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What is AutoVantage: It is a complete car club that you can rely in case of breakdowns or other issues related to your vehicles.


AutoVantage is said to be a reliable name when it comes to your pet possessions; your cars. It has become a popular name amongst car owners, which probably explains why it’s been in the business for 25 years now. You do your best to maintain your drives in the best possible condition but what happens when you break down on the road or have other issues with it. You need the best possible help at the earliest and that’s what AutoVantage offers you, according to its claims.


AutoVantage offers you brilliant roadside assistance

When your drive breaks down when on the road, you feel the most vulnerable. At times like these you want to work with a name you can rely on. And that’s just what AutoVantage claims to be. Moreover it also offers members assistance that includes 150 mile towing radius, for no additional costs.


AutoVantage offers assistance in car or home lockout situations

How many times have you regretted walking out of the house or your car without your keys? At times you find yourself in these situations for no fault of yours but it can cost you a fortune. Not anymore says AutoVantage as these services are included in their packages for your benefit. There’s also a mechanics hotline that comes handy when you need it.


AutoVantage LocateMe Technology in action

In case of breakdowns, the company uses this path breaking technology and finds you with GPS accuracy by leveraging all of biggest cell carriers in the US. Hence the assistance you get is fast and efficient. Through a simple push of a button you can get help 24×7.


AutoVantage is said to be cost effective as well

The membership can make you feel more assured about your drives, especially when you are on the road. And you get this peace of mind without spending a fortune as the packages are meant to be quite reasonably priced. AutoVantage also has your entire family covered and there are no additional costs for every member, according to its claims. And the discounts on hotel, car rentals are meant to be an added bonus.


What do I get?Price: $59.99 Per year for the entire family. Official website:

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  1. That’s right—-RESEARCH before you buy. Autovantage has a ton of complaints against it regarding scam and fraud.

    • IF you check the BBB complaints, most are for Affinion and are for fragrances and not cars. If you look at autovantage ca or other states & not just wicked CT, there are zero complaints. I have been researching before renewing my AAA membership.

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