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What is Paint Liner Kit?

The as seen on TV Paint Liner Kit that helps you paint perfect! A Revolutionary New method of Painting Any Surface! No tape, no drips and of-course no mess which is great for windows and walls ceiling!!

As seen on tv Paint Liner Kit has Razor sharp corners and edges that is designed to help you Save you up to 70% off of the paint time. The inbuilt Paint Liner can be refilled and adjusts to exactly the width needed giving you ability to be Precise and clean without using masking tapes.
Paint Liner Kit promises to give you stunning professional results and also claims to help you save money! For a mere cost of $19. 95 you get a Paint Liner Kit system which contains the paint kit liner, paint kit adjustable roller, paint kit roller handle, 1 paint kit roll, and Go bucket & 1 paint kit bucket liner. This helps you Achieve razor-sharp corners and edges around door ways and trim! Paint corners with professional-looking results! Now you can Keep glass and face plates clean without using masking tape.

The patented as seen on tv Paint Liner Kit is the easy to use paint system that gives the user professional looking results and saves up-to 70% of the paint time. The Paint Liner is self-contained , and can be refilled and is adjustable to create professional looking results. The width needed so your corners are always precise and clean without using any kind of masking tape. The kit roller features a patented edger that allows you to perfectly connect with the liner. All you have to do is fill the roller with paint and create the perfect edge! As a free bonus, you will receive a Paint Liner Kit with free bucket liners. The bucket is ergonomically designed and is designed to hold the roller when not in use

Paint Liner Kit Roller User REVIEW Excerpts

“The Pain Liner Kit as seen on tv absorb lots of paint.”

“The as seen on tv Pain Liner Kit has nearly all that you may require for an easy and quick painting task for a room, however probably good enough for being reused.”

“The Paint Liner Kit’s rollers didn’t work correctly and would hardly roll. The handles were not comfortable and were hurting.”

“This as seen on tv Paint Liner Kit is good enough for walls however I bought it to paint the ceilings and it pretty tricky to handle, mainly if your roof is not flat and a bit uneven. And it needs A LOT of paint? I think I had to use the twice amount of color than I would have with a proper functioning roller.”

“The As Seen On TV Paint Liner Kit is a good and reasonable painting set, but the roller slides down frequently after a short while. It is effortlessly set by pressing it on the paint container. The brush is fine and even. I would undoubtedly vouch for this set.”

“Paint Liner Kit functions properly on vertical walls and even surfaces…as far as roofs. But if you have a low ceiling, then this is not for you. It becomes a bit heavy after using it for a few minutes, and your back can start painting.”

“Paint Liner Kit useful for the inside of the wall but if you want to paint the edges, then this is not the perfect one.”

“Paint Liner Kit As Seen On TV works great on flat and even walls. For textured and uneven surface you need to press it hard and use a lot more paint than usual.”

“I got this Paint liner Kit as seen on tv for touch-ups only. It’s not durable enough to do much more. The nap is small, and the device is considerably small. I purchased this to work on the corners and scratches in my flat.”

“Great for small touch-ups around the apartment. Functions properly and the paint rolls perfectly and smoothly enough. This Paint Liner Kit “as seen on tv”, is a single time use product, so don’t assume anything more than that.”

“Though a little challenging set up, the as seen on tv Paint Liner Kit works properly and overall smartly designed to make the painting comfortable without continually opening paint-cans from storage. You can increase its durability and fix it quickly by maintaining and following the instruction. It is excellent for small painting tasks of day to day life.”

“I had higher expectations from this Paint Liner Kit as seen on tv, however ended using a tiny paintbrush on the window edges & it functioned well. This tool is alright, I utilized it in some angles and bends but as a whole, think it is just handy to use a small paintbrush.”

“I could have done likewise too with some paint in a plastic container and a little paintbrush.”

“Paint Liner Kit’s paint pen is ideal for fixing little stamps. I utilized it for a larger space however and used my whole pen loaded with paint.”

“The As Seen On TV Paint Liner Kit is ideal for those minor and itty bitty spots. Easy and straightforward to use. I have a household loaded with boys, so I use to hold up until I had lots of places to touch up. Now I can quickly get them one at a time! Would have provided five stars if the manufacturer held more paint especially since you can’t refill them.”

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