Cameo 3 vs Cameo 2 vs Cameo vs Curio

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Compare What is it? Cameo 3 vs Cameo 2 vs Cameo vs Curio

Cameo 3
It is a DIY machine that cuts several types of material for art and craft activities and also for professional work. Cameo 3 comes equipped with several hi-tech features and is also software-enabled to perform advanced functions.

Cameo 2
It is a multitasking, state-of-the-art DIY machine that can make different types of projects. It helps you cut material like paper when connected to a blade and can be controlled by a computer. Also, it can double as a writing implement when its blade is replaced by a pen.

It is an electronic cutting machine that functions like a home printer and also aide cutter for simple use. Equipped with simple yet proficient features, Cameo efficiently assists with various craft projects.

It is a sophisticated craft machine from the house of Silhouette for DIY projects. It is packed with a host of smart features and stands out as a machine that can perform impeccably intricate and beautiful embossing, stippling, and etching functions.

Compare what does it do? Cameo 3 vs Cameo 2 vs Cameo vs Curio

Cameo 3
It is a versatile DIY machine that can register and cut printed materials of different types. It that has the largest cutting space that cuts a wide variety of materials. It is PixScan compatible, comes with the Silhouette Studio design software,Bluetooth technology and more that help you prepare the finest projects. It also provides seamless connectivity with a personal computer and other devices for storing work.

Cameo 2
It doubles like a home printer, comes with silhouette studio software and more that enable you to create and cut unique designs. It uses patterns and fonts already present in a computer and offers thousands of new designs available on its online store.It can sketch and cut equally well with a blade or a pen. It can register and cut printed materials flawlessly as it is PixScan compatible. When connected to a desktop or Mac with a USB cable, it can store artwork wherever you want.

It can cut materials like paper, cardstock, vinyl, fabric and more and also register them. As a cartridge-free die cutter, Cameo has been devised to create striking designs and also perform artwork functions without a computer with designs saved in a jump drive. It functions much like a home printer and can be easily connected to a Mac or a desktop computer with USB cable.

This multifaceted machine can cut and draw patterns also emboss, score, sketch, paint and engrave.It is the right instrument for beginners to start their projects with. When connected to the Mac or desktop with the included USB cable and uses with the included software, Curio can design projects just the way you want. It makes it possible for you to draw vividly coloured designs, cut exquisite can also assimilate your distinct style smoothly on as many DIY projects as you want.

All are DIY machine giving the same result of designing the project and completing it with ease but
curio is the winner for us in this category as it has advanced functionality to others and an apt choice for the

Compare Features: Cameo 3 vs Cameo 2 vs Cameo vs Curio

Cameo 3
Built-in auto blade compatible
Extra storage for ease of access
Able to cut thicker material
Increased clearance level of 2 millimeters
Over 85,000 designs in Silhouette Design Store
Resourceful silhouette studio software
PixScan Technology enabled
Full-color LCD touch-screen with mini tutorials
USB port
Blade and tool storage compartments
Power-saving sleep mode
Fiberglass-reinforced synchronization belt
Guide marks highlighted in Silhouette blue

Cameo 2
Multitasking DIY machine
Proficient at sketching and cutting with a blade or a pen
Comes with Silhouette studio software
Full-color LCD touch screen
Steel Spring Rollers
Cross-cutter to cut materials provided directly from a roll
Gives access to thousands of designs
Guide marks for easy visual placements
PixScan technology compatibility
Two extra storage compartments at sides
Touch screen
Full color LCD
USB port
Vinyl trimmer
Improved cutting head
Storage compartment
Sleep mode

New look
12-inch cutting width
Cross cutter at the back of unit
Steel spring rollers
Silhouette roll-feeder compatibility
Built-in optical scanner for print and cut applications
Full-color LCD touch-screen
USB port
Blade storage compartment
Power-saving sleep mode
PixScan technology compatibility
PC and Mac compatibility
Lightweight body
Matless cutting capability
Fiberglass-reinforced synchronization belt to keep cuts precise
Guide marks emphasized in Silhouette blue
Access to the Silhouette Design Store
Latest version provided with full-color touchscreen and print-and-cut functionality

Creates multicolor sketch art
Dual carriage feature
Emboss and de-boss effects
New clearance level
Unique stippling feature creates exquisite dot patterns
Creates stippled ink projects with Silhouette felt tip pens, stipple foils and metals.
Embossing tools for imparting faux-letterpress effect
Path emboss, score & emboss and print & emboss
Deep cut blade to make deepest cuts
Sintered tungsten alloy for extra durability.

