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About 9 Volt Blaster Flashlight

9 Volt Blaster Flashlight guarantees to be the world’s smallest yet brightest flashlight that comes with a tactical technology used by the military. It alleges to have a compact design that can convert any 9-volt battery into a powerful flashlight using a super bright COB LED Light.


9 Volt Blaster Flashlight CLAIMS

Feature-rich design – This powerful, compact flashlight assures to be compact enough to fit into any little space. It promises to be built atomic tough and is weatherproof for use in any type of exterior. We can analyze its claims further once we receive 9 Volt Blaster Flashlight reviews.


9 Volt Blaster Flashlight Review

Flora Cohen, a 9 Volt Blaster Flashlight reviewer alleges that it is extremely dim even after using it with a brand new battery. Also, she didn’t find any difference in the light intensity for both high and low settings.

Another reviewer, Wilbur Malone complains that 9 Volt Blaster Flashlight’s switch is pretty stiff with hardly any difference in the intensity. He further adds in his 9 Volt Blaster Flashlight review that the battery doesn’t last for a long time. It seems that the circuit utilizes the power quickly but doesn’t have a comparable intensity output.

Todd Romero’s 9 Volt Blaster Flashlight review suggests users look for similar lights that are half its price. According to him, the switch that is to stay locked when required sometimes accidentally switches on while storing, thus running the battery out.

One customer, Anna Carter, calls 9 Volt Blaster Flashlight highly weak and a waste of money in her review. She says that the switch is very difficult to operate and using cheap batteries isn’t possible with it since they fail to stay attached to the light.

A review of 9 Volt Blaster Flashlight by Bobby Bowen states that the flashlight is terrible and isn’t as bright as the advertisement claims it to be.

According to the review of Wilfred Simmons, 9 Volt Blaster Flashlight turns on by itself and drains the battery even while in storage. The worst part he mentions is the dual-light intensity settings and brightness that isn’t anywhere as promised.


9 Volt Blaster Flashlight Questions/Answers

Q. Does 9 Volt Blaster Flashlight have a slider switch?
A. It comes with a button switch.

Q. Is 9 Volt Blaster Flashlight water-resistant?
A. It is weatherproof but not waterproof. If the battery and light head is exposed to water, it will short circuit and the switches will start to leak.


Official website: 9VoltBlaster.com

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