ThermaSleek Thermal Shirt

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What is ThermaSleek – It is an amazing thermal shirt that is super thin and yet keeps the body warm in the harshest of weathers.


Sleek New Design

ThermaSleek is a new age body warming shirt which is said to be highly effective when it comes to providing warmth during harsh cold weather. It is imperative that you get enough warmth using a thermal which are generally made from mixed fabric material. But the problem is the thermals are quite bulky and fail to provide that insulation to cold even after wearing layers of clothes over it and this problem is supposedly solved with ThermaSleek. Plus the bulkiness of these regular thermals is definitely unnerving as it restricts movements of the body. The promise of ThermaSleek is that it is quite slim to fit the body in the perfect proportion and provide freedom to move in it. It is also promised that ThermaSleek is not at all itchy which makes it comfortable wearing for longer hours.


High-Quality Grade Material

ThermaSleek is designed in a revolutionary way and is supposedly the most comfortable shirt like fit on the body due to the stretchy material used as its material. Plus the material, Tactel is unique in itself as it is apparently patented due to its design features, fabric quality and comfort. All this is possible since ThermaSleek is claimed to be designed for providing a soft and smooth feel to the skin and bear very minimalist weight as compared to other thermal and woolen clothing. The comfort contouring fit helps naturally slimming the arms and as claimed, ThermaSleek can be worn under other garments or just as a shirt in itself. It is available in black and white, two colors to suit the requirement and comes for both men and women.


Perfect for All Places

The insulating fibers used in ThermaSleek is said to be very resistance to cold and keeps it out keeping the body warm during all activities, may it be sitting inside a room or outdoors. Plus due to its several different advantages it can be easily concealed under garments and can be even used for workouts in the open without worrying about catching cold.


what do I get?

2 ThermaSleek Thermal Shirts in your choice of black or white and size for just $19.95 + $15.90 P&H. Official

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