As Seen On TV Twisty Lid REVIEWS and Questions/Answers

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What is Twisty Lid – Twisty Lid is the easiest way to open up stuck lids of jars instantly.


Quickly Open Jars

Twisty Lid is supposedly the best solution to remove tough jar lids without any fuss. Generally jars have lids which seal it tightly to create vacuum and store it for a longer time which is obviously good for preserving the items in the jar for more time. The problem arises when you wish to open the lids, which can be a frustrating, time and energy consuming task. Twisty Lid claims that it provides the exact solution one needs to open these lids with its comfortable holding design. Twisty Lid when compared to traditional jar banging and towel turning technique is claimed to be more effective without much effort. It also is said to surpass the hassle of opening the lid by holding it under piping hot water.


Easy to Use Design

The main aim of Twisty Lid is said to reduce strain on the users hand while opening lids which it does it amazingly well thanks to its unique design. It comes with a chrome finish claw like end which is adjustable as per the size of the lid and hooks on to it. For a sturdy support and ease of grip there is a wooden handle provided which is ergonomically designed to support pulling mechanism. Twisty Lid apparently works on all bottles, jars, jugs and even pops open oil caps. Plus the easy usage makes it a universal solution that can be supposedly used by people of all ages.


Twist to Open

Using Twisty Lid as claimed is easy and can be done in 3 simple steps. It is to be placed on the lid that needs to be lifted open. Later an easy grip on the wooden handle of Twisty Lid can be used to turn and pull the lid instantly and one can simply rejoice the items locked away in the jar. The best feature that is highlighted about Twisty Lid is apparently its ease of use by elderly people who suffer from arthritis and other people who lack upper body strength.


What do I get?

Get 2 Twisty Lids for just $10.00 + $15.90 S&H. Official website:



Twisty Lid Reviews

Connie Huff in her review of Twisty Lid says- “It didn’t get a good grip, and when it did, it really didn’t give me a leverage advantage that would make opening the jar easier. It also breaks into separate parts readily, causing constant reassembly. I don’t know what the answer is for easy jar opening, but Twisty Lid isn’t one of them”.

Louise Yates complains in her Twisty Lid review that the quality is poor and it doesn’t grab caps like the vintage model. Twisty Lid cannot open any jar, she says.

Another user Priscilla Hopkins is disappointed with the Twisty Lid and states in her review of the Twisty Lid that it didn’t work at all. She further adds that it just fell apart when she tried to use it.

Dolores Fitzgerald mentions in her review of the Twisty Lid- “It does not do the job, bad quality. Instructions came with this device showing how to put it together, which I thought was a little strange because it came assembled. It has a gripping issue and slips on lids that have smooth edges”.

Darla Barnett is disappointed with the Twisty Lid and says in her review that it is of poor quality. She also claims that when you open it too far it comes off the tracks and is quite a challenge to reassemble. She also felt the wooden handle could easily break if you use too much force.

Jackie Fox is not very pleased with the performance of the Twisty Lid and says in her review of it- “This one has metal only and it slips on the lid unless quite a bit of force is used”.

Lana Austin mentions in her Twisty Lid review- “It doesn’t have good “teeth” to grip the lids, so when I tried to open a smaller cap, I was just turning the handle without any success. It did work when I tried opening a larger lid. It’s just hard to find good quality kitchen products anymore”.

In her Twisty Lid review Sadie Ryan says that she found it to be laborious, and strenuous just to get the handle to work. She says that it is supposed to be a jar opener that people with arthritis could use, but she still found it too difficult to turn”.

Another person Maria Carlson who tried the Twisty Lid says in her review of it- “A little hard to use on very small bottles. I had one of these openers’ years ago and it was misplaced. It is simple and quick to use on most jars”.


Twist Lids Questions and Answers

Q. If you turn the handle of Twist Lids clockwise to tighten the teeth, how does turning it counter-clockwise open the lid? Doesn’t it just loosen the teeth?
A. You turn the handle of Twist Lids counter clockwise to grab the lid tightly and continue to turn it in the same direction so you can open the lid. If you need to open a large lid, you can turn the handle clockwise first to lengthen the distance between the two steel teeth. When you feel that you have grabbed the lid tightly, you can turn the handle counter clockwise to open the lid.

Q. Will Twist Lids open wide mouth mason jars?
A. Twist Lids will open up to 3.7″ jar lids. There is also another style of opener that will open up to 4″ jar lids.

Q. How large a lid will Twist Lids actually work with?
A. The largest lid the Twist Lids will handle is about 3.5 inches. It also needs a rough finish on the clamps.

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