Perfect Bella Hair Enhancing Powder REVIEW

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What is Perfect Bella?

It is a hair powder women can use to camouflage receding hairline, roots and thinning hair and scalp. Perfect Bella promises to help you get rid of the dreaded hair problems and regain your confidence the easy way. It works as a practical short-term solution that is designed as a unit with a brush at its tip and a button at the opposite end.




Perfect Bella CLAIMS

Flaunt your Tresses Confidently – To apply the powder, you need to place the brush at the affected area, press the button and brush it gently to spread it steadily. You can turn to it whenever you need the perfect touch up and make your hair look naturally dense in an instant.
Versatile, Dependable and Cost-Effective – Perfect Bella claims to be the best way to get a quick touch-up you may need between your colour sessions or to disguise exposed roots or scalp. It is available in six different colour schemes so you can select the shade that matches your hair. Apparently, it mixes with any hair colour, stays intact upon application and doesn’t run even if you sweat. Perfect Bella is also suitable for any hair style and works equally well on long as well as short hair. Its sellers further state that you can count on it and avoid visiting salons that cost a bomb and take up a lot of time. You can also carry Perfect Bella wherever you go as it’s portable and has an easy to carry container.


Perfect Bella Questions & Answers

Q. I ‘ve got jet black hair. Does Perfect Bella have a deep black shade that will suit me?
A. Yes, you’ll find a suitable shade for your hair.

Q. Can I know for how long does Perfect Bella last after it’s applied? Does it really work?
A. A single application can last around two weeks between hair colouring sessions. Yes, Perfect Bella works; you just need to apply it with due care to get desired results.

Q. Is it ok to use Perfect Bella on eyebrows?
A. Since it is in powder form and doesn’t run, it appears to be harmless though you need to consider the thickness of its brush in mind before you think of applying it.

Q. Can I use the dark brown colour for black hair?
A. No, use black colour for best results; dark brown won’t be dark enough for you. It’s advisable to choose the shade that matches your hair colour most closely.



Perfect Bella Reviews

Paula Sanders, who bought Perfect Bella to colour her sideburns and roots on scalp has stated her review that it did not work for her. She’s disappointed with the outcome and so has decided to recolour with permanent or a semi-permanent dye.

Nicole Perez, another customer has said in her Perfect Bella review that though it coloured her scalp appropriately, it began running down when she started sweating while performing workout. She’d applied dark brown colour on her scalp, but it came on her towel and spoiled it.

One more user, Rebecca Phillips, has said that Perfect Bella is the worst hair product she’s ever used. It turned very thick and sticky at the time of application and made her scalp look a different colour and two shades lighter. It is very difficult to get rid of this colour from the scalp. She does not recommend using this product. She’s aghast at the results but is finding it hard to remove it.

Cheryl Sanchez also calls Perfect Bella a messy product in her review. According to her, it does not mix up properly and remains powdery due to which she has to take care that it doesn’t fall on her hands and clothes while applying as it is very hard to remove it completely. She’s also got medium brown hair and the outcome of using the same shade of this product was that her head turned dark red, which is something she’s never liked.

Nancy Adams complains in her Perfect Bella review that it failed to colour her grey hair strands as expected. Its brush was not proper and she had to apply many layers of powder to cover the greys but that didn’t work. She won’t recommend Perfect Bella to anyone as it is also overpriced and not worthy enough.

Anna Ward, however, says in the Perfect Bella review given by her that except for packaging, she didn’t find any issue with it. Though it arrived in a damaged condition, she says she’s got the feeling that it will work well for her, so she’s applied for a replacement.


What do I get?
Buy 2 Perfect Bella One-Touch Applicators for $19.99 at the Official website:

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