Simply Contour REVIEW

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What is Simply Contour?

It claims to be a unique garment that helps in achieving amazing curvy shape throughout the body and tones it to 2 sizes smaller. Simply Contour guarantees to provide you with the curvy body you dream of with its unique design. Simply Contour states to have advanced Smart Tex fabric which is ultra-thin in dimension.




Simply Contour CLAIMS

Shape your body – It is breathable that allegedly expands and contracts in the right places to provide natural flattening of the abdomen, slimming of the waist and lifting of butt region. At this point in time, there are no Simply Contour reviews available that will attest to its claims.

Exceptional features – Simply Contour proclaims to have a seamless design that can help the wearer look 2 dress sizes smaller. Also, Simply Contour assures that it comprises of a seamless design that goes great with virtually any type of clothing. Its silicone bands ensure that it doesn’t roll up and stay in place to cover the muffin top and sides. More shall be revealed once Simply Contour is reviewed. Simply Contour declares to be available in various sizes and two colors – nude and black. Did you find Simply Contour as good as its claims? Send us your reviews.



Simply Contour Review

Sherri Ford says in her review of the Simply Contour –“It did lift my booty somewhat, but it was so tight around the midsection that it pushed my stomach fat into an unflattering position and made me look even heavier. And although my butt looked lifted in certain outfits, in certain other outfits there were very obvious lines from the fabric squeezed around my butt and thighs”.

Priscilla Swanson writes in her Simply Contour review- “Your butt won’t look how you think it’s going to look in this. It was pretty funny, I think if the circles for your butt cheeks were larger it would look better, but it’s such a harsh transition”.

In her review of the Simply Contour Rochelle Gill mentions- “It’s just hilariously unrealistic looking! I don’t even know how to explain what my butt looked like but it doesn’t make it a flattering shape like you think it will”.

Jeannie Holt complains in her review of the Simply Contour that the waist was small and the holes for the cheeks were way too big. She says it lifted them up a little but she couldn’t tell much of a difference with her clothes on.

Celia Vargas sates in her Simply Contour review that it fits perfectly around her hips and stomach, but it squeezes her thighs and no matter what outfit she wears you can see the outline of the butt/thigh area.

Kara Riley says in her Simply Contour review-“It’s uncomfortable. If you’re going to the club and will dance, this is a no-no. It’s so hard to dance and move your body”.

Tricia Roy states in her review of the Simply Contour – “I am not very impressed as the tummy material is rather odd (something like an elastic ace bandage) and it does not pull the tummy in very much. Secondly, it did very little butt reshaping”.

Margaret Rhodes claims in her review of the Simply Contour – “It seems to just cut off your circulation under the buttocks, which is not appealing”.

Vicki Castillo states in her review of the Simply Contour that the Simply Contour holds her tummy in nicely although she didn’t see a difference in her booty. She also says that if you have thighs that touch the Simply Contour it is going to irritate and rub places.

In her review of the Simply Contour Alice Pittman writes- “It fits as it should around the stomach. But, it gives a weird shape for butts. I cannot workout in it without getting uncomfortable and having to readjust it and cannot leave out the house because of the odd shape it gives”.

Alicia Bowers claims in her review that the Simply Contour is uncomfortable to wear because it tends to roll, and rubs at the bottom of the buttock areas where your butt and thigh are connected.

Sonia Duncan says in her review that the Simply Contour is ugly and doesn’t shape your butt, instead it makes your butt small and flat and also it hurts in your legs in the front part of it.

Elena Herrera writes in her review that the Simply Contour is uncomfortably tight, almost suffocating in the crotch area! She says it definitely can’t be worn for a long period of time.

Another user, Gina Vaughn claims in her review that the Simply Contour is not comfortable at all, thighs look like they are bulging out and it does not give a natural look in jeans.

Olive Roberts says in her review of the Simply Contour that the straps underneath that lift the butt pinch a little which is annoying.

Stacy Bailey mentions in her Simply Contour review that she really didn’t like the way it fit. It made her butt look funny and the material wasn’t very breathable.


Simply Contour Questions and Answers

Q. Is the Simply Contour more to lift butt or hide love handles?
A. I think it’s for both, but I would say more to lift your butt.

Q. Does the Simply Contour double as a waist trainer?
A. It is not a waist trainer, maybe a spanx.

Q. Does it make your tummy look flat?
A. It’s not a girdle or waist trainer by all means but it does help with tummy control as far as no belly rolls will show. The butt part is perfect but the stomach part could be tighter.

Q. If I wear it with a fitted silk dress would you be able to see the lines and lace?
A. Yes. You have to wear super loose clothes to not notice it.

Q. I plan on wearing this with a bodycon dress. Will it show through?
A. It will show a print…it is noticeable that you have something on.

Q. Can you wear the Simply Contour if pregnant?
A. Maybe if you got 2 sizes larger than necessary, but that would defeat the purpose I guess. I would not recommend any type of compression /shape wear during pregnancy.

Q. Does the Simply Contour actually make you skinnier or is it more for the butt area?
A. Simply Contour flattened the stomach area but it did not lift my butt.

Q. Do you experience permanent results? For example, like waist trainers?
A. No.

Q. Does the Simply Contour have ribs in it??
A. No, it does not have any ribs.

Q. Does the Simply Contour roll down?
A. Yes, it does.

Q. Dose the Simply Contour slide?
A. Yes, the top slides.

Q. Is the Simply Contour discreet?
A. Not much.

Q. Does the mesh give a good lift?
A. It gives a fairly good lift.

Q. I’m 5’5 and 155 pounds, what size should I get?
A. Large

Q. Are the results permanent? And does it help with cellulite?
A. No, the results are not permanent and it does not help with cellulite.

Q. Does it help?
A. It does give a little lift. Of course, the pictures are always exaggerating so it’s not going to do exactly what the picture shows. It’s good if you need that lift. and for the price it is not bad.

Q. Does the Simply Contour ride up on the thighs?
A. Yes, that’s why you have to go up two sizes depending on your weight and the size of your thighs. Measure your thighs and determine what size you need.

Q. Does the Simply Contour show when you are wearing leggings?
A. Unfortunately if your leggings are on the fitted side you will see the outline.

Q. After wearing the Simply Contour can you remove it and will it still keep your butt lifted?
A. Simply Contour doesn’t reform your butt. You have to wear it for it to be lifted.

Q. Should the Simply Contour be worn when exercising?
A. As long as it isn’t too tight, it can be worn while exercising. Mine was too snug because of my jumbo thighs so it’s not good for bliss circulation.

Q. Does the Simply Contour have tummy shaping and support? I want a flat stomach and perky butt.
A. Simply Contour has medium-level support. They only go up to your naval. So if you want strong support or your mid-section compressed, go elsewhere. Also, it is not that great at doing much for the booty, if you don’t already have one.


What do I get?

  • 1 Simply Contour in nude
  • 1 Simply Contour in black

Price: $29.99 plus $7.95 P&H at the Official Website

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