Curio standout among the others in this category for us as it has few more features included than the others.
Though it does not include a scanner for printing purpose but it can be looked upon as far as the design and
project is getting executed as per requirement.

Compare Cut sizes: Cameo 3 vs Cameo 2 vs Cameo vs Curio

Cameo 3
Approximately12” wide and 10 feet long

Cameo 2
Approximately12” wide and 10 feet long

Approximately 12″ wide and 10 feet long

Approximately8.5 inches and 12 inches

All are approximately same in cutting size so their is not much of choice to do in this category.

Compare Scanning Area: Cameo 3 vs Cameo 2 vs Cameo vs Curio

Cameo 3
It is PixScan algorithm compatible, which allows it to recognize specially placed registration marks on the PixScan cutting mat and use it optimally

Cameo 2
Being PixScan algorithm compatible, it can recognize specially placed registration marks on the PixScan cutting mat and use it to get best results.

It also has print-and-cut functionality so you can cut around a pre-printed image of your choice. With PixScan, you can scan or take a photo of an image, import it into Silhouette Studio and add cut lines. This makes it possible to cut out handmade drawings, which is a distinct feature compared to other die cutters.

Not mentioned

Cameo, Cameo 2 and Cameo 3 all have PixScan to scan or take photo of an image whereas Curio has no information mentioned for this purpose and thus is a fallout for us in this category.

Compare Blade: Cameo 3 vs Cameo 2 vs Cameo vs Curio

Cameo 3
It comes with three types of blade- standard blade, deep cut blade and auto blade. It adjusts the blade automatically.

Cameo 2
It is provided with a small blade that cuts materials finely. Its blades can be replaced with a pen for sketching just like it does cutting.

It has a low-pressure blade that can cut materials as tough as chipboard.

It comes with deep cut blade having sintered tungsten alloy composed of super fine powder. It helps Curio cut deep and also imparts toughness to it.

Cameo 3 is the winner for us in this category for having choices for different blades for carrying out different kind of work.

Compare Material it can cut: Cameo 3 vs Cameo 2 vs Cameo vs Curio

Cameo 3
• Different types of papers
• Cardstock (up to 350 gm.thick)
• Tissue paper
• Vinyl
• Iron-on transfer
• Cereal box chipboard
• Craft foam
• Light-weight fabric
• Rhinestone template material
• Various material up to 12 inches wide and 10 feet long
The Studio software that powers Cameo 3 offers ‘double cut’ feature, which can cut thicker materials than those mentioned above.

Cameo 2
• Paper
• Cardstock
• Vinyl
• Fabric
• Various material up to 12 inches wide and 10 feet long

• Drawing paper
• Vinyl
• Cardstock with up to a 90-pound rating
• Adhesive vinyl
• Adhesive magnetic paper
• Chipboard
• Corrugated paper
• Fabric like canvas
• Cotton prints, glitter cardstock, flocked transfer material, etc.
• Postcards
• Scrapbooking paper
• Photo paper

Cameo is not for cutting heavy-duty items.

It cuts custom designs out of paper, card stock, vellum, vinyl, fabric, stencil material and more. It also helps you use unique materials as project surfaces such as woods, canvas, metals, and more. You can also add embossing or debossing textures to soft papers, vellum and other delicate materials.

Curio has an edge over the others in this category and emerges a clear winner for us being able to cut more different kind of papers and materials.

