Campbell Posture Cane REVIEW

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What is Campbell Posture Cane?

Traditional canes may cause crippling pain due to the awkward position of the handle which make you walk hunched over, head down causing neck and back pain. The solution is the upright Campbell Posture Cane – the unique walking cane that allows you to walk more upright with your head facing forward instead of down. The makers of the Campbell Posture Cane claim that with their cane you are more secure, comfortable, balanced and safe using this cane.

According to the Infomercial the secret of the Campbell Posture Cane is the unique Campbell Handle which takes the pressure off your shoulder and wrist and placing you in a natural upright pain-free position. The Campbell Posture Cane comes with a 360 degree traction tip that makes the cane stand securely right next to you, this helps in getting up and out of chair. It also helps in safely navigating sidewalks and stairs.

The Campbell Posture Cane comes with 12 height adjustment settings which makes it suitable for most people with varying height. Also the manufacturer claims it to be lightweight yet sturdy.


Campbell Cane REVIEW

The Campbell Posture Cane is stuck in identity crisis. It neither has a good support, nor is it suited for people with balance issues. The manufacturers of the Campbell Cane are trying to promote their cane as a miracle product that claims to make you walk straight again. Well this is not gong to happen. As per the reviews that we have studied and analyzed its not what they portray it to be. Our verdict on the Campbell Posture Cane is that it is just a regular walking cane and the change in the handle design would not in any way have any benefits more than the regular cane.

When selecting a Cane the most important factors are the Grip of the Cane, the tip of the cane and the height of the Cane. The Campbell Cane fails in the first two parameters (grip and tip). The unusual grip handle of the Campbell Posture Cane is the most stupid idea, if that was a better grip design than someone would have definitely come up with this design earlier.

The grip of the Campbell Cane is more suited for people who don’t have any serious balance issues. As mentioned at the top the Campbell Cane is trapped in an identity crisis. They have tried to load all the features in this cane and it is good at none of them.

Does the Campbell Cane skid?
Given the small tip of the Campbell Cane it is likely to skid.

What is the height of the Campbell Cane?
The official Campbell Posture Cane website does not mention the height of the cane.

Campbell Posture Cane Pricing
The Campbell Posture Cane is expensive priced at $40. There are tried and tested canes out there that cost not more than $15 and we don’t see any reason why you should buy this expensive cane.

What is the Warranty?
That is another disadvantage of the Campbell Cane, it does not come with any warranty.

Should I buy the Campbell Cane?
Nope. This is an expensive cane that does not deliver what it claims. Don’t believe all the false promises made by the cane. It is not at all pain-free, the awkward grip handle has more chances of causing you pain.

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