $45 for 2 eye-glasses. This price is the lowest for the “rechargeable” glasses category. Official website: BuyMightySight.com

What is Mighty Sight?

As Seen On TV Mighty Sight is a pair of LED lighted magnifying eye glasses also called as lighted reading glasses or LED lighted readers. The Mighty Sight is nothing new invention, lighted reading glasses have been around for years. The only new feature in the Mighty Sight is that it is rechargeable so you don’t have to replace batteries. But rechargeable batteries have got their own drawback.

How does Mighty SIGHT CLAIM to work?

You must be surprised by the heading of this paragraph, with the words “Claim to work”. We purposely put the word “CLAIM” because often “as seen on tv” marketers make hefty claims that are not attested or supported by the actual user reviews.

If you’re in search of glasses that combine proper lighting and in depth magnification, Mighty Sight is just the thing you need. Mighty sight combines an amazing set of high power LED lights and lenses with more than 150% magnification. While there are options that could be comparatively cheaper, Mighty Sight is a pair that magnifies with LED-powered glasses created to aid you in being able to read smaller print and provide better lighting compared to what your eyes are naturally provided with.

Mighty Sight Users
Mighty Sight Users. Mighty Sight lighted LED eye glasses have various applications.

In case you wish to see up close, without adequate light, it is a bit of a pain. That’s when mighty sight comes to use! This amazing led lighted magnifying eyewear makes even the most detailed tasks easy to see, very bright and without any hassles.

These glasses have upto 160% magnification , Built-in LED lights that Use CR2023 batteries and it Comes with a cord used for charging and and a handy carry case.

The LED lights are located in the outside top corner of each side.

The way the lights are configured results in focused illumination that comes in handy if you, as the product’s promo video points out, want to read a book in bed while the person next to you tries to sleep. A single pair of Mighty Sight glasses will cost you $39.98 for a pack inclusive of one pair of glasses, batteries, a USB charging cord and a carrying case. Once a user receives the set of  glasses, they have up-to 2 months in order to claim a return in case they aren’t happy with the product.

Mighty Sight Applications
Mighty Sight Applications: Mighty Sight is suited for reading books, and newspaper at the nighttime without disturbing your partner. It is also helpful in reading fine prints on the medicine labels and pill bottles, computer keyboard, in activities like knitting, quilting and sewing etc.


Don’t get carried away by these nonsensical jargon that mean nothing. Lets analyze the claims of Mighty Sight here.

Mighty Sight Features
Mighty Sight Features

Mighty Sight Features: Lets analyze them:

  • 160% Magnification – Pretty mediocre performance for a magnification eyeglass.
  • Reduces Eye-Strain and Fatigue – Fairly well, nothing new.
  • Mighty Sight Fits over prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses or even sunglasses – or wear them just on their own – The last statement is more true than all other claims. Mighty Sight does not work as desired when used on other eye/sunglasses.
  • One Size Fits all – That means people with smaller head will find the Mighty Sight eye-glasses somewhat uncomfortable to wear.
  • Lightweight, comfortable and fits securely in place – 2.5 ounces is not “lightweight” for an eyeglass. If you bend your head the Mighty Sight eyeglass will slide off your nose.
  • Mighty Sight is Rechargeable with included USB cord – Now that can be called as a feature.
  • Includes convenient carrying cases – Wow great, thank you so much.
  • Helps keep your hands free to do what you need to do – This is for those people who read in the light of a cellphone or a torch.

“New Magnification Technology” – What does it mean? the promoters of the Mighty Sight Lighted Magnification use such phrases to describe the features of their product but provide no substantial details about such claims. As a potential buyer of Mighty Sight, you need to ask them the details and don’t believe in these high-sounding phrases.

160% Magnification – The Mighty Sight website claims that the lighted magnification glasses offer 160% magnification but again does not provide the details in the form of lab test reports that the Mighty Sight magnifies objects by 160%. Scientifically the magnification of an lense is the ratio of the size of the image to the size of the actual object, magnification is expressed as “x”. Professional eye glasses companies do not express the magnification power in percentage it is always expressed as “X”. So 3x means the object is magnified three times its original size. The number 160% seems very high, which is actually the diopter value of the Mighty Sight’s lense and not the magnification power. So what’s the magnification power of Mighty Sight? if we do the math the magnification power of Mighty Sight lighted eye glasses come to 1.6x which considerably lower than other competitors.

Price Analysis
Mighty Sight is priced at $46 ($30 + $16 S/h). You get 2 Mighty Sight Magnification Glasses for that price, i.e $23 per glasses. And remeber you still have to pay $16 to ship the Mighty Sight glasses back to the manufacturer if you are not satisfied with them. Coming back to the price of the Mighty Sight lighted magnifying eye glasses, other similar lighted eye glasses cost around $8 to $13 per piece and are tried and tested.

LED Luminosity – The Mighty Sight official website does not provide any details about the luminosity of the LEDs in terms of lumens. This is a hallmark of as seen on tv marketing techniques. Crucial information is intentionally hidden or masked with hefty claims so that the mediocre features of the product are not exposed.

Mighty Sight Weight – There again no mention about the weight of the Mighty Sight lighted sun glasses. After doing some research on these lighted magnifying glasses we can safely say that the Mighty Sight could weigh around 2.5 ounces, which is still heavier owing to the in-built chargeable battery.

No Warranty – The Mighty Sight lighted magnification eye glasses comes with no warranty. Other branded lighted eye glasses come with 1 year warranty – this is something you need to consider given the fragile nature of the product.

Rechargeable – Mighty Sight is rechargeable, which is a good feature but it also makes the glasses “heavy”.

Battery Runtime – The Mighty Sight infomercial does not mention the battery runtime. The reason could be that the battery holds the charge for a lesser time than other branded glasses. Otherwise there is no reason why they could hide such an important information. Other Mighty Sight competitors hold the charge for 4 straight hours and take about 3 hours to charge the battery fully.

Our Verdict
Mighty Sight is the first rechargeable lighted magnifying glasses in the “As Seen On TV” segment and is promoted by the Direct Response Company Digital Target Marketing. But wait is this product really something new in the market? Nope, Mighty Sight is not the only rechargeable lighted reading eyeglasses out there in the market. We are not trying to demonize the Mighty Sight, we are just trying to make the potential buyers aware of the facts. The only true feature that sets Mighty Sight apart from the rest of them is its price – $45 for 2 eyeglasses. But the catch is that you cannot buy just one Mighty Sight piece, because it is available on at the official website BuyMightySight.com and the offer is for two Mighty Sights. So if you are not satisfied with the product you are stuck with 2 eyeglasses. If you decide to rerun the product you will have to pay $16 to ships them back to the manufacturer.

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