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About Tricovel

Tricovel states to be a time-released supplementary tablet that is meant to be taken once a day to combat the problem of hair loss. Tricovel asserts that is a clinically-proven formula that revives normal growth, structure and volume of your hair. It proclaims to give you great results in just eight weeks. Tricovel declares that it is recommended by doctors and pharmacists to be effective as well as safe. It emphasizes that it keeps the results even after you stop using it.


How does Tricovel work?

Even if the market is cluttered with hair re-growth pills, products, and formulas, Tricovel claims to be an innovative breakthrough in hair treatment. Tricovel asserts to have something that makes it work better than all these methods. Tricovel maintains to have a patent pending formula Biogenina, which is its exclusive technology that stimulates hair bulbs thus resulting in normal growth, structure and volume of hair.

Combat hair loss – Losing hair no longer means losing hope as the manufacturers of the supplementary tablets Tricovel convince. Tricovel maintains to be a time-released and once-a-day formula that gives your hair the growth, structure and volume back so that you will gain the confidence back while brushing or washing your hair. With its patent pending Biogenina technology, Tricovel guarantees that you will have fuller hair within eight weeks. There are several reasons for hair loss, right from seasonal changes, sun exposure, unhealthy lifestyle, stress, frequent hair treatments, and also childbirth. But no matter what has caused you to lose your hair, Tricovel assures that you will have a head full of lush hair soon.

Gives results even after discontinuation – Tricovel proclaims that it has been the number one hair treatment in Europe for years. Tricovel states to stimulate hair bulbs that leads to decrease in hair fall and increase in hair growth. Tricovel asserts that unlike other formulas its results don’t stop as soon as you stop taking the tablets. Your hair will allegedly remain fuller and thicker even after you have stopped its consumption. Tricovel promises that it increases the hair shaft diameter by 57.8%, reduces hair fall by 75.7% and increases hair growth by 20.2% after just two months of regular use. Tricovel convinces that thinning hair and hair fall will be a thing of past if you use it regularly and it is clinically-proven to be safe so you wouldn’t have other side effects like several other hair treatments cause.


What do I get?

  • You get 1-Month Supply of Tricovel for $29.95 USD + $8.95 USD shipping and handling.

Official website:


Tricovel Vials

What is Tricovel Vials? – It claims to be a new age topical solution with Biogenina that helps in treating hair structure and prevents hair loss in both men and women.


Prevent hair loss easily – Tricovel Vials guarantees to be a new age solution that helps in fixing problems related to the hair, including dullness, thinning, weak and fragile hair or hair loss. Tricovel Vials claims to be perfect for hair loss that occurs due to issues related to stress, change of season or unbalanced diet. Such farfetched claims by Tricovel Vials are subject to speculations and will be only verified once we get to analyze its user reviews.


Tricovel Vials’ Powerful ingredients – Tricovel Vials proclaims to have an innovative formula comprising of Biogenina, Ajugenil, minerals and vitamins which does the magic. Tricovel Vials alleges that these ingredients act quickly on the hair bulb on application to counteract hair loss issues and provide extra nutrients for healthy hair growth. Tricovel Vials further emphasizes that Biogenina activates specific receptors that are present on the external epithelial shaft of the follicles. Thus stimulating the area called dermal papilla from where the hair growth occurs. This way the hair growth takes place in a better way with stronger base and structure. At this point of time there are no Tricovel Vials reviews available that will attest to its claims.


Tricovel Vials Features and benefits – Tricovel Vials assures to be easy to apply as it comes in a vial to be gently massaged on the scalp. It gets absorbed in the hair follicles easily and does not leave hair oily or lumpy. Tricovel Vials states that one has to only use it once every 3 days and doesn’t take a lot of time for application. Tricovel Vials sounds impressive but more shall be revealed once it has been reviewed. Tricovel Vials asserts to have all natural ingredients that don’t have any side effects. The delayed release effect in it with clinically proven results and is to be taken only for two months twice a year. Plus it can be used by both men and women. Did you find Tricovel Vials helpful? Send us your reviews.

What do I get?
Get Tricovel Vials for $59.99 at |


Tricovel Fortifying Shampoo

What is Tricovel Fortifying Shampoo? – As per the infomercial it is a delicate shampoo that consists of Biogenina that helps in fortifying weak and brittle hair that tend to fall out.

A rich shampoo – Tricovel Fortifying Shampoo proclaims to be a revolutionary shampoo that helps in strengthening weak and brittle hair that generally fall easily and result in hair loss. Tricovel Fortifying Shampoo states to be rich with ingredients that help in resolving hair problems that can occur due to many reasons. Tricovel Fortifying Shampoo also assures that it is dermatologically tested to work effectively. At this point of time there are no Tricovel Fortifying Shampoo reviews available that will attest to its claims.

Active ingredients – Tricovel Fortifying Shampoo declares to have an innovative formula that consists of active ingredients such as Biogenina that are clinically tested to help strengthen the hair and make them strong and thick. Tricovel Fortifying Shampoo also alleges to comprise of precious wheat proteins, silk amino acids and pro-vitamin B5. These ingredients work together to repair the fibre of hair, give it a sheen, make it soft and protect it from harsh chemical and styling stresses. Such claims by Tricovel Fortifying Shampoo will be only substantiated once users review it.

How does Tricovel Fortifying Shampoo work? – Tricovel Fortifying Shampoo claims to have new Triactive3 Technology that helps in resisting the rinsing of Biogenina from the hair follicle. It also ensures that the active ingredients adhered to the hair shaft and releases gradually for a delayed effect that works round the clock to protect and nourish the hair. More shall be revealed once Tricovel Fortifying Shampoo is reviewed. Tricovel Fortifying Shampoo convinces to work when used once every day to wash hair. The shampoo is to be applied to wet hair and gently massaged in. Once done, it should be left for few minutes so that the formula seeps in and rinsed later. Tricovel Fortifying Shampoo promises to be completely safe to use with formula that is naturally consisting of essential vitamins and minerals. Does it really help improve hair conditions? Tricovel Fortifying Shampoo reviews will soon reveal the facts.


What do I get?
Get Tricovel Fortifying Shampoo for $12.99 at |

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