Zaplite Review

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About Zaplite

Zaplite claims to be an insect zapper light that is solar powered and also has an optional LED lighting mode. The bug zapper convinces that you can get rid of pests and bugs without the need of electric outlets or power cords. Zaplite proclaims that has a light sensor that turns its UV light bulbs turn on automatically at dusk and turn off at dawn.


How does it work

Zaplite alleges to work on solar power. So you need to leave the bug zapper to charge under direct sunlight during the day. When dusk falls the light sensors of Zaplite switch the UV lights on automatically to drive the bugs and mosquitoes away. If you have no work for the bug zapper, you can choose its light mode and use Zaplite as a powerful LED light. After working the entire night, the bug zapper states to switch off automatically at dawn.


No more bugs and pests

Forget getting rid of bugs and pests with messy and even harmful methods such as mosquito repellents that are sticky and messy or mosquito lamps or coils that have harmful chemicals and smoke. Zaplite claims to be a bug zapper that is solar powered to protect you from the menace of mosquitoes and pests. Zaplite alleges that you can simply keep it on a flat surface, hang it with its convenient handle or stake it into the ground. It guarantees that it is not just pest zapper and comes with two modes – pest killer and a bright LED light mode. Zaplite emphasizes to give you chemical free protection from bugs and pests. Zaplite declares that you do not have to even worry about remembering to switch on or off the bug zapper because it has light sensors that turn the LED lights on automatically at dusk and switches off at dawn automatically too.

Safe around kids and pets

The biggest hassle with bug repellent methods is that they are highly unsafe around kids and pets. But Zaplite assures that you can safely keep it within the kids’ and pets’ reach. Zaplite states to have a protective cage around the zap column that prevents your kids or pets from touching it. Zaplite maintains that it is perfect for any area – yard, garden, patio or deck. Zaplite proclaims to be lightweight and portable and needs no installation as such so you can even move it around from one place to another. So after you are done shooing the bugs in the porch away you can keep Zaplite inside your room to prevent pest menace. Zaplite asserts that you can even take it when you go camping where you are more prone to suffer bug bites.


What do I get?

You get Zaplite for $64.99 plus $3.99 P&H.Official website

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  1. john lester | May 22, 2017 at 9:57 pm | Reply

    mosquitoes are not attracted to light. They are attracted to CO2, Zaplite is not effectives in killing mosquitoes.

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