Aquapaw Product Review

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What is Aquapaw?

Aquapaw is a pet grooming and bathing product. The manufacturer of the product claims to reduce bath time stress and provide seamless puppy bathing. The product is launched to ease the entire pet bathing process and make it fast and hassle-free as a whole.



Aquapaw started their journey with a vision of helping people in every possible way and to provide comfortable pet bathing. Pet owners know the challenge of cleaning their naughty pets. Aquapaw’s goal was to create an innovative line of products related to pet bathing mainly. They launched the product in 2016 and started claiming of being the perfect pet bathing product.

How to use Aquapaw?

The users have to connect the product with taps and showers via the adapter and wear it on the palm. The design may be handy, but basically, one hand will remain entirely occupied throughout the pet bathing time. On the palm surface, there are shower holes. Buyers need to move their palm slightly and usually.

Aquapaw with ON/OFF Button in Center

Aquapaw with ON/OFF Button in Center

One can use it in both indoor and outdoor. It can be carried easily and works like a hands-free pet bathing tool. The manufacturer claims to provide 100% satisfaction and ease of using this item.

Aquapaw adjustable to all hand sizes

Aquapaw adjustable to all hand sizes

Now let us talk about the drawbacks, cons, and facts about the Aquapaw product:

The Name “Aquapaw” (Name Analysis)

The name ‘Aquapaw’ is tricky and psychologically influencing. The entire pet bathing thing is a greater challenge for elderly buyers, and they are generally driven to its phonetically cute name. The name consists of two separate words; one is aqua which is synonymous to ‘water; and paw which represents ‘pets.’

Anyone can understand or get the real kind of the product, and the manufacturers are trying to sell from the products name itself. And for a few buyers, this is enough. They trust the claims of the manufacturers and buy the product.

Claim Analysis

Let’s explore what kind of claims ‘Aquapaw’ manufacturers are using as bait:

  • “Reduce Stress at Bath Time… Guaranteed”
    You can never be sure about this claim unless you get to use the product. The manufacturers are providing ‘guarantee’ on this. But what if the product does not perform as per the claim? 

    And ‘stress’ is a word with a broader meaning. Basically, it is a ridiculous claim. There are many matters to consider when it comes to pet bathing. It can be as simple as making your pet willing to bathe. So, Aquapaw can never make it entirely stress-free thing.

  • “We’re so confident that your pup will tolerate bath time.”
    They really cannot be so sure. There are various kinds of naughty, lazy and stubborn pups. And a few of them hate to be wet and cleaned. Whatever you use, you just can’t make them a happy puppy during bath time. 

    So, Aquapaw’s confidence is completely illogical in a real sense. The word ‘tolerance’ varies from pup to pup. And a product can never claim to make a living being ‘tolerate’ something externally.

  • “If you’re not totally satisfied we will accept your return.”
    Okay, this is really funny. Buyers will trust the brand because they are on the toe to allow them to return the product, but there is not a single proof of such kind of an event. 

    Not a single customer has ever claimed that they could successfully return the dissatisfactory product.  And the numbers of dissatisfied buyers are uncountable.

  • “Innovative design reduces spraying water.”
    There is nothing to talk about design or innovation here. But ‘reduce spraying water’ needs to get explained. Many of the buyers have complained about its unpredictable water spraying speed. 

    According to many of them, it does not work correctly and become the main reason behind the pet’s irritation. The product reduces the water flow to the point that it’s useless. And usually, the buyer ends up to using the traditional hand shower within a few minutes after using this so-called ‘innovative design.’

  • “Speed up bath time.”
    One among every five buyers has stated just opposite of this particular claim. As per their experience, they had to invest four times longer span in pup bathing after using this specific Aquapaw product. 

    The reduction of water flow makes the entire pet bathing process time consuming and slow. Anything slow in this fast era can straightforwardly get considered as ‘outdated.’

  • “Soaking the densest of fur.”
    This claim is absolutely a big lie. A significant part of the buyers has complained against this particular claim. This product is not at all for furry pups. 

    The reduced water flow makes the pet bathing, a tough job for the users.

Price Analysis

The base price of the item is $24.95 or better to say $25 at the official website and The main product comes with an adapter with it. But the slow treater that gets advertised with the product is a separate item to purchase. It cost around $10.99 or $11 approximately which would raise the total cost to around $35 which isn’t a price tag to gamble at all. does not have any additional shipping cost for this item.

But in comparison with contemporary and better quality products, the price is a bit high. And a buyer should get more functionality, features and better quality at this price.

Offer Analysis

The manufacturers are claiming to offer the best quality product, and they are charging $25 for that. But as per the users, the product is made from low quality plastic, and it’s fragile. The free adapter is horrible. And the entire product is notorious for its awful plastic smell.

Aquapaw adapters inluded (Shower, Garden Hose, Spigot)

Aquapaw adapters inluded (Shower, Garden Hose, Spigot)

Product Review

This product can make the whole pet bathing process worse than ever. First of all, as soon as the shower is on, the adapter joint will start spraying and leaking water in every possible way. And the whole place will turn into a mess. It makes more trouble in high water pressures, and the item can get cracked in such forces.

Aquapaw - Bathe your pet like you're petting them

Aquapaw – Bathe your pet like you’re petting them

As per the direction, the users need Teflon tape to connect the adapter, which is a big-time problem. If it were appropriately crafted, the buyers would not require the tape.

The item is not for furry pups and does not cover them well. Most of the users had to end up using the regular sprayers after using Aquapaw for a couple of minutes

The plastic is cheap, gets easily broken and have a horrible smell. The price is not at all justified. Few buyers were not lucky enough to give it a try. It was because the product cracked in half at the time of the first installation.

The speed of water reduces to the level that it becomes totally useless. And there is no way to control that. The product does not function well in low water pressure.

The entire pet bathing thing can turn into a lengthier process after using Aquapaw, because of its reduced water flow. Though, the makers claim to make it fast.

The manufacturers’ claim to provide a great quality product but the truth is just the opposite. Buyers are dissatisfied with the ‘innovative’ design the material used to make that. The features are not similar to the claims. Few buyers find it difficult to use the item for more than twice due it’s below average quality. Many users complained about its on/off switch. The switch stuck easily making the product useless as a whole. And there are many unfortunate buyers, who never received the adapter with the item.



Our Verdict

We love our pets, but we have less time to handle them and take care of them. So we badly need time saving and convenient pet grooming products like Aquapaw. This kind of items can change the whole pet bathing thing and make it comfortable.

But after considering all the drawbacks, the price and the quality of Aquapaw, we can say that it is nothing but a total waste of money.

It is tough for elderly buyers to handle this messy item. The items leak water and create chaos during bathing the pets. The inferior quality product, below standard making and cheap plastic make this product useless soon after buying it. The product does not work as promised and enhance the time of pup bathing.

The adapter did not work and sometimes broke even before using it. If you are looking for a sturdy, useful and timesaving pet bathing tool, then Aquapaw is not at all recommended. The product gets only recommended for those who love to waste their money on buying trash.

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