Tray N Play Review

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What is Tray N Play?

Are your children always impatient to reach their destination while travelling in a car? Keeping children entertained on a car ride can be quite an impossible task? But now there is an easy and fun way to keep your kids entertained while on a car ride.

Here’s introducing Tray N’ Play, a fun foldable table for your kids to play. Tray N’ Play is so much fun, your kids are guaranteed go love it.

Tray N’ Play is similar to an airplane table. It easily flips down when you want to play and folds back again when you are done playing.

Tray N’ Play is amazingly versatile. You can use it for tablets, snacks and for large projects.

Great for Snacks

Your children can use Tray N’ Play to enjoy their favorite snack while in the car. Simply fold it down and they can relish their snacks without making a mess in the car.

Perfect for Laptops

Tray N’ Play is also perfect to keep your laptop. With Tray N’ Play you wont have the burden of placing the laptop on your lap.

Ideal for Art and Craft Activities

Tray N’ Play features the perfect surface for your kids to perform their art and craft activities. It’s great to use to draw and color. You can even use it to play video games.

Flip It Up For Tablets

Simply tilt it up and use the customized strap to securely hold tablets to watch your favorite movies during long drives. With Tray N’ Play your kids can do so much they will never be bored on a car ride ever again!

Two Secret Compartments

Tray N’ Play features two built-in secret compartments that can be used to keep toys, pens and crayons.

It even has a handy cup holder that you can use to keep your beverage!

Unique Lock and Hold Design

Tray N’ Play features a unique lock and hold design that keeps the tray firmly in place.


Tray N’ Play is designed to easily hold up to 20lbs.

Easy To Install and Remove

Tray N’ Play is very easy to install. It installs in just seconds. Tray N’ Play can also be removed easily too.

Portable and Easily Storable

Tray N’ Play is portable and can be easily stored in any type of vehicle. So no matter what car you are travelling in, Tray N’ Play will be your child’s favorite travelling companion!

Great For Adults Too

Tray N’ Play is perfect for adults too. Just flip it up to read your favorite novel and flip it down to enjoy your snack.

Ideal for Bigger Projects

Tray N’ Play folds out to twice the space making it the perfect tray for bigger tasks.

Order the Tray N’ Play fun foldable table today and watch as your kids stay entertained throughout the car ride!

What do I get?

You will get Tray N Play and 6 Stick N’ Stays for $19.99 and $7.99 P&H.Official website

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