K9 Cruiser REVIEW

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What is K9 Cruiser?

As per the infomercial it is an indoor dog toy that glides and slides on any type of floor and carpet. It allegedly activates the prey drive in all sized dogs and provides a fun time to expend their energy.




K9 Cruiser CLAIMS

Fun toy for dogs – K9 Cruiser claims to be a soft, rubberized toy that dogs can play with indoors without resorting to old and boring bone or ball. K9 Cruiser promises to provide an all new game to them that makes them run around and help burn up their energy. How well does K9 Cruiser work will be only verified once users send us reviews for analysis?

Smart design – K9 Cruiser assures that its battery-less design literally glides for activating prey drive and slides to allow push and chase over any surface with ease. K9 Cruiser guarantees that its unique shape will make any dog jump on it and encourage pouncing. It also asserts to have a rubberized rim and soft base that doesn’t chafe or leave marks behind while bumping on walls and furniture. Such fanciful claims made by K9 Cruiser will be validated once users review it.

Stellar benefits – K9 Cruiser alleges to be perfect for use on any type of flooring, wood, tile and even carpet. K9 Cruiser guarantees that it works with all types of dogs including pups and older dogs. It states to have a super durable and long lasting design as well. Did you find K9 Cruiser worth the money? Send us your K9 Cruiser reviews.



K9 Cruiser REVIEW

A K9 Cruiser buyer, Heather Willis, complains in her review that it doesn’t glide over her floor surface. She has hard floors with thin area rugs, on which K9 Cruiser simply flips over. As per her review, the only reason she still kept it was because her German Shepherd likes its squeaking sound.

Another K9 Cruiser review by Doyle Gomez calls its commercial a misleading one. According to his K9 Cruiser review, his dog has claimed and kept the toy in the toy box but there is no appeal to it, so he doesn’t play with it.

One reviewer, Grant Ellis, says that K9 Cruiser doesn’t work with dogs. They can’t pick it up easily and thus lose interest in it.

Margarita Spencer, a K9 Cruiser customer, doesn’t recommend it to anyone. In her review, she says that the dog played with it for a day. She further reveals in her K9 Cruiser review that it is cheaply built as her dog chewed off the rubber right away.

A customer named Claire Hanson asserts in her K9 Cruiser review that it doesn’t function as promised. It simply flips over sometimes but doesn’t slide or glide. She tried it on every surface but the only thing that attracted the dog was the squeaker.

Ricky Munoz shows disappointment in his K9 Cruiser review by saying that it scratched the wood floor while trying to slide it.


What do I get?
Get 2 K9 Cruiser Toys for $10.00 + $7.99 shipping and handling fee at the official website BuyK9Cruiser.com

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  1. I have tso Yorkies that it look like it would be fun for them Even the two of them can’t get it to work and they both try pushing it. Doesn’t work on floor, area carpet or my carpet.
    I didn’t expect them to be able to pick it up but thought they could push it and it would move like on Facebook. Very boring toy does nothing but stand there. They have no interest in it. What a waste of money

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