Hero Gloves REVIEW | Cut Resistant Gloves Busted!!

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A complete unbiased review of the As Seen On TV Cut-Resistant – Hero Gloves.Official website: HeroGlove.com

What are Hero Gloves?
Hero Gloves REVIEW
Hero Gloves Pricing
Do Hero Gloves really work?
What is the material?
Are Hero-Gloves really Cut-Resistant?
Do you recommend the Hero Gloves?

What are Hero Gloves?

We often get knife cuts while doing the daily kitchen chores like cutting veggies, grating cheese, peeling and cleaning. To avoid this, there is a new as seen on tv glove the “HERO GLOVE”. If the claims are to be believed the Hero Gloves claims to protect your hand even from the sharpest kitchen knife. Thanks to the new material DYNEEMA – which according to the infomercial is 5 times stronger than leather and is cut-resistant. With the Hero Gloves on now your kids too can help you with the food preparation and you don’t have to worry about them. Hero Gloves come in 2 sizes – kids and adults. The Hero Gloves are dishwasher safe and are easy to put on.

Hero Gloves

Hero Gloves REVIEW

Ok, now enough of the fancy claims now lets analyze the Hero Gloves reviews. Based on the reviews we have consolidated the advantages and disadvantages of the Hero Gloves here.

  • The Hero Gloves are not suited for anyone who works in a butcher shop or meat dept.
  • Do not get carried away by the Hero Gloves product images and infomercial. You would cut yourself.
  • Hero Gloves are not very suited to cut meat . it is a big hassle to clean all the grease from these gloves.

Hero Gloves Pricing

Adult Hero Gloves are priced at $14.95 and kids Hero Gloves are priced at $9.95. Shipping is free, when compared with other cut-resistant gloves the Hero Gloves are expensive because you get just one hero glove for that price. Whereas most true “cut-resistant” brands give you a pair of gloves at that price.

Hero Gloves comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. You still have to pay them to return it to the manufacturer. We suggest you ask the manufacturer what the shipping charges are if you decide to return them.

There is no warranty associated with the Hero Gloves. In fact most gloves don’t have a warranty.

Where can I buy Hero Gloves?
Hero Gloves are available only at the official website HeroGlove.com

Do Hero Gloves really work?

To an extent these Hero Gloves are “cut-resistant”. But they are not truly cut-resistant like other brands. Also you need to know that such gloves are cut-resistant to only kitchen activities. They are in-effective against serrated and moving knives.

What is the material used in Hero Gloves?

Hero Gloves are made from Dyneema. It is a strong synthetic fiber though lightweight. It is used by the military and police forces for protection against explosives and firearms. Dyneema fiber is created from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene. Some of the features of Dyneema are – chemically inactive, low density, biologically inert and electrically resistant.

Are Hero-Gloves really Cut-Resistant?

The benefits of Dyneema are many, but nowhere is it mentioned that it is “cut-resistant”. Given the properties of the Dyneema material it does make Hero Gloves moderately cut-resistant. There is a material known as “HDPE” that is far better when it comes to cut-resistance.

Do you recommend the Hero Gloves?

Nope. We do not recommend the Hero Gloves. The reason is that the Hero Gloves are not TRUE cut-resistant gloves. And these are not the only cut-resistant gloves out there. The true cut-resistant gloves have always have the “EN388 level 5 cut protection” rating, which the Hero Glove does not have. There are abundant tried and tested and EN388 level 5 cut-resistant gloves available on Amazon.com. A simple search for “cut-resistant gloves” will display all of them. You better choose one of those.

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