Total Bliss Recliner Massage Chair REVIEW

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About Total Bliss Recliner Massage Chair

It is a massage recliner that helps your body to relax and heal from head to toe. Total Bliss Recliner Massage Chair removes tension and stiffness with vibration massage therapy and heat.


Total Bliss Recliner Massage Chair

Rejuvenating Massage Right at Home – If you experience stress, stiffness and tiredness all over due to the daily grind, Total Bliss Recliner Massage Chair could be just what you need. The creators of this massage recliner claim that you can now bid goodbye to fatigue and discomfort as it helps your muscles to relax and infuses energy, besides enhancing mobility and agility.

The Secret… Cycloidal Vibration – The key to the difference that Total Bliss Recliner Massage Chair makes, according to its sellers, is the cycloidal vibration action that it employs, which imparts soothing treatment of the entire body from head to toe. Total Bliss Recliner Massage Chair supposedly enhances blood and lymphatic circulation by gently activating deep muscle activity that causes no discomfort or harm to bones or joints. Prominent features of Total Bliss Recliner Massage Chair include the following:

-Vibration mode from 8-point cycloidal massage motors
– Carbon fibre heating element powered heating mode
– Resourceful remote control
– Four manual vibration modes- back, lumbar, thigh and leg
– Three different timer settings
– Swivel, rock, recline and foot rest functions
– High density foam back and seat

Total Bliss Recliner Massage Chair is powered by five vibration modes, viz. Wave, pulse, Press, Normal and Auto-Function that offer different levels of intensity.

Total Bliss Recliner Massage Chair Questions/Answers

Q. Does Total Bliss Recliner Massage Chair recline really low?
A. It doesn’t become totally flat though it does recline quite well.

Q. Can I use this chair only for heat and skip the massaging function?
A. No. The chair will perform both the functions simultaneously.

Q. How can I get the chair to recline?
A. Pull the round flat lever on right side of chair.

Q. Does Total Bliss Recliner Massage Chair massage well or does it only vibrate?
A. It does vibrate but doesn’t massage consistently.

Q. Does Total Bliss Recliner Massage Chair rock?
A No,

Q. Is the footrest of this chair big?
A: No.

Q. Does it require assembly?
A: Yes.

Q. Is Total Bliss Recliner Massage Chair made from suede?
A: No, it’s made from leather.

Q. Can I use the remote control to recline the chair or do I push it up and down manually?
A: The chair is not devised to work with remote control. You can operate it only manually.

Q. Does it have Vibrations?
A. Yes, 5 Vibration Modes.

Total Bliss Recliner Massage Chair Review

Joanne Carlson has complained in her Total Bliss Recliner Massage Chair review that it’s been barely a month since she started using it and she can already feel its vibration points. She’s also complained that her Total Bliss Recliner Massage Chair was not delivered in good condition as it came in with its base bent and one of the arm rests missing. And as if that was not enough she noticed deficiencies in other things about Total Bliss Recliner Massage Chair as well. Its back part that’s supposed to fit into the slots for the seat don’t settle in properly, and the stitching at the seam on the foot rest is coming undone, Its cotton padding is also visible, which proves how roughly it has been handled during shipping and delivery.

Vivian Weber, another disappointed customer who’s used Total Bliss Recliner Massage Chair, has written in his review that though it is advertised as the ultimate recliner, in reality, it is nothing of the sort. Total Bliss Recliner Massage Chair doesn’t glide or rock even a bit when he sits on it. He feels it is too rigid, due to which the excitement of using a recliner is lost. The mechanism of the chair is also something that needs major improvement. Total Bliss Recliner Massage Chair can get too stiff due to which pushing the bottom back in after reclining becomes difficult.

Kurt Fuller is another user who’s written in his Total Bliss Recliner Massage Chair review that he finds its quality very cheap as it is made from low quality foam. Sometimes he feels that Total Bliss Recliner Massage Chair is too weak and will break after sometime. He feels that its leg rest is rather small and that its back is also very uncomfortable.

Mark Daniels bought Total Bliss Recliner Massage Chair so he could relax at home, but he noticed that it does not massage that well but just vibrates. He says he’s already spent a lot of money over buying Total Bliss Recliner Massage Chair and would not like to spend more on anything like this.

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13 Comments on "Total Bliss Recliner Massage Chair REVIEW"

  1. The moral of he story is that you get what you pay for. I have bought a Therapeutic chair in 2009. It’s costly as it was $12900 but it still works as good as day one. My wife uses it daily, I do but far less frequently. It has a similar vibration type to this but has 3 different modes. The remote controls a 2 rollers, 2 heat pads, all the chair reclining functionality.
    The chair comes with plenty of support. A full manual, DVDs that tutors the owner on functionality and 2 yearly contacts at your home for your reminders of how the full functionality of the machine works, any improvement to new updates in the companies products.
    I love it. Several years ago Channel Nines A Curent Affair did a story on Niagara. This the companies name. It included an unhappy customer who made many claims I differed on.
    They always invite you to check their web site on stories. I did this immediately after the program. Their was 144 comments with 141 of these being positive, 1 being neutral an # being unfavourable.
    Check the Niagara website. They are based in Queensland. They also have larger more informative web sites in the UK and USA.
    As I said, you get what you by for.