Compare system requirements: Cameo 3 vs Cameo 2 vs Cameo vs Curio

Cameo 3
Being dual voltage compatible, the Silhouette Studio software enables Cameo 3 to function anywhere in the world where 100 to 240 Volt system is available.A plug adapter that accommodates US plug prongs is needed. This software can support any cutting system. The new software (Silhouette Studio 4) available enhances its performance and versatility further.

Cameo 2
It is powered by Silhouette Studio software.

It includes a cartridge-free die cutter that can create intricate designs completely by hand.Cameo also makes it possible to cut without a computer when designs are saved in a jump drive.

You first need to connect Curio to a PC or Mac with its USB cable, install the software provided. The project can then be designed creatively by Curio in anyway one likes.

Compare Designs: Cameo 3 vs Cameo 2 vs Cameo vs Curio

Cameo 3
Silhouette Design Store offers over 85,000 downloadable designs and ready-made shapes created by brilliant artists. One can also create a personal digital design library from it. Silhouette Design Store offers only those designs one wants as cartridges are not required for it

Cameo 2
You can create and cut their own designs and use fonts already present in your computer. Thousands of designs are available on the Silhouette online store, in which new designs are added constantly. The Silhouette Design Store also offers over 60,000 ready-made designs.

Silhouette Studio allows one original designs. Features like drag-and-drop tools to move, resize and add texture to images are available. You can also purchase ready-made designs from the Silhouette Online Store. 100 designs are provided with the machine along with one-month basic subscription to the Silhouette Design Store

Silhouette Studio software and Silhouette Design Store offer over 70,000 ready-made designs with Curio. Designs can also be customized and as well as new ones can be created from the scratch with the help of hundreds of design tools in the Silhouette Studio software. Only Curio can unlock the stippling, etching, debossing, embossing and dual carriage features in Silhouette Studio design software.

All DIY machines have Silhouette Studio which helps to make use of preset designs but curio stands out for us in this category since it not only unlocks preset designs but also few extra features that are not available in the other machines.

Compare Quilt Patterns: Cameo 3 vs Cameo 2 vs Cameo vs Curio

Cameo 3
PixScan algorithm allows it to recognize specially placed registration marks on PixScan cutting mat

Cameo 2
PixScan mat, 12-inch x 12-inch cutting mat

PixScan mat

Not found

Cameo products have pixscan mat for this purpose where has curio has not mentioned any such information for the same so there isn’t much of a choice in this category since any cameo product with pixscan mat can be chosen.

Compare Max Material width it can handle: Cameo 3 vs Cameo 2 vs Cameo vs Curio

Cameo 3
Approximately 12 inches

Cameo 2
Approximately 12 inches

12-inch cutting width

5mm clearance facilitates inserting thicker material into it

With 19 inches clearance curio emerges as a clear winner in this category over the cameo, cameo2 and cameo 3.

Compare Accessories: Cameo 3 vs Cameo 2 vs Cameo vs Curio

Cameo 3
• Silhouette Studio software
• Power cable and USB cable
• 12-inch cutting mat
• AutoBlade cutting blade
• One month basic subscription to the Silhouette design store
• Crosscutter
• 100 digital designs

Cameo 2
• Vinyl starter Kit: Four sheets of premium vinyl (black, white, Dark pink, leaf Green)
• 10-feet of premium transfer paper
• Exclusive download card for 10 vinyl designs
• Idea booklet and instruction guide
• Instructional DVD
• PixScan mat
• 12-inch x 12-inch cutting mat
• 24 piece pens set
• Cutting blade
• Vinyl Trimmer blade
• Pick me up pen, scraper, hook tool, spatula tool, ruler and microfiber cloth
• One month subscription to the Silhouette design store worth $25 in downloads, software for desktop computer and Mac.

