Shake N Egg REVIEW

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About Shake N Egg

Shake N Egg promises to be a fast easy way to shake and make delicious fluffy eggs in the microwave without the ugly mess. This claim of Shake N Egg will be attested only once users review Shake N Egg. Shake N Egg promises to give you stovetop quality eggs cooked to perfection from your microwave in just 60 seconds. Does it sound unbelievable? Shake N Egg reviews will expose it soon.


Shake N Egg CLAIMS

Shake N Egg states that it is an all-in-one bowl and lid with patent pending crack and shake prongs, so simply crack the eggs and the patent pending prongs crack and scramble the eggs. Then add fixings and shake and simply microwave while the unique cooking dome circulates heat to give you eggs cooked to perfection so you can enjoy delicious mouth-watering eggs. Does Shake N Egg really work as promised? This claim will be confirmed only after Shake N Egg is reviewed.

Shake N Egg maintains that you can make up to 4 eggs so you can make plenty of scrambled egg in just minutes. Currently there are no Shake N Egg reviews to verify this claim.

Shake N Egg Features
Shake N Egg claims to have a stay cool ergonomic handle making it easy to take out of the microwave. Also, the portable design with a lid makes it ideal to take with you on the go. This claim can be attested only after we analyze the Shake N Egg reviews.

Shake N Egg states that the prongs on the lid also separate whites from yolks. At this point of time there are no Shake N Egg reviews to verify this claim.

It also states that it is non-stick eliminating the need for butter or oil. This claim of Shake N Egg will be attested only once users review Shake N Egg.

Shake N Egg also promises to be microwave safe, BPA free and dishwasher safe too! This claim can be substantiated only once Shake N Egg is reviewed.

Shake N Egg Reviews

Florence Rodgers claims in her Shake N Egg review that the lid would not close and the eggs cannot cook properly.
Shelley Cortez complains in her Shake N Egg review that it doesn’t work as advertised, it is a worthless product – should not be sold on Amazon.

Kathleen Schmidt says in her review of Shake N Egg that it is a waste of money and eggs.

Ashley Douglas who tried Shake N Egg mentions in her Shake N Egg review- “Cooking the egg as it says for 1 minute is way too long. 30 seconds is also too long. The egg come out very dry, and does not taste good”.

Cynthia Robertson is disappointed with Shake N Egg and writes in her Shake N Egg review that the egg comes out greasy and tough. And some parts were cooked and some parts were not cooked.

Another user, Susan Banks, states in her Shake N Egg review- “Cleaning the exploded remains of an egg in a microwave is a pain and your microwave will stink forever after”.

Ellen Dunn mentions in her review of Shake N Egg- “Maybe the higher temps result in better flavor and a far better texture (this thing produces very rubbery eggs that have bubbly messes in them). Final note, the size is wrong for your typical English muffin. Again, if it produced a more solid cooked egg, it’d work, but the limp, borderline soggy, rubber disk sadly droops over your muffin making something that looks worse than an EggMcMuffin”.

Juana Miller is extremely disappointed with Shake N Egg and says in her Shake N Egg review that when she took it out of the microwave, the eggs popped and hit her in the eye and burnt her.

Latoya Daniels writes in her Shake N Egg review that it takes four times as long to clean as to cook. Egg sticks to product and has to be scraped off.

Caps don’t stay down on one of them. It messes the microwave. Sometimes the egg pops and knocks the cap in the air and also messes the microwave.

Annie Fuller claims in her review of Shake N Egg –“About 75 seconds in, the entire container exploded open in the microwave, leaving a giant blob of semi cooked egg in the middle of the microwave. I opened up the microwave, and the eggs blob in the middle exploded in my face”.

Shake N Egg Questions & Answers

Q. Can you make poached eggs with the Shake N Egg?
A. Shake N Egg can make eggs benedict, omelettes, egg whites, egg muffins, but it does not say poached eggs.

Q. Does Shake N Egg come in a bigger size?
A. No.

Q. Has anyone tried not scrambling the egg?
A. Yes, I have and it pops. You have to break the yolk.

Q. Can you cook 2 eggs at a time in Shake N Egg?
A. You didn’t specify if you mean two eggs in one cup, or two cups at once, each with one egg in them. However, either way, it works just fine. You just need to increase the cooking time slightly. Keep in mind, you can always check if the egg is done to determine if you need to add just a little more time, but you can’t take cooking time away from over-cooked eggs. Don’t forget to poke some holes in the eggs (gently, don’t scratch the plastic).

Q. What is the diameter of the cooked egg?
A. It shrinks up after cooking and fits nicely on an English muffin, even when I use 2 eggs.

Q. Where (what country) is Shake N Egg made?
A. It is made in China.

Q. I just received my Shake N Egg in the mail. Neither of the lids closes. Are the lids meant to snap closed?
A. No it doesn’t snap close.

Q. Does Shake N Egg come with original package?
A. Yes.

Q. Has anyone tried Shake N Egg for just egg whites or egg beaters?
A. I have, and it is perfect for the egg beaters. . I like it better than the real eggs because you don’t have to stir it and you can measure exactly the amount you want to pour.

Q. Is the plastic BPA free?
A. Yes, Shake N Egg is BPA free, dishwasher safe and non-stick.

Q. Will the egg cook without breaking the yolk?
A. Not really – I tried it once and the yolk came out hard and the white was runny – I use Egg Beaters almost exclusively now.

Q. Does Shake N Egg make a popping sound when it’s in the microwave? Is there anyway way to stop that, along with the lid blowing off occasionally?
A. Yes, it does occasionally make a popping sound while cooking. Just be sure to completely break the egg yolk when preparing.

Shake N Egg Verdict

It is claimed that Shake N Egg is one of its kind of product with its patent pending. According to the reviews it does not work as advertised and has problem with the fitting of the cap making the process messy. Also cleaning it is a task.

We would recommend to go the traditional way to make scrambled eggs instead of having a different microwave scrambled egg maker shelling out extra $19.99 just for preparing specific dish giving dissatisfactory results.

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2 Comments on "Shake N Egg REVIEW"

  1. I boiled an egg for 7 minutes as it said in the recipe and after 5 minutes it blew up and there was a very big mess in the microwave to clean up. I think it was a waste of money.

  2. The best use of this product is boiled eggs. But …. don’t cook as instruction cooking guide. I cook 5 minutes with 900 watts microwave. It comes out perfect for me,

    I tried scramble eggs … it cooked fine. But, didn’t slid out well. Don’t know why?

    Every microwaves are different … so it is better to find out perfect cooking time for your microwave.

    I like this one better over the steam type. I tried xxxxx xxxxx product …. not good as they states. Moreover, punch the whole prior to cook is dangerous unless the eggs are pasteurized.

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