ZAP Restorer Review

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What is Zap RESTORER?

Are you tired of trying to get rid of stains from your kitchen counter? Do your bathroom tiles have a build up of grime and dirt that is almost impossible to get rid of? Are you embarrassed about the surfaces of your floors that look ugly and dirty? Instead of replacing them all you need to do is restore them to look like new.

Now there is a fast, simple, easy and affordable way to restore your surfaces to look like new. Here’s introducing the incredible and powerful professional strength restorer, Zap RESTORER.

Zap RESTORER is a professional strength restorer designed to give your ugly looking surfaces their original look and shine. Zap RESTORER is great to use on all kinds of surfaces. It penetrates stains to restore surfaces to give it the original look and shine.

This amazing professional strength restorer is a remodel in every bottle! You will absolutely love the results delivered by Zap RESTORER.

Zap Restorer Review

Juana Castillo in her Zap Restorer review expresses disappointment and says it did nothing to clean the shower tubs and tiles as advertised. Not only did it emit horrendous fumes but it cleaned only a little only if it was scrubbed real hard with an abrasive scrub. She unfortunately couldn’t return it because of the Christmas rush. She thinks that the hard water could be the problem unlike other who seemed pretty content with the product. Moreover she complains that it was practically useless in cleaning the toilet stains.

Bianca Mendez complains that ZAP is anything but a professional restorer. About 8 or 9 years ago, she had used Zap Restorer 4 which worked like a charm but unfortunately it is not available now. She complains that the current Zap Restorer is no better than any other spray-on or powder which all require scrubbing. Plus they also charge more, hence she is strictly against buying the Zap Restorer.

Irene Cortez complains in her Zap Restorer review says that it is not as effective as claimed in the advertisement. It is not a professional restorer but still works on grout better than 409 or Oxyclean.

Evan Sullivan mentions that the new bottles of the Zap Restorer do not use phosphoric acid which is highly effective but instead they use diluted hydrochloric acid which doesn’t work that well. Hence he suggests to skip the Zap Restorer and directly buy phosphoric acid to get superior cleaning.

Steven Donnelly claims that the product is a waste of money. It only removed the soap scum but did nothing to black/grey stains in the grout, regardless of scrubbing real hard. Plus it emitted a foul smell too.

Clayton Bennett in his Zap Restorer review declares that it is zero value for money. The money back guarantee is useless as out of the total cost of $34, only $19.99 gets refunded. He was hoping to remove the stains of the shower pan but it was in vain.

Easy to use

The Zap RESTORER professional strength restorer is extremely simple and easy to use. It’s as easy as 1-2 and 3.

Simply spray on the surface to be restored, let it stay on for sometime and wipe clean with a cloth. When Zap RESTORER comes in contact with the surface it dissolves instantly. Then you simply wipe it off with a cloth and your surface is restored to look like new.

Zap RESTORER takes only minutes to work. It’s that great! With Zap RESTORER it takes just a few minutes to restore your surfaces to look like new. There is no other cleaner like the Zap RESTORER professional strength restorer.

Restorer not a cleaner

Unlike standard cleaners that only remove dirt and grime from the surface, Zap RESTORER is designed to deeply penetrate stains to restore surfaces to like brand new.

Replacing toilets and bathtubs can cost you thousands of dollars and is a waste of your hard earned money but with the use of Zap RESTORER you needn’t replace it, you can simply restore it. It’s that easy!

You are guaranteed to love the look of your surfaces after you Zap RESTORER it!

Restores Even the Dirtiest Surface

Zap RESTORER is great for use on grout, tiles, sinks, boats, fiberglass, porcelain, tubs, toilets, showers, floors, all real metals like copper, brass and cast iron, so much more. Zap RESTORER is guaranteed to make all these surfaces look like brand new.

Zap RESTORER is perfect to use for hard water stains, rust, calcium buildup, lime scale, soap film and dirt. So the next time you find your surfaces with a build up of dirt and grime all you need to do is Zap RESTORER it!

With Zap RESTORER you can restore your surfaces to look like new instead of spending money replacing it. You will never ever use another cleaner once you have tried Zap RESTORER.

Order Zap RESTORER, the professional strength restorer today and restore your surfaces to look like new.

What do I get?

