Kinetic Rock REVIEW

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About Kinetic Rock

Kinetic Rock is the one and only real rock that magically sticks together for hours of real construction play! Kinetic Rock is great for kids who love to play pretend as construction workers.


Kinetic Rock CLAIMS

Never dries out – Kinetic Rock never dries out so you can use it over and over again!

Dig, Build, Crush – Kinetic Rock gives you real rock for real construction play – you can dig it, build it and crush it down with the included rock crusher! It’s that amazing! Use the dump truck to pick up boulders, shift obstacles, and transport materials. Crush boulders with the real life rock crusher, and pave roads with the tamper and construction figure. Simply use the construction tools and mold to create boulders and crush rocks. Flatten out and smooth the rock with the tamper tool. The Kinetic Rock Crusher Set lets you mold, build and crush for hours of construction pretend play!

Ages – The Kinetic Rock Crusher Set provides real construction fun for kids of ages 3 and up.

Kinetic Rock play set includes:
The Kinetic Rock Crusher Playset includes all the tools required for real construction play!
• 12 oz. of Kinetic Rock
• Rock crusher
• Dump truck
• Construction figure
• Tamper
• Packaging doubles as play space!
Order your Kinetic Rock Crusher playset today!


Kinetic Rock Reviews

Howard Simmons who bought the Kinetic Rock for his kids states in his review that its rocks just don’t stick to each other the way they should. Instead, they turn into a complete mess that can’t be managed. He’s written that the ads praising Kinetic Rock are completely misleading; it just doesn’t work. Even the mixing function is a dampener and cannot be balled up to pick loose rocks. He’s upset not just with the quality of Kinetic Rock but with almost everything, including its components. He says that its dump truck bucket also doesn’t attach itself to the actual dump truck and you need to take it off to actually dump the rocks manually. He says he won’t recommend Kinetic Rock at all.

Freda Stokes got about Kinetic Rock recently has written in her review that its rock grinder broke within 10 minutes. She says she was shocked even more when she found that even the dump truck doesn’t work. Her child has to take the dump part off to unload every single time while playing with Kinetic Rock. Even the scooper can’t get the sand out of the dump bin. It just beats the whole purpose, and going for Kinetic Rock feels like total waste of money.

Marty Dennis, another dissatisfied customer who bought Kinetic Rock has said in her review that its quality is awful. She found Kinetic Rock not only difficult to but also messy. She says it gets everywhere and it just can’t be touched while playing or even cleaning. She says other brands are much better than Kinetic Rock. He daughter even calls Kinetic Rock a bunch of pebbles dunked in some sticky glue-like liquid. The pebbles get stuck to her clothes and removing them is a task. She says she feels Kinetic Rock is just not made for kids.


Kinetic Rock Questions & Answers

Q. Some of my child’s Kinetic Rock is stuck on other plastic toys he played with. How do I clean it off?
A. Use warm soap and water to clean your child’s plastic toys. You may also try washing the toys in your dishwasher. Be gentle while using water as the instructions of Kinetic Rock don’t recommend use of water.

Q. Is Kinetic Rock washable? I feel it may pick up dirt from surfaces, which needs to be cleaned.
A. Please make arrangements for Kinetic Rock to be used on a clean placemat.

Q. Is Kinetic Rock non-toxic?
A. In all probability, no. The package clearly mentions “modeling compound not intended to be eaten.”

Q. Can Kinetic Rock be mixed with Kinetic Sand?
A. Kinetic Rock comprises small pebbles mixed with a sticky solution. It’s actually different from Kinetic Sand. Instead, use its doozer for Kinetic Sand.

Q. Do the Kinetic Rock toys work with regular Kinetic Sand as a refill?
A. Yes.

Q. Does the Kinetic Rock set include 12 ounces of rocks?
A. No. The weight of rocks is lesser as 12 ounces is the total weight of the entire set.


What do I get?
Kinetic Rock Rock Crusher play-set for just $19.99 plus $5.99 processing and handling. Official Website:


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