GoStyler REVIEW | As Seen On TV Cordless Hair Dryer Exposed

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GoStyler As Seen On TV Offer

What is GoStyler?

Think you’re always coveting perfect hair? turn around from all these pricey fad treatments that don’t actually do more than to drain out your wallet than treat your  hair strands. we suggest, you pick up some amazing habits that will actually make a difference. Tired of wrestling your hairdryer’s electrical chord? its time to get rid of that cord on your hair dryer for good as we are introducing the Gostyler visor belt! the world’s first cordless hairdryer. Finally you can dry your hair cordless and tangle free you can dry your fair from any angle free to look your ABSOLUTE best. With the Gostyler you can get salon quality drying and styling anywhere you want and anywhere you want you can even multitask while drying you hair. The Gostyler heats up fast and is as powerful as any other traditional hair dryers you might have used and without all of that cord getting in your way you can be able to give yourself a good blowout! this is the wave of the future and its so pretty even though it barely weighs anything. The included battery delivers 22 minutes of cord free styling and the battery charges super fast. The dual heat settings help you achieve the perfect temperature. The Gostyler features hair protecting technology our advanced nano tourmaline releases negative ions as you dry your hair the result is soft, shiny, frizz free healthier hair that will make you look gorgeous. The Gostyler is lightweight i.e upto 1.5lbs and beautifully detailed with a stunning Rosegold plating. Its compact size is perfect for weekend getaways. Leave it on the counter or mount it on the wall Gostyler is the worlds first cordless hair dryer. its time for you to upgrade your way of hair drying. GoStyler Uses and Features


GoStyler may be okay to use for travel or when there is no electrical outlet available but not for everyday use. Although the manufacturers say that the GoStyler dries hair perfectly leaving it shiny and frizz free, this is not true because the dryer does not emit hot air, it is simply a fan that blows room temperature air making it fairly useless. The makers say that is as powerful as traditional hair dryers but as per the reviews someone blowing on your hair with their mouth has more power than the GoStyler. Stay away from purchasing this one because it doesn’t even have enough power to dry a piece of nylon, much less anyone’s hair. It’s like a toy. When selecting a blow dryer it is important to choose one that blows enough heat to dry your hair but the GoStyler barely blows any air and certainly not hot enough to dry hair. It is definitely not a blow dryer you want to spend your money on. GoStyler is Battery Operated

Analysis of GoStyler’s Claims

“Use it while texting, checking email & more”

The makers of “GoStyler” have intentionally given this name to the blow dryer because they claim it can be used anywhere and anytime. “Use it while texting, checking email & more” is what the website says! The makers claim that it weighs less than 1.5 lbs. This is to trick potential buyers to fall prey to buy this dryer assuming it does not weigh much. While it doesn’t sound like it weighs much, it can start to get pretty heavy after it has been held over your head for a few minutes. But think practically, how easy is it to actually text or email while drying your hair? It is wise to not fall for such lofty claims.

“World’s first cordless blow dryer”

The most ridiculous claim is that GoStyler is the world’s first cordless blow dryer but if you simply type “cordless blow dryers” on Google you will find a dozen other claims by other brands claiming to be the world’s first blow dryer. Does just being the world’s first cordless dryer really make you the best? This is just a marketing gimmick to lure the ignorant. GoStyler Features and Specifications

“As Powerful as Most Traditional Hair Dryers”

This statement itself proves that GoStyler is not as powerful as some other traditional hair dryers. Although traditional hair dryers come with cords they are a better buy because of their powerful performance. So would you really want to purchase a dryer where the makers themselves state “As Powerful as Most Traditional Hair Dryers”? Infact lets appreciate their honesty!

“Dual Heat & Cool Options”

This is the most absurd claim by the marketers of GoStyler because all hair dryers come with this option. There is nothing extraordinary about this feature. GoStyler Uses

“Fully Rechargeable and Up to 22 Minutes of Use Per Charge”

The website only mentions that it charges super-fast but it does not mention how long it takes to charge. This is another marketing ploy to attract naïve buyers. Although 22 minutes of use per charge is a good amount of time to dry short hair, the makers have not stated whether this time is on the full heat option or does it include the cool option too. Coarse and thick hair takes longer to dry and requires high heat to achieve desired results which might not be served well with this cordless hair dryer.

“Nano-Tourmaline Technology Releases Negative Ions”

To a layman this claim may sound scientific but perhaps such tall claims should be backed with exactly how it works to leave you with soft, shiny, frizz-free hair!

Price of GoStyler

It costs 2 Payments of $49.99 plus $9.99 shipping & handling. There are plenty of options out there to choose from that cost a lot less and we cannot vouch for the quality of this hair dryer.

GoStyler’s what do I get offer?

It is available in black and white. Along with the GoStyler, as a bonus you get a base and styling accessories. Offering a base as a bonus is nothing but a ploy by the makers of GoStyler. Don’t you think its base should come with the blow dryer and not as a bonus? Nothing but a scam to entice more customers!

Our Verdict on GoStyler

It is a known fact that battery operated devices has shown weaker performances than conventional ones. In the same way, the GoStyler has a weaker airflow making conventional hair dryers the more practical choice. Also, since the battery life lasts only for 22 minutes it is impractical for long hair users. There is also a chance of battery overheating. This is because of prolonged usage and when not rested at intervals there are certain types of batteries that may overheat. Also, in comparison with an electric hair dryer the GoStyler’s heating capacity will be inferior. For regular use we recommend using the old tried and tested hair dryers and not fall prey to this scam called the GoStyler.

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