Solar Flats Review

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What is Solar Flats?

Everybody loves a well-lit landscape that looks beautiful but those ordinary lights in the backyard are such a hassle. They tend to bend and break, and get in the way. If you want to brighten your yard the easy way then what you need is Solar Flats, the wireless solar powered lights.

Here’s introducing Solar Flats, the amazing wireless flat lights designed to give your home a classy and elegant look. Solar Flats are solar powered lights that turn on at night transforming your dull boring backyard into a beautiful landscape. You will absolutely love the look of your home with the Solar Flats wireless solar powered lights. You can use Solar Flats anywhere you need to come out of the darkness and into the light.


Stays put in the ground

Unlike ordinary lights that get in your way, Solar Flats will never get in your way. These incredible lights sit firmly in the ground so they are always out of your way. Simply place the lights anywhere without the need for wires and Solar Flats will shine bright. It’s that amazing!

Easy to use

Solar Flats are very easy to install. Simply place the lights wherever you need light. Solar Flats will shine bright.


Automatically turns on

At night the Solar Flats lights turn on automatically giving you a well-lit beautiful landscape. Use the Solar Flats lights to light up any part of your home that needs a shining light.


How Solar Flats work?

Solar Flats feature advanced silicone cells that generate their own electricity during the day and turn on automatically at night. With Solar Flats you get light anywhere you want it. Solar Flats will bring light into the darkness.



Solar Flats are designed with weather-resistant LED diodes that are guaranteed to last a lifetime without burning out. With ordinary lights you have the hassle of cords, installation, and annoying maintenance but the Solar Flats lights is wireless making them the only lights you will ever need.


Great for steps, patio, walkway and more

You will simply love the way Solar Flats shines bright at night. Solar Flats are great to use to light up your steps, patio, walkway, driveway and any place you need a shining light. Simply place it anywhere you need light.

Say goodbye to cords, installation, and annoying maintenance.

Order the Solar Flats wireless solar powered lights today and turn your boring backyard into an exceptional landscape!


Atomic Beam Solar Flats Review

Johanna Carter, an Atomic Beam Solar Flats reviewer claims that the lights stopped working after the first use. It seems to have difficulty charging up during the day even though they are placed in a bright, sunny spot.

One Kevin Ramirez writes in his Atomic Beam Solar Flats review that the light isn’t as bright as advertised. He also warns other users that the light isn’t water-resistant that makes it useless for use in the exteriors.

Another review by Ron Lloyd discloses that the stake that comes with Atomic Beam Solar Flats is cheaply built and can break easily. This makes it difficult to place the light firmly into the ground. He does mention that the light is decent but could have worked well with better quality ground inserts.

Noel Hudson’s Atomic Beam Solar Flats review calls it a dim light that isn’t effective in lighting up the exterior at all. He shares his disappointing by saying that even though one could do with the low light output, the plastic stakes are highly weak and bend easily, rendering it completely useless.

A customer, Caleb Burke asserts in his review that the LEDs in Atomic Beam Solar Flats stopped working one by one within few months of purchase. Also, he noticed that the plastic covering the solar cells cannot handle hot temperatures under the sun and became cloudy and slightly bent.

Susie Chapman warns other customers in her review against purchasing Atomic Beam Solar Flats. She states that the light isn’t water-resistant and stopped working after she turned on the sprinklers. A few LEDs stayed functioning but there was condensation under the lens that might corrode it from the inside.

As per Antoinette Alvarado’s review, Atomic Beam Solar Flats isn’t worth the price since it lasts for only 3 hours and its base is made of cheap material.


Atomic Beam Solar Flats Questions and Answers

Q. Is the battery on Atomic Beam Solar Flats replaceable?
A. No.

Q. Which light is much brighter?
A. Even though the white light is much brighter, either white or warm white can enhance the landscape well.

Q. Does the stake separate from the unit?
A. Yes, it comes separately and needs to be assembled.

Q. What is the expected life of Atomic Beam Solar Flats since solar lights are known to weaken over time?
A. Considering the fact that LED lights can reach up to 10,000 hours in their lifetime, the light should last up to 3 years.

Q. Will Atomic Beam Solar Flats work even after they sit under snow?
A. If the snow cover is thick, it might fail to charge properly. But essentially, its exterior is weatherproof and it can withstand such a situation.

Q. Can users mow over Atomic Beam Solar Flats?
A. Yes, but care should be taken that it is pressed deep enough into the ground to hold its position firmly.


What Do I Get?

  • You’ll receive a set of Four Solar Flats for $10.00 plus $13.98 S&H.

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  1. The super-slim Atomic Beam Solar Flats claims to be wireless, solar-powered LED lights that sit flush on the ground. It maintains to be perfect for landscape lighting by switching on automatically during the night. The smart Atomic Beam Solar Flats light alleges to have silicone solar cells that have the capacity to generate electricity during the day. It stores the charge and switches on the two high-power LEDs at night automatically.

    Powerful landscape lighting – The solar-powered Atomic Beam Solar Flats light assures that it sits flush in the ground with ease and since it is wireless, it can be placed absolutely anywhere. We will know more once users send us their reviews. With its discreet design, it guarantees to add a glitter by lighting up the exteriors, steps, walkways, driveways, and patios. Currently, there are no user reviews available to substantiate its claims. Since they charge

    Sturdy Design – This flat panel LED light promises to have a weather-resistant material and a circuit that will last a lifetime. Its exterior maintains to be a heavy-duty aluminum housing that can take a beating and still continue to function. Did you find Atomic Beam Solar Flats as good as its claims? Send us your reviews.

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