FlavorFresh Vacuum Juicer REVIEW

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FlavorFresh Vacuum Juicer marketing hype, or the future of high-performance blending?

Proponents of vacuum blending claim that it improves quality by reducing oxidation. Here we will try and evaluate just how much of a quality boost you can expect from vacuum blending.

How does FlavorFresh Vacuum Juicer work?

The design of FlavorFresh Vacuum Juicer is actually not very different from a traditional blender. The additional component is a vacuum pump that connects to an airtight blending container. The pump sucks air out of the blending container, so that it can blend in a low-oxygen environment. That means it’s possible to adapt just about any blender into a vacuum blender.

How is Oxidation Basics a factor?

When you cut an apple or avocado and don’t eat it right away, oxidation is what causes it to turn brown. Oxygen from the air reacts with the exposed fruit, and some of the reaction products are brown. Blender blades cut and smash food countless times, making blends especially prone to oxidation. Blenders can also whip small air bubbles into the blends, which further promote oxidation. If you’ve ever saved some of a smoothie for later, and then it tasted bitter or just not as good, it was likely because of oxidation.

Nutritional connection.

In addition to color and taste, oxidation can also decrease nutritional value. Smoothies with fresh produce are full of phytonutrient antioxidants, which many people believe are beneficial. When antioxidants are exposed to oxygen, they react with it and lose their antioxidant activity (that’s basically the definition of an antioxidant). Vacuum blender companies in Japan and Korea report a difference of several fold, but as far as we can tell, they do not say how long after blending they made those measurements.

Essential Things to know?

keep in mind that any modifications will void the warranty. In principle the vacuum could also damage the bearing seal or suck grease out of it.

Does it really impact the Flavor?

There were detectable differences in the taste of all of the few blends made in a FlavorFresh Vacuum Juicer and a normal one . In each case, the FlavorFresh Vacuum Juicer tasted fresher and more like the item being blended. It was possible to taste subtle differences right away, and over the course of minutes the differences increased.We think the best description of the apple blends is the difference between fresh and cooked apple. The non-vacuum blended apple didn’t taste awful, but it it was quite different from the vacuum blend. The non-vacuum blended tomato lost its tomato flavor, and was bland and unappetizing. The FlavorFresh Vacuum Juicer blended tomato tasted like eating a piece of the tomato.

FlavorFresh Vacuum Juicer Review

The first takeaway from these tests is, yes, FlavorFresh Vacuum Juicer blending can have a real impact on improving blends. That said, we don’t think that we need to start vacuum blending everything. It has the biggest impact if you are not consuming the blends right away.There are other ways you can reduce oxidation :

Temperature: add ice or frozen ingredients to keep blends cold

Time: minimize blending time, and consume right away

pH: lowering pH with acids greatly slows enzymatic oxidation (adding lemon or lime is the most common way of doing this)

Antioxidant: add extra antioxidant (most common is vitamin C)

Avoid oranges if it won’t be consumed right away.

FlavorFresh Vacuum Juicer Disadvantages

All that glitters truly isn’t gold! Here are a few dis-advantages of the otherwise seemingly perfect FlavorFresh Vacuum Juicer:

Few customers said that The blender is way too small. This made them never to actually turn it on to see how it worked.Some felt it Doesn’t have enough power.

Well we will say it’s not a bad blender at all. It does smoke and have a burning smell when using to make smoothies. Our suggestion is only make one at a time.

The vacuum sealer isn’t compatible with the glass jar lid. Korean companies have released more powerful models that will be available worldwide shortly.

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