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Austin Adkins says in his review of Motion Brite- “The motion sensor to turn/keep the light on is very wide, but the range from the lighting portion of the unit and ahead is a bit lacking.

Monique Aguilar claims in her Motion Brite review that it did not work as advertised. She says that the problem is that you have to be within 18″ to activate the motion detector.

1) The sensor doesn’t react as it should to light/motion change. She says this because she ordered 2 different units (the other from a different manufacturer) and put them side-by-side in a closet. Motion Brite doesn’t turn on as often/easily as it should.

2) Changing the batteries is tough once the unit is permanently installed (and it comes with a self-adhesive to do so).


Jackie Morales, who purchased Motion Brite complains in her Motion Brite review- “Only one light really works, one is really bright and the other is very dull you can barely see anything. Sometimes it takes too long to register to turn on”.

Kathleen Beck is disappointed with Motion Brite and writes in her Motion Brite review that the light should stay on a few seconds longer. It drains the battery really fast and the magnets are not great and fell off the wall after just a few days.

Another user Andrew Wood mentions in his Motion Brite review that in in higher light settings the sensor does not respond to your motion. He says although this definitely helps cut down on battery loss t makes the sensor not as consistent as he’d like.

In his review of Motion Brite Clayton Mccoy states that the sensor doesn’t work even if the room is slightly lit. He says his usually only work at night when all the lights in the kitchen are off.

Motion Brite Questions & Answers

Q. Does Motion Brite only come on if dark or will it come on anytime motion is detected?
A. Yes, Motion Brite will come on only when it is dark in its immediate area and it detects motion.

Q. How long will Motion Brite stay on?
A. 15-20 seconds

Q. Can Motion Brite lights be switched on too, or only via motion?
A. Only via motion

Q. Are Motion Brite lights water proof? Can you use them on outdoor stairs completely exposed to the elements?
A. No, they are not waterproof.

Q. Can Motion Brite be used inside of a closet to light up the closet when the door is opened? Will light from the hallway stop them from turning on?
A. Motion Brite will work fine for a closet.

Q. Is Motion Brite for 220v?
A. Motion Brite is powered by batteries. Specifications: 6 volts. Bulb: LED

Q. I cut food in the daytime, but need more light. Will it still activate? Also can it stay on for a duration of 30 minutes?
A. No, Motion Brite has about a 20 second off timer.

Q. How long?
A. At least 90 seconds to two minutes.

Q. Would Motion Brite work under a nightstand to light the way for bathroom visits at night?
A. Yes

Q. How bright is Motion Brite and how many lumens is it?
A. About 50lumens

Q. What color is the light? Does it give off a bluish color or more of the white color?
A. White

Q. Is Motion Brite bright enough to light up a small pantry?
A. It is, it is also bright enough for closets, hallways and small rooms. Motion Brite is great for power outages.

Q. Does Motion Brite light have an on/off switch?
A. No.

Q. Could I put Motion Brite on my car door panel?
A. Yes, you can.

Q. Is it very bright?
A. It is not very bright, but bright enough to see everything in a bedroom very clearly.

Q. If I were to put it in the bathroom would the steam from the tub make the lamp of the magnets fall off?
A. Probably not…it seems to be a good adhesive.

Q. Does Motion Brite have a magnetic strip?
A. Yes

Q. If I place Motion Brite on a wall and have to remove the entire unit, including the self-adhesive strip, will it damage the wall?
A. The adhesive may damage the wall.

Q. I would like to use Motion Brite in our Motorhome. Would the magnetic strip / adhesive be strong enough to withstand vibration while traveling?
A. I can’t say for sure, but I think it would depend on where it is attached.

Q. Some pictures show Motion Brite as rechargeable, is it for everyone?
A. No. It uses regular replaceable batteries (you could, of course, use your own rechargeable batteries with their own external charger, but the unit doesn’t come with them.)

Q. Is there any way of turning the motion sensor off so that the light stays on?
A. No, the light works well, but it is not very strong (bright). Nice gadget but no substitute for a build in wired light.

Q. Should these stick on tiles? I put this on bathroom tiles and was surprised when I went back two days later and saw it had fallen off!
A. No

Q. If Motion Brite only turns on in the dark, when the closet door is closed it will it turn on and waste batteries?
A. Motion Brite needs to detect motion for it to activate and this won’t happen when the closet is closed.

Q. Is the purpose of the magnetic strip to stick to metal surfaces? I’m looking for a light to stick on the inside of my metal safe.
A. The primary attachment is an adhesive strip which will stick to most surfaces. The magnetic part allows one to detach the main portion of the light to make it easier to replace batteries so the magnetic part it is not for adhering to metal. The adhesive strip will do that.

Q. Would Motion Brite work well in a school locker?
A. Yes.

Q. Will Motion Brite come on when the door opens and turn off when it closes?
A. Yes, Motion Brite will turn on when door is opened and turn off after 10 to 15 seconds after door is shut.

Q. Will Motion Brite work under each stair, and come on as you go up and down the stairs?
A. Highly doubt it. No amount of motion will set mine off if there is any light in the room. Only seem to work in complete darkness.

Q. Where is the motion sensor?
A. In the middle of the stick.

Q. Does Motion Brite change colors?
A. No it does not.

Q. Will the Motion Brite light work if there is other light in the room?
A. No, if the other light is pretty bright. Yes, if the Oxy light is not in direct light, like under a shelf.

What do I get?
2 Motion Brite LED Light Strips for $12.99 plus $13.98 processing and handling. Official website:

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  1. How do you change the batteries on a motion brite. There are no instructions

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