Spinwand 360 Curling Iron REVIEW

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About Spinwand 360

It claims to be a healthy hair styling tool that guarantees to give you a full head of soft, voluminous, sexy curls. Where normal curling irons tend to burn, singe and damage hair, Spinwand’s healthy heat design keeps the hair gently wrap around the wand for even heating and perfect curling 5 times faster.




Spinwand 360 CLAIMS

It is claimed that the secret is a five finger curl design that spins to detangle hair and spins to hold hair in place. It is easy to use. You just need to set to your customized temperature and the smart indicator setting beeps at 8 seconds giving you perfect curls, it is so easy! Don’t know which way to curl your hair, doesn’t matter Spinwand 360 spins in both directions. Spinwand 360 claims that dry dehydrated hair becomes full, bouncy and alive – simple, safe and healthy.

Because of Spinwand 360 you can get salon curly waves in your own home without the stylist and as a bonus they promise to give you heat proof traveling case. Sounds too fanciful, reviews will expose it soon.



SpinWand 360 Review

If we go by the reviews of this product, Spinwand 360 seemed to have failed miserably in impressing customers. Where the girls are said going crazy over Spinwand 360 in the commercial, the reality is different. Spinwand 360 does not work quite as it implies, thick or thin hair, long or short hair the curling iron could barely grab onto it. The barrel is so glossy the hair keeps slipping right out. More over the product claimed to be a time saver but a user stated that it is not a timesaver since she had to struggle coaxing her hair onto that spindle since the hair keeps falling out as it spins. Spinwand 360 is not as easy as it looks.

Many customers had difficulty in using the spinner, the hair kept getting tangled unless wrapping them around the hot rod manually using hands which may result in burning your fingers. Other drawbacks of Spinwand 360 include no auto shutoff, no stand to set it down, and no temperature control. Though the unit gets hot, it did not get hot enough for curls to hold all that long while for some it was little too hot for their thin hair. Some suggested that Spinwand 360 might work ok for weaves but not for natural curls while some recommended this product for medium length hair. But if we go by the working of this product Spinwand 360 seems to be a total disappointment for any kind of hair.

Another issue faced by the customers with Spinwand 360 was that the automatic rotating part stopped working. Also, it was very uneasy to roll using Spinwand 360 since the pressure is needed to be applied in order to fix the curl. A customer stated that one would be lucky if the curls hold in for more than 30 minutes may be because the fingers that are supposed to grab the hair in the Spinwand 360 are not close enough to the actual iron.


SpinWand 360 Questions and Answers

Q: Does SpinWand 360 only make tight waves or loss waves?
A: According to one of the user of this product it didn’t make any curls at all.

Q: Does this have auto shut off?
A: SpinWand 360 has no auto shut off function.

Q: How does SpinWand 360 work on short hair–looks like it is mainly for long hair?
A: If you hair is fine or short hair I don’t recommend this said one of the user.

Q: Is it possible that the hair get caught and burn?
A: Sometimes, if not handled properly hair will wrap too tightly around the wand and pull

Q: Can it be used by a person with only one hand?
A: Sorry, but probably not. Need to use both hands to securely hold the strand, there is no clamp to hold the hair.

Q: Does SpinWand 360 have different settings or just on and off?
A: Just on and off. Heats to 400 degrees


What do I get?
2 SpinWand 360 Curling Irons for $39.98 + $7.99 S/h at the Official website: Spinwand360.com

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