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About UpWalker

As per the infomercial, UpWalker claims to be a smart walker that addresses the deficiencies of conventional walkers. Its secure design alleges to remove hunch by keeping the users in an upright position to provide better posture. The large 8-inch rubber wheels of UpWalker emphasize to run on multiple terrains, bumps, and uneven surfaces smoothly. It also asserts to have adjustable armrests, ergonomic handles, and lightweight frame that can be easily maneuvered.



Better control – The smart walker, UpWalker, proclaims that its aesthetic design provides better mobility since it offers the users full freedom, better posture, and less pain while walking. More will be revealed once users review it. Its foldable frame proclaims to be strong and sturdy to support individuals of up to 300 pounds weight. It states to have lockable brakes on the handle and adjustable padded armrests to offer total control to the users. Such farfetched claims by the walker will be verified once users review it.

Comfortable seating – Another benefit that UpWalker convinces to have is a fabric seat with backrest support that helps in sitting or walking. The sit-to-stand handles allegedly help in a smooth transition between sitting and walking. Send us your reviews if you found this walker to be helpful.

UpWalker Review

A UpWalker review by Stuart Tate reveals that the rollator has a good design and is made using the high-quality material. His issue lies with its adjustability where the seat doesn’t fit into a comfortable height with the handles while sitting.

Lee Kim’s UpWalker review states that the walker is better for people who are generally all hunched over. Even though she has the seat adjusted well, it is slightly high to set her feet flat on the ground while sitting. Further, in her review, she writes that the handles are to be adjusted all the way up in this position. So basically she uses UpWalker with a seat little too high and the handles a little too low.

A frustrated user Carlton Chavez complains in his UpWalker review that its cheaply-built frame is pretty heavy and is highly unstable when it is adjusted to the highest height.

One other similar issue surfaces in Sonia Walter’s UpWalker review. She also found it to be heavy, hard, and awkward to move around and to fold. She says that it might require the help of a companion to fold it, open it, and stow it in a car.

Patrick Greene, a customer who tried UpWalker, discloses that the quality of the Rollator isn’t as good as promised. Even with delicate use, there were bits and parts that start to break off. In his review, he says that the brakes on one side of UpWalker didn’t adjust well and the welding on the frame that stabilizes it also came apart making it unsafe for use.

According to Angie Hoffman’s review of UpWalker, it is pretty heavy and can be difficult to unfold. The other problem she mentions is that user needs to push it down very hard to move around swiftly.

An in-depth review of UpWalker by Shirley Banks exposes that its frame isn’t as sturdy as claimed. The brakes don’t work well and can cause sliding of rollator in resting position. Its folding ability isn’t great and the plastic on the sliding track is so cheaply built that it can simply break off. In her review, she mentions that UpWalker’s seat is slanted and doesn’t feel sturdy while sitting on it. The frame itself has poor quality and is very difficult to maneuver due to heavyweight. Most of its parts come assembled but the rest is to be done by the user and can be difficult for them.

UpWalker Questions and Answers

Q. Is UpWalker difficult to fold?
A. Yes, it can be a little difficult to fold and can be a little heavy to handle.

Q. What are the rollers made from? Does it have a better grip on various types of floors?
A. The wheels are made using hard plastic and have a decent grip.

Q. What is the height of the UpWalker’s seat from the floor?
A. The height varies as per the leg adjustment.

Q. Is it shipped as fully assembled?
A. Yes, a little assembly is still required but it doesn’t need any type of tools.

Q. Are the brakes lockable?
A. Yes, but users should still stay careful.

Q. What can make UpWalker better than what it is?
A. It requires wider wheels so that it can move around grassy and non-paved terrains smoothly.

Q. Can UpWalker stand by itself and folded position?
A. No, but it lies flat with front and back wheels together on each side.

Q. Does the seat have a slight angle downward in the front when laid flat on the ground?
A. Yes, it does. Users can try opening and folding it a few times.

Q. Are the handlebars on UpWalker supposed to be loose in their fittings and make a rattling noise when the rollator is pushed?
A. No, it shouldn’t. Users should try adjusting or returning it.

  • 1 UpWalker
  • 3 Free Accessories: Beverage Holder, Backrest, and Personal Bag

Price: $495.00 | Official website: TryUpWalker.com

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10 Comments on "UpWalker REVIEWED | Read this UpWalker REVIEW before you spend $400"

  1. re. your comment to search google for different sit/stand walkers…what do I google?

  2. Worst purchase ever made. Yes, it came fully assembled. Yes, when it was returned repayment was made timely. But…it was too easily moveable across a flat surface, made you feel unstable; it was huge, could barely get it my midsize car; it was way to heavy to go up even one step with. Worst of all, my husband, who had seemed to be recovering, suddenly died in his sleep only one week after he had been using an UpWalker. What do you think happened? Do not buy this product if you are elderly and weak. You just might die trying to use it.

  3. Bought it for my 91 year old mom who didn’t like hunching forward on her old walker. She loves it. Well built, well thought out. I need to put it in the car because 23 pounds is too much for her but the Velcro tie makes it much easier than her old one and it stores easily behind the driver’s seat. I honestly don’t know what all the negative reviews are about. This is very innovative and addresses all the issues I had when I first saw my mom trying to use the walker she bought (standard four wheel with seat that opens). Helps the core muscles, stand upright and she can walk a lot farther than she use to. The seat moving forward and back is. great and the water cup holder needed since she is walking so much farther. Good job of design. Yes it is pricy but so is a new tv. Take your pick…

  4. Barbara Hopkins | June 13, 2018 at 6:38 pm | Reply

    Just checking it out online for my Sr friends…probably like most new inventions needs to be trouble shooted…worked out kinks by maker…too new!
    Maybe next year, give it a go…

  5. I returned mine but I got it through Amazon and the shipping was free. It weights a lot and tore a hole in my back seat car. My mom could not steer it in the park (with a smooth concrete walkway) and even with me assisting I found it very hard to steer. I had to return it because she almost fell twice. Back to a regular walker which she has no problems with. I think this thing is very dangerous to use and there is no way you can steer this at home.

  6. Ann Marie Lynch | May 24, 2018 at 4:59 pm | Reply

    I had to send back..The brakes were not sturdy and I wasn’t comfortable…I paid $595 and it cost $115 to return by UPS..Rip off!

  7. Shame on such a high price tag. Most of us that would benefit from this walker can’t afford to shell out the $500 plus price tag. Most people will probably do without.
    It’s sad, it should be priced around $185.

  8. Fran Ebersold | April 17, 2018 at 2:41 am | Reply

    From reading the reviews, I would have problems making the adjustments since my hands are not as strong as they once were. I was considering this for my significant other, but he expects me to do all the setting up….ugh!

  9. Why should the upwalkwe cost twice as much as the Drive Nitro and the only addiction of 6 ft. of metal piping.
    Shame on the cost increase.

  10. Just received the walker today and are very disappointed. It will not adjust high enough to allow my husband to stand upright. He is over 6 feet tall, but not a giant. There is no adapter available to increase the height. The back wheels steer rather than the front wheels which make it difficult to steer and are a trip hazard when they bump into your feet. Worst of all, return shipping must be paid by us. This is a customer and handicapped unfriendly organization.

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