Tippur Nail Polish Accessory

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About Tippur

Tippur claims to be the ultimate nail polish accessory designed to hold your nail polish like a third hand. Tippur promises to prevent messy nail polish spills! It emphasizes that it is easy to use and it makes styling your nails easier than ever before!


Tippur Claims

Tippur maintains that it makes doing your nails fun, fast and easy! Sounds too fanciful, Tippur reviews will expose it soon.

1. Simply insert any bottle – Tippur asserts that it can hold any size polish bottle. The unique foam insert design accommodates any nail polish bottle! At this point of time there are no Tippur reviews to verify this claim.

2. Tilt to desired angle – Tippur angle-adjusts making it easy to use and allowing you to get more polish out of the bottom of the bottle. Tippur alleges that by simply tilting it you can get every drip of polish. It promises to tilt but won’t drop. This claim of the Tippur will be attested only once users review Tippur.

3. Paint nails without spills – Tippur helps avoid messy spills, and makes your home manicures and pedicures simple and easy. Does it sound too good to be true? Tippur reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Tippur states that it gives you professional salon-quality manicure and pedicure anyone can do! Sounds too fanciful, Tippur reviews will expose it soon.

What do I get?
1 Tippur Nail Polish Accessory for $14.95 at Tippur.com | Order Tippur today!

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