Slip Gym REVIEW | As Seen On TV SlipGym’s Report

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What is SlipGym?

It is a fitness product which has a vest that has 4 resistance bands that you can exercise with, hypothetically.

How does SlipGym work?

With the help of the new Slip gym Slip into fitness! Slip it on and just go! SlipGym Offers all the Same Exercises as Any Major Gym… And More! Its a full body fitness vest you wear. 100% Satisfaction Risk-Free Guarantee You can Use it while walking, jogging – even sitting! Its Great for all ages & all levels of fitness and suitable for all Shapes, Tones and Strengthens you completely. Slip on Your SlipGym & Get Fit on The Go! Few of the SlipGym Features & Benefits are that its Quality Made From durable as well as breathable material. Specially created to be Long Lasting with Reinforced stitching and seams that are absolutely Adjustable from Tension which is great for beginners and pros using a Full Motion Response Technology that is not only Comfortable as it Easily fits over your workout clothes but also the Night Time Safety has been taken into consideration with the help of Front and back removable reflectors for evening walking or running. This gives the user Hands-Free Mobility for various things do! now you can Walk your dog while you exercise, all you have to do is just attach the leash! Each SlipGym Includes A SlipGym Vest which is available in your choice of size , 4 Resistance Bands featuring Full Motion Response Technology and two stunning bonuses!! Bonus #1 is an Inside Waist Trimmer Band ($39.95 value Free) and the other Bonus #2 is a Downloadable Tips Guide for additional help! This is great for improving Your Game since its Great for the Sports Enthusiast or Weekend Warrior. No Cords, Cables, Batteries, Recharging or Replacement Parts Needed!

Now You Can Workout Anywhere! Say Goodbye to Expensive Gym Memberships and Order Yours Today! The SlipGym comes in Men and Women’s sizes as it boasts a Durable, breathable, lightweight and attractive construction. Easy grip resistance bands attach to SlipGym for comfortable movement along with Built-in Waist Trimmer helps stabilize your core aiding you to try Endless number of Fitness routines for the young and young at heart!

How to use SlipGym?

You are supposed to wear the SlipGym vest as shown in the images above and pull the resistance straps to exercise.

The name “SlipGym”

The maker of this product have intentionally named it as “SlipGym” to give older folks wrong impression that they can get “gym like” workout from this product which is nothing but a vest with four straps to it. Don’t fall for such false claims.

“Slip It On and Go”

The second ridiculous claim is just Slip on the SlipGym and Go, had it been so easy do you think the other fitness brands wouldn’t have noticed the potential of such method. Come one don’t be a sucker.

“The Ultimate Portable Lightweight Total Body Workout System”

What the heck, whats so ultimate about the SlipGym??, yes it is portable and could be lightweight but wait, does the SlipGym provide total body workout? – NO. Total Body Workout also include abdomen, legs, thighs, and lower body. But you cannot exercise the lower body with the SlipGym. You can only use it for a few hand exercises like stretching.

“Full Body Fitness Vest”

This sentence is so mediocre, how can a vest cover the entire body. This is just a marketing ploy to lure in gullible buyers. The verdict is out – SlipGym does not provide total body workout. The only thing it probably works is the forearms.

“Use while walking, jogging – even sitting!”

Seems easy to say so but you if you have balance issues, you are going to have trouble using the SlipGym while walking let alone jogging. Yeah using the SlipGym while sitting, I’ll buy the claim.

“Great for all ages & all levels of fitness”

Ok I’ll buy that (assertion).

“Shapes, Tones and Strengthens”

How can you expect this funny SlipGym to shape, tone and strengthen. You get those results from serious exercising, not from such toys. The only exercise that you can do with SlipGym is some stretching.

“Quality Made: From durable breathable material”

The promoter of the SlipGym do not mention what is the material used in the vest. They should support such tall claims with the specific information. Perhaps it is some cheap material.

“Long Lasting: Reinforced stitching and seams”

Ok but it would be great if this assertion was supported by some graphics and images of stitching and seams.

“Full Motion Response Technology”

This is by far the most hilarious claim by the SlipGym promoters – “Full Motion Response Technology”. What does it mean? we have often seen that as seen on tv marketers coin new technical jargon to support their claims and make their product sound scientific. But this one beats them all. If we analyze the statement it probably means that SlipGym offers full range of motions – that is what they probably want to say.

“Price of SlipGym”

SlipGym is priced at $100 ($99.95 to be precise) and costs $10 to ship. Priced at $100 SlipGym is hyper-expensive. Resistance bands cost $10 and can be used effectively to get desired workout.

“SlipGym’s what do I get offer?”

SlipGym Vest is available in Men’s size (Medium, LARGE AND Extra Large) and Women’s size (Small, Medium and Large). You also get 4 resistance bands. 1 Waist Trimmer Band which the website says is a $39.95 value. But we have checked on and found that wist trimmer band’s cost as low as $10. The third item in the list is the “Downloadable Tips Guide”. The offer is backed by 30-day money back guarantee.

Our Verdict on SlipGym

We should accept that we humans are lazy, we want an easy way out for each problem. The same thing goes with fitness we hate to toil, this situation is exploited by the marketers and hey dish out products like SlipGym. The makers of SlipGym sell us false hope, in our view SlipGym is an hyper-expensive, over-hyped, exaggerated fitness gimmick. A simple sturdy resistance bands that cost $15 deliver the same results as the gimmicky SlipGym, in-fact good old resistance bands work far better than the SlipGym. Do not waste $100 on this untried and untested product. The whole concept of SlipGym is flawed, especially the claims that SlipGym can be used while walking. Look we swing our arms while walking to maintain the angular momentum of he body which in turn maintains body balance and coordination. If you engage your hands in exercising with the SlipGym there is a real danger of you losing your balance and falling. This is especially worrisome for elderly people – who are the target audience of the SlipGym. So the SlipGym’s suggestion that you can use it while walking jogging is not only false but also potentially dangerous and also shows they haven’t done the right study while designing their product. We recommend sticking to the old tried and tested resistance bands and stay clear of this scam called the SlipGym Vest. Don’t be a guinea pig and subject of their experiments.

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