You will receive Two bottles of Zap RESTORER! Professional Strength Restorer and Two bottle of Zap RESTORER! Maintainer to help keep all your surfaces looking great with two Zap RESTORER! pads and a foaming sprayer for $19.95 plus $13.9 P&H.Official website

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22 Comments on "ZAP Restorer Review"

  1. Best brass polish ever. I used this to polish an antique brass bed tha hadn’t been polished in 25 years because Brasso was such a pain. All I had to do was wipe it on and decades of tarnish came off. It is amazing and I have since used it on all the brass and copper in the house. It did no damage. This stuff is amazing!!!

  2. I bought this to clean a grimy fiberglass tub/shower. I bought via their website. When I saw that they charged full shipping charge for EACH of the sets of their “Bonus Double Offer,” I said forget it and closed the window. Two days later I received an email stating that I hadn’t completed my order and, to conline me to do so, the shipping cost on the second set of product would be waived. I bit and submitted the order. When it arrived, the box was damp as some of the product had leaked from the bottles. Not much, but still disappointing shipping quality. I read on the bottle that the active compound in Zap is nearly 8% phosphoric acid. I did not follow the instructions precisely because I’m lazy and I wanted to give it a chance at maximum effectiveness. I sprayed it all over the floor of the tub (the grossest part), smeared it evenly over the surface, and left it overnight, about 12 hours. The next day it was clear that it had broken down the grime! I used the included scrubber pad to make a final attack, but it required very little effort. After a rinse, the tub floor looked like new! It dissolved the greasy discoloring and the hard water/like scale like a charm. This is the only way I’ll ever use the product. No one should expect – as the instructions state – to be able to spray Zap on, wait 3 minutes, scrub it off, an expect a miracle. Be patient, leg it work, and you’ll get the results you want. And it doesn’t smell bad like some have said; it has a chemically minty scent. BE CAREFUL THOUGH: I left the bottle sitting on my laminate bathroom counter overnight and it bleached a ring on the surface. My fault, not the products.

  3. I don’t know about the product, but I ordered this stuff Friday using an email account that receives NO spam whatsoever. In the space of 8 hours today I received 25, count them, 25 spam emails. Zap is the ONLY thing I’ve used this email account for in 6 months. These scumbags just took my email and sold it willynilly. I will NEVER buy their product again. Good bad or indifferent, there are other products I am sure will work fine. These jerks REQUIRED my phone number too. Why you might ask? A phone number is not necessary to fulfill an order where an email is useful if there is tracking that they inform me of. I]ll tell you why, because it makes the mailing list that they rent or sell more valuable. Of course I gave them a totally FAKE telephone number, but the email was accurate because many vendors keep you updated of the status of your order through your email. Zap can go screw themselves!!!!

  4. Dolly Pokorny | May 17, 2016 at 7:20 am | Reply

    Wish I could have seen these sooner and saved a lot of money. Haven’t used mine yet but it doesn’t sound too promising.

  5. I agree with all the other appreciated preshoppers- THANKS for the info before I invested/wasted money. And for the info on the better products!

  6. Thanks to all of you for saving me a nice chunk of change 🙂 🙂 I’ll stay away from the stuff!!!

  7. This stuff is garbage DOES NOT WORK not empressed at all CLR or simple green works better than that Zap crap

    • Thank you! I’ve read through the reviews and gotten some good ideas on other products that I already have that wlll probably do a better job!

  8. bought it, tried it as directed. doesn’t do any better then what can buy much cheaper. Did not as advertised yea cleaned the floor, but I could have done that same thing with a damp sponge and regular cleaner. Would not recommend to anyone. Save your money, but regular cleaner, does the same thing.Does not take up stains as advertised. Again, saave money stay away.

  9. Paul Jackson | March 19, 2016 at 9:15 am | Reply

    This product is a scam-does not work as advertised, ammonia works better than this product. They must be working with a 10X concentrate of what you actually get. The packaging is cheap and the Ad misleading as to the volume of cleaner you actually get. They figure most people won’t bother to return it as it does clean a bit, but not as shown on TV.

  10. Bruno E. Santos | February 1, 2016 at 5:41 pm | Reply

    I have seen the infomercial of which I am always highly skeptical and suspicious. That’s why I do some fact checking, mainly user’s reviews. They had saved me from falling pray to many TV scams. I am looking for a decent product to clean all bathroom components and save our household from the weekend’s chore fighting about not cleaning the bathroom well.

  11. Seems like everyone has a get rich scheme some where these days

  12. I’m not paying nearly $50 for something seen on TV, especially when the photos look faked!

  13. I guess no one has purchased it yet

  14. $13.90 P&H. Really???

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