Pedi Peel Magic Review

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What is Pedi Peel Magic

As per the TV infomercial it is an amazing way to get rid of dry cracked skin, calluses and even corns from the feet easily. The exfoliant foot peel promises to clear and clear the soles and provide salon like results.



Salon quality pedicure

Pedi Peel Magic assures to be a very good way of achieving clear and clean feet with results that are like expensive salon pedicures. Can Pedi Peel Magic really provide such exfoliation will be proved only once we analyze its user reviews. Pedi Peel Magic promises to be much better than regular methods that have similar claims but fail to stand up. Pedi Peel Magic emphasizes to be better than regular scraping, filing and sanding that do more harm than good for removing dead skin. At this point of time there are no Pedi Peel Magic reviews available that will attest to its usefulness against the regular tools.

Works like magic

Pedi Peel Magic asserts to be a great way of removing dead skin with the help of its revolutionary plastic boots. These boots are to be worn for 30 minutes to start seeing the dry skin peel out without any tedious process. Pedi Peel Magic guarantees that the skin will not be damaged and in fact will peel off similar to the natural process of dead skin. There is no proof or user reviews available currently that will substantiate Pedi Peel Magic’s claims. Pedi Peel Magic proclaims to be comprised of a fruit extract formula that gently penetrates deep down in the layers of the skin and separates the good from the bad skin. Pedi Peel Magic states that the fruit extract is very powerful in removing the hard skin that is built up under the soles of the feet. Pedi Peel Magic asserts to be faster, less tedious and easier than other methods and since it uses the natural extract of fruits it is not at all harmful to the skin. Can Pedi Peel Magic really provide such amazing results? Send us your reviews.


Features and benefits

Pedi Peel Magic maintains to be a very comfortable method of exfoliating the soles of the feet, which will be confirmed once users review it. Pedi Peel Magic states to be useful for easing out cracked heels that can hurt while using harsh tools. Pedi Peel Magic also declares to be perfect for removing ugly calluses very easily. Pedi Peel Magic alleges to even work on corns on the bottom of the feet painlessly. Pedi Peel Magic assures to be universal and comes in sizes that suit women and men both. Pedi Peel Magic sounds fascinating; user reviews will expose the truth soon.


What do I get?

You get Two sets of Pedi Peel Magic for $10 plus $11.98 P&H.Official website

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