Ab Doer 360 REVIEW

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What is Ab Doer 360

As per the TV infomercial it is a revolutionary workout machine that tones the body, tightens the muscles and provides fat burning exercises while being seated. Ab Doer 360 guarantees to tone your abs, shape the muscles and burn more calories with a single, easy to perform movement. Ab Doer 360 further convinces to target the core, activate more muscles in the entire body and massage the back while doing so. At this point of time there are no Ab Doer 360 reviews available to attest to its claims.



Groundbreaking workout machine

Smart design
Ab Doer 360 assures that absolute beginners can also use it with ease. Ab Doer 360 allegedly has ergonomically-advanced design that supports the back, provides comfortable seating and contouring arm bars for an easy workout. Ab Doer 360 declares that it Dynamic Fluidity Seat that moves in 360 degrees turbo-charges the total body toning workouts. The seat also takes the pressure off from pelvis, hip joints and tailbone by offering a comfortable groove and has abductor grip to support the thigh while swiveling. How well does Ab Doer 360 work shall be proved once it is reviewed.


Exclusive benefits
Ab Doer 360 maintains to use ABDOBICS that helps in targeting major muscles with a patented Multidirectional Technology. Ab Doer 360 convinces to be lightweight in design so that it can be assembled and put to work anywhere the user desires. Ab Doer 360 does sound highly fascinating; user reviews will expose the truth.


Ab Doer 360 REVIEW

Ab Doer 360 review says that it strains the back while using. The return policy on Ab Doer 360 is more or less a scam since they deduct 30% as restocking fees.

Ab Doer 360 review reveals that Ab Doer 360 has design flaws with the arm bar. It doesn’t remain stationary even if tightened to the max and can put tremendous strain on the shoulders while doing side to side motions. Using Ab Doer 360 for a couple of day’s gives neck and back pain. In fact upon close inspection, the side to side twisting exercises can even cause serious back injuries.

Ab Doer 360 review states that Ab Doer 360 is bad for the spine and involves movements that actually are bad for the core. The review adds that Ab Doer 360 is uncomfortable to use and can be just an additional clutter creating equipment lying at the home.

Ab Doer 360 review asserts that Ab Doer 360 lacks the resistance that is required to build great looking abs. It is more or less like a rubber band and the back support is highly flexible to take away any resistance build up. Although the review Ab Doer 360 says that it does provide good amount of cardio workout and can offer good amount of calorie burn. But for abs, it does not simply work.

Ab Doer 360 review states that there was no feeling of getting a workout with this equipment. It doesn’t work the abs or make them sore after using it for a long time either. It is more or less like a kitchen chair and has negligible resistance and mediocre quality build.

Ab Doer 360 review asserts that it is a good machine for people who are out of shape and need easy to moderate level of workout. But Ab Doer 360 doesn’t provide much for those who are serious body builders and professionals. As compared to an exercise ball and resistance band, Ab Doer 360 offers less resistance and low impact workout.

Ab Doer 360 review complains that it is ridiculously designed and does not work at all. For getting abs, the body fat should drop to 3 to 8 percent which is achieved by rigorous workout. Ab Doer 360 doesn’t have the capacity to offer such intense workout on its own.

Ab Doer 360 review reveals that it has very low resistance and can be something good for beginners. But the review adds that similar workout can be achieved using body weight training and doing crunches, back extension and lying down to perform side to side bends. It is more like a gimmick than anything else.

Ab Doer 360 review says that Ab Doer 360 is not a good exercise machine to work the abs. It does a little bit for people who are way out of shape. It does not offer anything for the obliques, lats or the back. All the motions that Ab Doer 360 claims to perform does not have any effect on the abdominals in any way. The review does say that the seat is designed with comfort and has a solid base. The accompanied with Ab Doer 360 is completely useless and provides no additional value to it. Its suggested to instead perform bodyweight training at home and save money.


What do I get?
AB DOER 360™ for a trial price of $14.95 USD and then 30 days later one easy payment of $199.80 USD or 4 payments of $49.95 USD charged in 30 day intervals.
Official Website:getabdoer360.com

14 Comments on "Ab Doer 360 REVIEW"

  1. I like the equipment but there were a few parts missing such as the pin that you insert near the base of the equipment for tension. I called about this and never received a response. So I was very disappointed with the lack of professional support.

    • Per my complaint listed above. Please mail me the pin screw that is used to adjust the tension. Robin D.

  2. always read reviews on different sites before buying

  3. Can’t you just sit in a chair and do the same moves.. We bought one year’s ago an I felt I can do the exact same thing sitting in a chair..

  4. Why does the coil part hurt my back when I use the machine ab360

  5. Darrell Thorne | July 24, 2017 at 4:55 am | Reply

    I been work with it for about 3 week and lost about 9 pounds

  6. Bull Shit!!!!

  7. Barbara Metz | June 5, 2017 at 7:55 pm | Reply

    I tried to cancel. They sent it anyway and told me to refuse it. I had the mail man Return May 16 still no credit where’s my money?

  8. Ethel Benjamin | April 23, 2017 at 10:03 am | Reply

    I can not find the phone number

    • Angela Upshaw Smith | May 9, 2017 at 9:07 pm | Reply

      I wouldn’t buy this is I were you. I order it in Jan, received a damaged unit 2 months later, now 4 months later they still haven’t replaced the damaged part nor returned my $. The customer service is worst I have ever experienced. Be warned, I wish someone warned me.

  9. The Abdoer 360 is one of the most incredible workout machines out there. I am a fitness nut (Yoga, two kinds of steppers, fitness ball, three dumb bells, two mats, ab crunch wheel, bicycle…).

    I am challenged when it comes to assembling things, but John Abdo made it easy. Right after I assembled my Abdoer 360, I used it to work out and did three rounds of the beginner’s workout. I feel fantastic! Sweat poured down my face, back, and everywhere else. I bought the 6-pack massage roller. I am never going to a massage parlor ever again! And the stretching? That’s my favorite thing to do every morning before I take a shower. In the evening, I do several rounds of the beginner’s routines. I can talk your ears off about this incredible machine. I love my Abdoer 360.

    Abdoer + a healthy lifestyle = weight loss. Simple.

    • Annette Woerner | July 13, 2017 at 11:13 pm | Reply

      Frances, hi my name is Annette. I saw this “Abdoer360” on TV the other day. It really looks good & is exactly what I want and need to loose some weight, inches and tone up. But I’ve heard so many bad reviews also and I’m stuck. Please help

    • Barbara Bagwell | July 14, 2017 at 12:13 am | Reply

      Your review is the only positive one I have read all day. It has given me enough confidence in the machine to try it. I’m glad it works for you. Did you read any reviews before ordering yours? Thanks!!

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