The Holding Cell Review

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About The Holding Cell

The Holding Cell claims to be a cellphone holder for your bed or wall in the house, office, dorm room or garage. Its design feature states to give your cellphone a designated spot and within your reach when you go to bed so that you won’t have to reach out for it on the nightstand. The Holding Cell proclaims to have built-in charging cord holder that keeps the cords neatly organized. The Holding Cell alleges to be great for baby monitors too.



How does it work

Most cell phone holders can only be placed on tables or desks but The Holding Cell states that it works great for your bed and any wall. It asserts to have a foldable panel that slides and inserts right under the mattress. The ridges of the Holding Cell claim to grip the phone and the tensioned tri-hinge keeps it firmly in place so that you can adjust its angle to view the phone comfortably even while lying in bed. The Holding Cell also proclaims that it has holes to screw it on the wall or can be attached with flat strips that accommodate foam tapes or Velcro.

Never fumble for your cellphone again

It is common to reach out to the nightstand to grab your cellphone when you’re in bed or not have it at hand when you receive an emergency call or an important work call. The new cellphone holder The Holding Cell guarantees that you no longer will miss a call or stretch out to lay your hands on your phone when you’re in bed. The cellphone holder emphasizes that you can fold down the panel of The Holding Cell and slide it right under the mattress and place your phone on it. The ridges guarantee to grip the phone and the tensioned tri-hinge technology keeps The Holding Cell in place.


Works with any phone and on any wall

The Holding Cell promises to work with any cellphone or device, even the big ones, since it has adjustable height. Other than being slid under the mattress, it can be screwed on the wall or the flat strips on the back can be used to attach Velcro or adhesive tape to attach it to any wall. This feature declares to make Holding Cell work great for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, dorm room, or even garage. Since The Holding Cell keeps the phone away from your body when you sleep, it promises to save you from electromagnetic radiation.


Neatly organizes charging cable

The center of The Holding Cell maintains to have a slot for holding charging cords that keeps them off the floor, prevents crimping while charging, or even being misplaced. The side box of The Holding Cell maintains to let you store an extra cord to prevent cord clutter. The Holding Cell asserts to have a clipping notch so that the cord will be ready for the next use. It promises to be great for placing baby monitors by the bed or anywhere you want.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive The Holding Cell for $19.95 + $13.90 S&H
  • Official website:
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