Vac-Mat Floor Mat

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What is it?

Vac-Mat is a grip-clean floor matdesigned to trap dirt and debris so that your home always stays clean and dirt-free.This incredible floor mat is the world’s first vacuum action mat that eliminates messy footprints every time you use it.


How to use?

You can use Vac-Mat on any floor surface. Simply place it in the front of any door entrance and when you step on it the dirt gets trapped in. With Vac-Mat you can always prevent dirt from entering your home.


How it works?
Vac-Mat features a unique polymer surface that acts like millions of suction cups designed to grip and hold dirt and debris.
Vac-Mat is great for work and hiking boots, it prevents grass from entering the house and it also traps dirt and hair from pet paws. It also traps mud, clay, soil, rocks, crumbs and much more.


Easy to clean
Vac-Mat is easy to clean. Simply rinse it and it is clean and ready to be reused.


Colors available
Vac-Mat is available in two colors: blue and black.
Order your Vac-Mat door mat today!


What do I get?
You can purchase a Vacmat™ Floor Mat – in your choice of blue or black – for just $19.99 plus $6.99 processing and handling.


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