Oster Pro 1200 Plus

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What is Oster Pro 1200 Plus

It is a power packed blender that promises to let you make everything fresh and delicious while offering you complete culinary convenience too. Oster Pro 1200 Plus asserts that now you can make all the fresh juices, smoothies and other recipes to keep up with your health goals with ease. We understand that we are what we eat today, which is why we want to make soups, juices an integral part of our diet. But that’s easier said than done because regular blenders are just not up to the task and quite tedious to work with. But this versatile and high performance blender claims to make things easier for you. Sadly since there aren’t enough Oster Pro 1200 Plus reviews we can’t corroborate these claims for you.


Oster Pro 1200 Plus Features

Powerful motor boosts its performance – At the heart of this blender is the 1200 power watts motor that can blend through most of the items you need to give you the perfect consistency. It stresses that it can blend through greens, frozen ingredients and ice without any difficulty. But is that true in your experience? Why don’t you let us know in your Oster Pro 1200 Plus reviews? The blender also makes the most out of Smart Settings Technology and seven speeds, which include three pre-programmed settings that let you make the regular blender creations without any hassle. Oster Pro 1200 Plus reviews can tell us if that is really the case.

The power and performance of the blender is boosted by the Dual Direction Blade Technology that lets it chop and grind with precision. 900 watts of ice crushing power means it’s the perfect blender to make iced drinks at home. Your Oster Pro 1200 Plus reviews can throw more light on that.


Has several features for your convenience – The 6 cup dishwasher safe glass of the blender can withstand thermal shock, according to its claims. It also comes with a 24 oz smoothie cup and all metal drive system that gives it much needed durability. We will verify these claims after going through Oster Pro 1200 Plus reviews carefully. The pulse feature it has means additional control and precision. The compact blender has a brushed nickel finish and sleek, modern design, which makes it a handsome addition to your kitchens. We hope your Oster Pro 1200 Plus reviews will reveal more about it.


Oster Pro 1200 PLUS REVIEW

One customer, who bought Oster Pro 1200 PLUS says that it works perfectly as a blender, but isn’t effective as a food processor. The blending container is designed shorter and stout to help fit under cupboards too. It can perform good blending on all types of food items including ice. Smoothie container in Oster Pro 1200 PLUS is also effective and helps in making single serving healthy smoothies easily. The problem with the food processor attachment is its small size. Another customer who purchased Oster Pro 1200 PLUS reveals that the blender is great at its job and makes less noise while doing so. The customer was missing a piece and had a positive feedback from customer support. The customer highly recommends it. Another customer who used Oster Pro 1200 PLUS says it isn’t great but isn’t bad at all. Pre-programmed smoothie mode setting though keeps spilling and splattering food all over the blender and bottom of the lid. The base is not very sturdy and can move while blending. There is also some burning smell that can be sensed while it blends.

Another customer who tested out Oster Pro 1200 PLUS reveals that it is a very good blender. It is feature packed and has good build quality including the glass container and attachments. The only drawback was its ice-crushing ability as it couldn’t blend margarita type slush. Also while blending it makes noise similar to a jet engine. One reviewer of Oster Pro 1200 PLUS mentions that it is a powerful heavy-duty blender and gives it an above average rating. The look and feel of Oster Pro 1200 PLUS is designed nicely and sits well on the counter. There are good amount of blending options available for use. There also is a smoothie container along with a food processor unit. The customer says it works better over personal blenders but is yet smaller than a large blender. The use of glass container is an upside as it is easy to clean and more hygienic. It may not be able to deliver a grit free blend for some food items.


Price: $69.99 | Official website: Oster.com

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  1. You need to update your review of this very powerful blender. It’s a real winner. Check out the 130 or so consumer reviews at Amazon where it’s currently running at 91%+ approval. Sold at oster.com for $69.99 with free shipping. There are also several excellent consumer videos of it done by a YouTuber named “helpfulnatural”.

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