• Silhouette Studio software
• Power cable, USB cable
• Basic Instruction Guide
• 12 “ cutting mat
• Cutting blade
• 1 month Basic Subscription to the Silhouette Design Store
• Cross-cutter
• 100 FREE digital designs

• Silhouette Studio software
• Basic instruction guide
• Regular base (8.5″ x 6″ )
• Embossing mat (8.5″ x 6″ )
• Cutting mat (8.5″ x 6″ )
• Cutting blade
• Fine embossing tool
• Wide embossing tool
• Power cord/USB cord
• Free 1-monthdesign store basic subscription
• 50 Exclusive Designs

Compare Price: Cameo 3 vs Cameo 2 vs Cameo vs Curio

Cameo 3

Cameo 2



Curio is providing many functionality with comparatively low price and thus is a winner for us in this category.

Compare REVIEW: Cameo 3 vs Cameo 2 vs Cameo vs Curio

Cameo 3 REVIEW

A user wrote in describing how the Cameo 3broke when she tried to install their firmware update.Using Cameo 3 didn’t help but compounded the problems; she says she feels like calling it just a costly brick. Another user who tried to update the firmware on it as per instructed provided says it was a disaster. What’s more, the machine also stopped working.

Cameo 3, according to some other reviewers,is totally disappointing. It does not work consistently and pauses indefinitely in the middle of cutting jobs, which renders the art tasks undertaken fruitless. Many users have also complained that Cameo 3 installer doesn’t work at all, sue to which installing the new firmware is difficult, if not impossible. Another complaint reported with respect to Cameo 3is about the carriage designed to hold the blades being too weak.

A customer has described how, when he tried cutting through 100lb card stock, the carriage kept getting jammed and prevent cutting through the card stock. He thought of cancelling the entire project as he was counting on Cameo 3 completely. The blade of the device remained in the card stock and tore up through the card stock entirely. The cutting mat also got ripped along with it. He also says that it does not display details like registration marks for cut and print. Further, the Bluetooth connectivity it offers for MAC and Windows is not good. Even the customer support isn’t any good. He’s regretting switching from Cameo 2. He’s been using another brand machine for printing and cutting tasks.

Cameo 3 also seems to have failed to impress its buyers in terms of design and functions. A person who bought it recently has termed it a ‘poorly designed’ machine. He says that its roller system needs to be changed. He says that the rollers play havoc and destroy your media. They are also unable to clutch the page tightly enough in place, due to which it slips all over. Most customers facing this problem are so frustrated with it that they’re urging people to not buy it. One user said that the ‘auto’ feature of the auto-blade feature is hogwash. It doesn’t expedite your work by allowing you to stick material in the mat and get done.

Auto-blade isn’t really all that “auto”. I expected to Nope. You still select the material from the preloaded list in the silhouette software, and the blade just “auto” adjusts to those settings. It saves a bit of time, but not as much as expected and not quite as wonderful as hyped. There’s absolutely no sensing or measuring of what’s on the mat; you have to select and change the material settings manually.

Did it get louder? It definitely didn’t get quieter. These things are ungodly loud. You won’t be watching tv and cutting things at the same time.

Cameo 2 REVIEW

Cameo 2, according to a number of users, comes across as an exciting instrument but in reality doesn’t meet the expectations. Some users have pointed out the inability of this machine to do what it is supposed to. For instance, something basic like blade cutting and using vinyl can pose a problem. One user has written in that whenever he selects “load media”, it malfunctions and rolls vinyl unevenly. He’s also complained that it is not even able to cut vinyl proportionately.

Cameo 2 has been criticized by quite a few other customers also for the same reason. Several users say that it doesn’t function the way its manufacturers claim it does. Its blade does not cut properly and keeps making noise.A customer says how he tried to understand how it works for nearly a week, but it didn’t help. He sought help by asking people, watching tutorials and several videos. Nothing worked and now he feels very frustrated. One user actually got Cameo 2 in an open box.


One customer who bought Cameo has complained that he’s totally dissatisfied with nearly everything about it. To begin with,the starters’ guide and the kit to learn how the product is used were missing from the package. He had to go on YouTube to learn how it’s operated. The software provided also took a lot of time to load. He wanted it to be put on record that he’s very upset with Cameo.

