Water Balloon Factory

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What is Water Balloon Factory

– As per the infomercial it is a unique contraption that fills 44 water balloons in one go and ties itself. It uses a regular garden hose without creating slippery mess.


Arm with water balloons

Water Balloon Factory states to readily make a total of 44 high-quality water balloon bombs in one go. Water Balloon Factory assures that it’s a unique device that does not take time and even has automatic clever ‘O’ rings that shuts the balloon. Water Balloon Factory proclaims to be ready in a few seconds but such tall claims will be verified once users review it.


Endless summer fun
Water Balloon Factory maintains to be easy to use and attaches to any standard garden hose. It fills the balloons in one go and drops them in a bucket. It can be refilled with easy tools provided along and can even fill 88 balloons in one go. Water Balloon Factory declares there is no mess, spilling, slipping and dripping while using it. More shall be revealed with Water Balloon Factory reviews.


What do I get?
Buy Water Balloon Factory just for only £12.99.
2 x Pre-loaded water balloon bundles (22 balloons each)
2 x Sealing caps
176 x Refill balloons
176 x ‘O’ rings
1 x Tap adapter (1/2’)
1 x Hose adapter (3/4”)
2 x Refill tools

Official website:jmldirect.com

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  1. I’ve bought and used this product from a few different companies. Not sure if I ever used this particular company but I believe the product is the same across the board.

    I was skeptical at first but it does exactly what it says it does. Its amazing, fast and fun. My son, along with the neighborhood kids, had a blast this summer. I can’t even imagine buying the old kind now. Using the water hose you fill the balloons all at once and the drop off sealed when at the right capacity.

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