  2. Bought 2 of these august 2017 arrived and assembled by courier which was great . Legs need to be strong to push footrest down and lock 12 months gone by the padding has lost its comfort and your body starts to lean in awkward positions not straight up and down the vibratory are not quite obviously felt as lumps under your body . Everything functions as they should . I rang the tv shop complained about the lean and loss of comfort initially said no sorry out of warentee I then stated these are not fit for purpose. My partner has suffered sciatica due to the now awkward position this should not happen in a chair for at least a few years let alone within 12 months a courier will arrive tomorrow to take chairs back to base for assessment no charge apparently if there are faults but I will be charged if there are none 160 dollars each so I will repost with the result . Customer service has been good. Replied to my queris and follow up calls from them have been friendly and helpful . I have taken photos for reference if things do not work out .

  3. My mother bought one of these chairs. The remote was missing and it was only when she asked about it she discovered the foot rest was manual only….which the salesman did NOT tell her, even when she said she had problems with her old manual chair and needed one with fully electric controls. She hasn’t the strenth to move the foot rest manually. The chair will have to be returned but BEWARE! The cost of transport is around $200 – and the company has told my mother she has to pay the initial DELIVERY COST as well as the return cost, so she will have to pay just over $400. I can’t see any details about having to pay the initial delivery charge if you want to return the item…only the return delivery. Don’t get one of these chairs – they can turn out to be a VERY expensive mistake.

  4. VERY DISAPPOINTED ordered 2 chairs 1 delivered to the wrong address.
    Received a White bottom half & a cream top spent the next 2 weeks on the phone trying to sort out.Rang everyday they kept saying that i was on the waiting list for a call back.
    They said that they can only deal with 1 problem at a time. I did pay for these chairs in full no payment plan.Thanks for nothing TV Shop spoilt FATHERS day for 2 Dads. Didn’t even get to sit in them so can’t say if they were even comfortable.Asked for my money Back hope it doesn’t take 6 months to get a credit.

  5. Irene Ferraris | August 31, 2018 at 1:46 am | Reply

    Why do the remotes not work is there a trick to connect them as there are no instructions. Other than the remotes do not work, the chairs are very comfortable to sit in.

  6. Irene Ferraris | August 31, 2018 at 1:44 am | Reply

    Have had 2 lots of remotes, and both times they worked for 2seconds then died. Other than that the chairs are great . REMOTES are a problem. Also no instructions how to connect remotes. I have spoken to a couple of representatives., which have been very helpful.

  7. After reading all above comments, I won’t even make a call to inquire about this product. I am always reluctant to get any of these type products which are not available in shops. Probably all cheap stuff, made in China without quality control. I’ve had dealings with Chinese companies during my working life and always had problems.

  8. Don’t buy one I brought 2 I saved like hell. An from minute they arrived they were trouble. Rediculous for disabled

  9. Can someone please explain to me why for the love of god do these tv infomercials NEVER tell you the price on an item unless it’s under $100? Seriously ridiculous and when I ring up to enquire about the price they are very reluctant to tell you. I swear they think people are dumb maybe if they were totally transparent they might get more customers.

    • I agree with your commen s 100 %.
      I have been trying to find out the price and they just don’t want to publish it. I won’t Deal with these companies who are not prepared to tell you the price. Where on earth do you go into a shop and have to beg to fin out what money they want for a product. Absolutely ridiculous

  10. Makes me wonder why they can’t sell this on normal shops where people can check the product first.

  11. Do NOT buy this chair. From the moment I bought it the leg recliner wouldn’t work, it wouldn’t lock back into position, you have to get off the chair and do it by hand, then when it does lock back in it won’t release. When I complained about it, they said they often have that problem, but that was never mentioned when I bought it! I suffer chronic severe back pain, and was assured by the sales staff this would be great for my back. Instead it is just a nightmare! Their only option to me was to spend a further $400 to upgrade to the electic recliner. Very disappointed!

  12. Do not purchase Total Bliss Recliner chair from TV shop. This chair is unsuitable for elderly people as they are unable to put leg rest down. When dealing with TV shop sales they are rude, sarcastic and couldnt care less that they sold chair to elderly lady with heart transplant with no strength in leg and hip poblems. The cost to return is NOT worth it. DO NOT BUY CHAIR OR DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE.

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