Kinetic Rock vs Kinetic Sand

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Compare what is it? Kinetic Rock vs Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Rock
It’s an art and craft game for children above 5 years of age composed of real rock that sticks excitingly to itself. It’s made to get children to dig, build and crush with the rock crusher included in the set. This children’s construction tool lets them experience what paving a road, creating boulders and crushing rocks is all about.

Kinetic Sand
It is squeezable sand with granules that stick together to each other so one can make different shapes and structures out of it. Kinetic Sand does not stick to hands and aims to make children above 5 years of age have fun without getting their hands messy.


Compare what to expect? Kinetic Rock vs Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Rock

This set is a construction tool kit for children who are five years and older. They can mold, build and crush the rock provided in this set. Its makers state that it’s made from real natural rock that sticks together so children can easily create boulders from the mold, use the vehicle’s claw to pick up the boulder, move it and dump it too. There’s also a construction figure that fits inside the vehicle. With the tamper tool children can also smoothen and flatten the rock, which makes playing with Kinetic Rock fun. It comes in a re-usable package which makes hours of playing with this construction set fun and convenient.

Kinetic Sand
Since this sand can be squeezed and brought together, children can look forward to plenty of fun mounting up. They can pull it, mold it and create different shapes that they desire out of it. Since the sand does not stick to hands but only to itself, its makers assure customers that there’ll be no messiness. This sand is also soft and oozes, melts and flows freely in hands. Also, it does not dry, is gluten free and is stretchable, which delivers complete fun from start till end.


Compare Features: Kinetic Rock vs Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Rock
• made With Real Rock pieces that stick together
• Rock can be dug, molded and crushed the rock and also shaped with hands
• Dumper made to help remove obstacles, pick up boulders and move around
• Boulders can be crushed with crusher and make roads with the construction figure.
• Comes with all tools required for real construction experience
• Sticks together and creates rocks of different shapes and sizes with crusher

Kinetic Sand

• Ideal for children above 5 years of age
• Sticks only to itself and not stick to body
• Easy to clean
• Can take any shape and form
• If it gets wet, spreading it out on a flat surface to dry brings it back to its original state
• If it dries out adding some drops of water can restore its original state.
• 98% sand and 2% polymers


Compare Price: Kinetic Rock vs Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Rock

Kinetic Sand
$22.62 + $3.99 shipping


Compare Reviews: Kinetic Rock vs Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Rock REVIEW

A customer, Darrel Nelson, had a bad experience with Kinetic Rock which he’s narrated in his review about the same. He says that the rocks of Kinetic Rock don’t stick together and the entire thing just gets messy. He says that the ad of Kinetic Rock is completely misleading. The clean-up process of Kinetic Rock is also not up to the mark and total kit is useless.
Another customer, Ruby Clayton, says in her review that the rocks of Kinetic Rock cannot be molded into any shape. She’s also complained that even the dump truck of Kinetic Rock bucket need to be emotionally.

Rhonda Watts, one more person who sent in her review on Kinetic Rock, feels it’s a good game but product has not been created well. She’s noticed that the rock sticks to everything around unlike what it and creates a mess. She says that if Kinetic Rock ha on carpets and clothes its sticky material makes it difficult to remove them. Worse, the rock breaks up and get scattered around. She also finds Kinetic Rock very expensive and not up to the mark. Several quality issues such as the scooper design not being proper and sand not coming out smoothly just stick out. She also says that playing with the rock crusher is so difficult that even adults would find it tough. Its blue crusher also keeps falling whenever it is turned to crush. Further, she says that it’s also very hard to clean up Kinetic Rock.


Kinetic Sand REVIEW

Lamar Kelley, who bought Kinetic Sand for his kinds, says in this review that to begin with, he received an expired product. The sand was dry and did not stick together. He says tried all the process to get Kinetic Sand work, but he ended up throwing it. He says he just didn’t like it.

Kelvin Tate, another customer, states in his Kinetic Sand review that it sticks to his hands and becomes a big mess to clean up. Also when the sand falls on the floor it sticks to legs and ends up soiling and the cleaning up the room more than playing. He’s also complained that it lost its stickiness immediately.

Shelia Fleming, another customer, also says in review on Kinetic Sand that it’s not such an easy thing to do. She’s also mentioned that sand received was not the one shown in the advertisement. She says that the material that Kinetic Sand is made of is not soft enough and poses several issues. She has complained that a lot of sand melts through the fingers and does not sustain its form at different temperatures- something that not flows.

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