Twist and Shape by Thane REVIEW

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About Twist and Shape

Twist and Shape claims to be an innovative exercise machine that users can twist on to lose love handles, sculpt buns, thighs, get gorgeous abs and lose weight.



Twist and Shape Review

Sydney Barnes says in her review“The Twist and Shape handle post is a little rickety but the base overall is stable. You will be able to use Twist and Shape for cardio but it would have been great if there was height adjustment to make a higher step.”

Lauren Norton reveals in her review“Twist and Shape seems like a good machine, and does well – but the only problem is that you have to keep tightening up the bolts.”

Elizabeth Ryan mentions in her review“It would be nice if the equipment was a little bigger because if you are on the bigger side it is difficult to use.”

Gordon Marshall says in his review“Twist and Shape is a little bit of trouble to assemble because of the holes lining up.”

Jeffery Combs reveals in his review – “It could have been made a little stronger. You will need to tighten the screws ever so often and oil the pistons (included) but other than that the Twist and Shape unit is fabulous. It is pretty, the tension works very well, noticeable difference between tight and loose. This machine is super simple to put together with all the tools included. There will be no problem with this machine when you move homes. You can it keep in your living room because your kids won’t hurt themselves with this machine.”


How does Twist and Shape CLAIM to work?

One needs to step on the platform of Twist and Shape, hold the handles and start twisting to blast fats away. One can twist to just 240 degrees or add some intensity by squatting while doing so.

Twist to get in shape – You can allegedly lose weight and get in shape by just twisting on Twist and Shape. The exercise machine declares to be flexible and provide modified forms of exercises to target body muscles. However, more will be revealed once users review it.

Ergonomic design – Twist and Shape alleges to have patented design with ergonomic handle bar to exert less pressure on the knees and joints. There are no Twist and Shape reviews to verify this. It also has a digital display for time, repetition, counts per minute and calories burned. Send us your Twist and Shape reviews to tell us more.


Disadvantages of Twist and Shape

  • Just notice how the model in the Twist and Shape advertisement has to bend her knees to use this fancy gadget. Not suited for people above 6 feet.
  • Expensive fitness gadget compared to what it does
  • Same results can be achieved with a £20 waist twisting disc
  • You cannot fold Twist and Shape for storage
  • Thane does not provide any information regarding the maximum weight Twist and Shape can sustain.
  • Twist and Shape Dimensions are not mentioned.
  • May get squeaky after some use.
  • Height of the disc is not adjustable.
  • Assembling the Twist and Shape can be tricky


TWIST AND SHAPE Questions & Answers

Q. Does TWIST AND SHAPE come assembled?
A. No, there is assembly required.

Q. Can TWIST AND SHAPE be folded for storage?
A. No it cannot be folded up and put into storage.

Q. What is the weight limit of TWIST AND SHAPE?
A. Not sure of the exact weight limit on the machine. It may be 200lbs at the max.

Q. Does TWIST AND SHAPE come with dumbbells? If so, what size?
A. Yes it does come with dumbbells. The sizes of the dumbbells are 2 lbs.

Q. Does TWIST AND SHAPE come with any kind of directions on how to use it, do the exercises, or get the most out of it?
A. No, there are no directions given – you just hop on and start stepping away.

Q. Is this a quiet 13″ twist board?
A. This machine does make noise but it depends on what you consider loud.

Q. Does TWIST AND SHAPE work out your glutes?
A. It is designed more for your legs, but it would also depend on how fast and how long you do it.


Twist and Shape Verdict

Twist and Shape is somewhat unique in design but there are many such abs workout machines that are meant to work out the lower body and abs to lose weight. The exercise machine by Thane is available on with a simple name search. A list of similar machines can be also looked for by searching for at-home exercise machines. Rating wise, Twist and Shape come with a 4.8 stars rating averaged from 18 customer reviews that found its low-impact functionality helpful to lose weight and sculpt the lower body parts and abs area. Do understand that any exercise requires a fair amount of nutrition plan to work. Considering that it comes at a price range that most other machines fall, it sounds like a good choice.


What do I get?
Single payment of £89.99 (with discount £10.00)
Trial of £9.99+ Full Pay of £90.00
Trial of £9.99+ 2 Installments of £45.00
Official website: |

3 Comments on "Twist and Shape by Thane REVIEW"

  1. Lorraine Dodd | July 21, 2017 at 1:11 pm | Reply

    I’ve just put together my Twist and shape, however the grips on the handle bars twist too, is this right or not?

  2. Can you use thane twist and shape if you had total hip and knee replacement

  3. Hi i got that twistand shape on amazon i paid190$ no dumbells came what did comr was excircing steps what foid to eat and advd. I am haveing a hard time putting it togathet that hex rench i dont knoe how to use it thankyou i love the machinr but i cant assemble it. Thankyou☺

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