Miss Belt Review

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What is Miss Belt

It claims to be a revolutionary way of slimming down 2 sizes on the waist and getting that dream hourglass figure in just 2 seconds. Over an extended time of use it can also provide a toned midsection.

Miss Belt REVIEW

A reviewer of Miss Belt, Angie, says that the belt is extremely uncomfortable and digs into the skin. Other than the discomfort the belt also looks bulky and unsightly under clothes. A plastic wrap seems more sensible to them as it makes one sweat naturally and lets one control the tightness. Another reviewer Pam adds that the belt is constructed of creased paper and stretches out instantly when you wear it. The return fee for the belt is more than ten dollars and it is a waste of money. The money one would spend on Miss Belt can be better utilized for buying a better constructed bell according to the user.

One user Hailey says in their Miss Belt review that on wearing the belt there was bulge all over their mid-section and the belt is made for someone who weighs just about 100 lbs and no more or they would look awful. Another reviewer Sarah is of the same opinion that the belt would only work on someone with a smaller frame and should not be worn under fitting clothes because it would become noticeable. The reviewer adds that the belt is fine to wear around the house or with very loose clothing and it is recommended only for slim women, and plus-sized women should steer clear of wearing it.

One customer of Miss Belt, Hillary, says in their review that that they realized it looks nothing like what’s shown on TV, in photos, or even on the box. They add that the belt makes you look bulkier around the waist and the bulge sticks out on all places on the body. So it is impossible to wear it under clothes without showing. They say that it’s false advertising on the part of the manufacturers and returned it for their money back. Yet another reviewer of Miss Belt, Casey, states that the product is absolutely awful and even though they didn’t expect miracles from it, but the belt actually made them look much worse. They add that the belt is not slimming; on the contrary, it’s bulky the material is visible right through the clothing making it look ghastly. They add that as soon as the wearer takes the belt off, they look much better.

Easy waist slimming solution

Miss Belt asserts to be a revolutionary belt that is designed to provide a slimmer looking waist and an hourglass figure instantly. The far-fetched claims of Miss Belt will be only substantiated once it is reviewed. Miss Belt promises to take away the problems that most women find regarding maintaining weight and balancing a busy lifestyle. As a result they are not able to get that dream figure they always wanted or had once. Miss Belt convinces to get that shape back with its breakthrough design. Can Miss Belt really do such magic in seconds? Miss Belt reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Hourglass figure in two steps

Miss Belt states to be a belt that is designed intelligently to provide great support and tone down the waist for a flaunting hourglass figure. Although at this point of time the claims of Miss Belt are not validated due to lack of user reviews. Miss Belt alleges to be a 2-step belt that can provide a sexy and slimmer waist just by wearing it. Miss Belt guarantees to be very easy to wear and to begin one has to simply wrap Miss Belt around the midsection and then secure the 2nd layer of the belt. The first layer of Miss Belt when adjusted provides a good support to the midsection area and the 2nd later starts to provide the slimming effect on the waist. Miss Belt assures that the slimming down takes place with the belt without affecting the skin and the without hurting the waist. Instead it emphasizes to be very supportive to the midsection area. All these fancy claims by Miss Belt will be only attested once it is reviewed by users.

Expose the natural curves

Miss Belt claims to be very sturdy and apart from being comfortable for use through the day it also promises to support the back area. This particular promise will be verified only once it is reviewed. Miss Belt declares to have a fully adjustable strap which means at any time of the day women can adjust it as per their requirement and it will still provide such great results. Miss Belt maintains to be so effective yet compact that it can be used over a dress or concealed under clothes without ever being getting noticed. Also, it asserts to provide a permanent toning and shaping to the midsection over extended use. Can Miss Belt really provide slimmer waist? Send us your reviews.

What do I get?

2 Miss Belts for just $19.99 plus $7.99. Please see official website BuyMissBelt.com

Miss Belt Comparison

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5 Comments on "Miss Belt Review"

  1. Yes its so true miss belt wasnt what i exspected i have a roll fat ontop nd at da bottom of my tummy i cant even wear it under my tight dresess coz people will see that i have something under my dress..nd who da hell wants to wear it ontop of ur dress or clothes dam so disapointed im returning mine i paid 300rand!!

  2. Thank you so much for review this product. I was really considering if I will buy it or not!

  3. The thing looks like a torture device.
    Can’t even fathom that it “trains” the waist.
    Seems it just sucks it all in. Wouldn’t want to have some one putting their hand around my back and feeling that junk. IMHO , sounds like a bunch of shiste. Plus after undressing who would want to see that ugly thing around your body? Just another way to body shame women. Sad.

  4. How ridiculous. If u need to look 2 sizes smaller obviously u need to loose about 12kg! It doesn’t hide your big tush or thighs or that second chin! Going back in time using lace up bodices but Velcro instead. Ladies free yourselves from this tormenting crap, buy clothes that fit you and like yourself for who you r. Tom sure u r a lovely person.

  5. Miss Belt wasn’t what I expected didn’t like it at all. It rolls downs or folds down. It will actually disfigure your body because yes you will have the hourglass shape but you will also have a roll of fat on top and bottom of your stomach. I’m a size 6 in waist I didn’t like it at all. Good thing it was only $19.99.

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