Another customer had a major misalignment problem during the cutting process of Cameo. He’s described how the spring heads of the instrument collide due to which the cutting process is hampered. He wants this issue to be addressed by the manufacturers immediately.He was also unable to install its software, and when he approached the technical support team for assistance, they simply asked him to call up the Tamaso software people, which is the third party software. The Tamaso software team, in turn, asked him to contact the hardware company, Silhouette regarding the collision of the springs. He was completely dissatisfied on being turned down by both the support teams.

Cameo, according to one more user who purchased it recently, is being projected in a false light by its makers. She has given thumbs down as a warning to those planning to buy Cameo.She says that the customer support has been ignoring the problem of the cutting process she’s highlighted. She’s also wondering why the blades are also so bad. She’s tried different things like cutting vinyl and paper, but hasn’t been successful. She’s already given upon trying it on other materials.

Another customer who bought Cameo says he faced a software glitch due to which he couldn’t complete his work on time. The blades of his Cameo were in good condition but they couldn’t cut materials in two halves, which he wanted to. It spoiled his entire hard work as the project didn’t shape up well.

One customer,who received Cameo just before Christmas, felt very helpless. He was on out on a holiday break due to which they could not set up the machine until late January. He says that the online troubleshooting facility offered by the sellers didn’t help. Also, the window slot to return the product had just gone by which left him with no option but to bear delay in starting his work on it.

Cameo was sent without three items, viz. The blade, cutting mat and the one- month free trial membership to a customer, who’s understandably annoyed. He contacted the customer support, but that didn’t help either.

Cameo, according to some customers, has also been sent with faulty blades which spoiled and ripped off the vinyl instead of cutting smoothly. They have expressed disappointment with it. Laos, the studio design program of Cameo was terrible according to them. They have also complained that they face problems while taking images as it takes lot of time. The cutting part is alright, but they feel that the software problem needs to be taken care of even though it seems a very small problem.


Several customers have complained that Curio is simply all hype and no substance. According to them, it doesn’t do what advertisements show, which couldn’t be farther from truth. They also find Curio very difficult to operate and wonder how it can be projected as a product par excellence by the advertisers. Also, it has been discovered that the machine has bugs that are exceeded by their software “upgrades.

Curio has even earned reviews in which a customer has said that its maker, Silhouette should focus less on advertising than on actual support for the devices they’ve already sold. Quality-wise, it is not up to the mark right now. Some customers also feel that Curio is not user-friendly. They find using it very inconvenient and time-consuming as there are too many boards to put in. Its computer application isn’t very good either as paper inserted inside it doesn’t remain steady. One customer even suggested purchasing another product in place of Curio. Another user has described how intensely Curio has been damaging every material fed into it. He also says that Curio stops working midway suddenly and after that, returns to start without raising the blade. He says that it has also begun cutting the mat.

Curio has even been called ‘ridiculous’ by some irate customers. One user has said that it actually took one month for him to get used to Curio. And it’s been quite a while and he’s yet to feel satisfied with it. He says it’s a total waste of money as it doesn’t perform any function well. He says it’s especially bad at embossing, printing style and cutting thicker material. Another person who purchased Curio for professional work is also put off with it. He’s unhappy about the quality of its printing. He has specifically stated that the color scheme of its print isn’t clear and it fails to do what it is supposed to do. He has specifically stated that materials placed on the cutting surface shift quite a lot so he has decided to return it at the earliest.

Curio is also expensive and not up to the mark in terms of finishing according to some. Though its hardware is of good quality and the concept is innovative, it isn’t able to deliver.

These machines do not do much of a work as claimed it would and so is a disappointment and a waste of money. Instead
of using machines doing the task manually would be more effective and satisfactory or else some good working machine
for this machine can be a better option.

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  1. I have worked with the Cameo 2 of about four years now. I give this machine 4 thumps up. It would get five but if they could just figure out a way to get a version that cuts pass 12 inches. The other thing is I cut a lot of vinyl and rhinestone templates. Seem to constantly be replacing the board. Have messed up SOME vinyl because the mat was losing its sticky-ability.

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