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About 3 Second Lash
3 Second Lash claims to be high quality magnetic lashes that are bold and beautiful taking practically only 3 seconds to put on. They emphasize that they are easy to use without the need for glues or adhesives. 3 Second Lash alleges to be designed with micro-magnetic technology so the lashes stay in place until you are ready to remove them. The 3 Second Lash leaves you with gorgeous, full lashes in just seconds. Does the 3 Second Lash really work as promised? Send us your 3 Second Lash review.


3 Second Lash CLAIMS

3 Second Lash maintains that it is fast and easy to put on in just seconds. Simply place the top set of 3 Second Lash on top of your lashes, then place the bottom set underneath your lashes. The magnets automatically connect leaving you with secure comfortable gorgeous lashes. At this point of time there are no 3 Second Lash reviews to verify this claim.

Lightweight and Reusable – 3 Second Lash promises to be both lightweight and reusable. They allege that they are so light you won’t even know you are wearing them. They also assert that they can be used over and over again too. Such fancy claims can be substantiated only once the 3 Second Lash is reviewed.

3 Second Lash Reviews

Brandi Reyes claims in her 3 Second Lash review- “They look cheaply made, the lashes actually look worse than dollar store lashes. It’s not just poor quality lashes and placement of the lashes, but the magnets are very obvious and are extremely visible while wearing. Due to the shortness of the product (I think that is why) the lash band doesn’t bend with your lashline, making it look ridiculous because half your lash is dark, straight, and bushy. I wish I would’ve ordered the full length ones, maybe they would’ve had a better chance of looking normal”.

Ebony Herrera says in her review of the 3 Second Lash that one of the magnets came unglued during its first minute of use.

Lindsey Mason is unhappy with the 3 Second Lash and writes in her review-“Horrible and fake advertisement! It is extremely hard to put on as the magnetic pull forces the eyelash to move away from the lash line. Secondly, and most primary reason for the false advertisement is that, who wants to wear fake lashes that so obviously show the magnet, making one look like a ridiculous fool! I’m disappointed as the concept is good but the product is really poor”.

Monique Henderson mentions in her 3 Second Lash that the eyelashes are too short (not long enough) to fit on your eyelashes! The magnets do not work. These lashes are hard to put on and the magnets are too big making it very obvious. It is a waste of money!

Harriet Stone starts in her review of the 3 Second Lash that they are very difficult to apply.

In her review of the 3 Second Lash Elena Mcgee asks someone to tell her how to apply them because all she got was the eye lashes and no instructions.

Isabel Brady claims in her 3 Second Lash review that there is no curvature at all, so applying to a natural lash line is very difficult.

Bridget Chandler is very disappointed with the 3 Second Lash and writes-“I followed instructions step by step. I am not able to get it align correctly. I took more than 10 times to get it right and just to see it only cover 1/3 of my eyes lash”.

Maggie Lyons says in her 3 Second Lash review that the magnet is too heavy and lashes only fit half of the eye lid.

Tammy Haynes mentions in her review of the 3 Second Lash that it is of poor quality. She says when trying to remove lashes from the tacky strip, the magnet separated from the lashes and stayed on the tacky strip.

Shelly Colon is unhappy with the 3 Second Lash and states in her review-“There’s wire on the ends that can poke or scratch your eye. My second attempt I scratched poked my eye with the wire”.

Joann Knight is disappointed with the 3 Second Lash and mentions in her review-“These are basically doll eyelashes – even combining two of them wouldn’t be long enough for my eyelid. The lashes are weird and uneven, they go in in a straight line and don’t curve with your eye, and basically are only good for trying on once, then throwing away. They do not curve to my eyelid, thus jetting straight across my lash line. A lash line has a curve to it. They are impossible to fit on correctly and are painful to remove”.

3 Second Lash Questions & Answers

Q. Are upper and lower lashes included?
A. Yes, they come with both upper and lower lashes.

Q. I have been unable to apply the 3 Second Lash. Does anyone have a tip for making it easier to put on?
A. These things are super straight and never follow the natural bend of my eyelid regardless of how perfectly I attempt to apply them.

Q. Can the 3 Second Lash be cut to fit my eye?
A. I couldn’t make them work. I think the magnets are on the ends and if you cut them you can’t secure them to your lashes. They are also too long to fit the eye.

Q. How does the 3 Second Lash stay on?
A. 3 Second Lash has tiny magnets that clamp together over your own lashes.

Q. What happens if you cry wearing the 3 Second Lash?
A. If you are able to get them on, they should be fine as long as you dab your tears. Don’t rub.

Q. What is the gel for?
A. I didn’t get any gel in mine, but it seems a lot of these magnetic lashes on Amazon are from the same company. Cheaply made, not safe for your eyes and not conforming to the eye shape.

What do I get?

  • 2 sets of Natural 3 Second Lash
  • 1set of BOLD 3 Second Lash with magnetic compact case

Order your 3 Second Lash today for $29.99 plus $4.99 p&h at the Official website: 3SecondLash.com

3 Second Lash Verdict
3 Second Lash is not a unique product and is similar to many false lashes available for use. This lash does have a better product feature and the said magnetic ability to hold after for quick application is highly rated. A quick search for fake eyelashes gives a list of similar lashes on Amazon.com. Price wise, 3 Second Lash is a little costlier than other available alternatives. It does have a 4.1 rating out of 5 from 83 customers, but do check some alternatives with similar ratings that are available at half the price. Apart from Amazon, users can order it from the official website. A word of caution that goes with any As Seen On TV products is to check for the lower rated reviews as well to get a clearer picture of its functioning.

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6 Comments on "3 Second Lash REVIEW | Magnetic Lashes As Seen On TV"

  1. Viola Rivers | April 17, 2018 at 3:16 pm | Reply

    Thank you for your comments. I wanted to buy them, but after reading this, I will not. Best regards,

  2. Patti Johnson | April 9, 2018 at 5:03 pm | Reply

    I am extremely disappointed in this product it was a total waste of money I’d like to know if I could get my money back please contact me

  3. I bought the 3-second lashes today at Bed Bath & Beyond for 29.99. I have been trying to apply these things for the last 2 hours. They are horrible! What a waste of my birthday money. I am so disappointed and so upset. I might as well have thrown the $30 directly into the garbage can.

  4. dolly petrisor | February 1, 2018 at 4:24 pm | Reply

    Good question/ how do you take off??

  5. I bought & tried the 3 sec lashes from Bed & Bath because I had a $20. Off coupon during Christmas. I think it took me a little longer to put them on& I must say they do work pretty good. Wearing them all day. Got lots of compliments from friends & family. I think they could improve them a little bit by making them to cover 2/3 of the eye lid instead of just half. And I had to taper the ends a little cause they are too straight & it didn’t look natural. But since I’m a crafty person , I just got out the scissors!!

  6. How do take them off.

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