Ped Egg Powerball Review

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What is Ped Egg Powerball

As per the TV infomercial it is a novel device that can help in removing calluses, cracked and dry skin off the feet in seconds. It has a 40% larger roller head and pivots to contour the surface. It buffs away dead skin easy with by delivering up to 2000 spins per minute.



Smooth feet guaranteed

Ped Egg Powerball claims to be a callus remover that works very differently than the ones available for home use. At this point of time it is difficult to accept such a claim by Ped Egg Powerball as there are no user reviews available. Ped Egg Powerball states to be designed in a very different way keeping in mind the requirements of callus removal without hurting the feet. Such far-fetched assurances by Ped Egg Powerball will be verified once it is reviewed. Ped Egg Powerball emphasizes to work like magic at a cost effective rate compared to frequent visits to a costly foot salon. The actual effectiveness of Ped Egg Powerball shall be revealed once users start sending in their reviews.

Optimal design

Ped Egg Powerball assures to be designed to deliver best callus removal at home, which will be verified once users review it. Ped Egg Powerball guarantees to have a rolling head like its previous versions but with the difference that the head is 40% larger now. This makes it easy for people to use Ped Egg Powerball on the skin without straining a lot and keep the skin in contact. Although there are no Ped Egg Powerball reviews available currently to substantiate with its claims. Ped Egg Powerball asserts to possess the ability to spin this head at 2000 times per minute that scraps off the dead skin and calluses easily. Currently there is no Ped Egg Powerball reviews out that will attest to its claims. Ped Egg Powerball alleges to have a pivoting Powerball head that helps in contouring the skin surface and stick to the feet so that no part stays untreated. Is Ped Egg Powerball really this good? Ped Egg Powerball reviews will soon reveal the facts.


Additional Features

Ped Egg Powerball promises to be helpful in ensuring that the callus removal has happened perfectly well. To aid this promise it has a built-in LED light that helps to see up close and evade missing spots. Such fascinating features of Ped Egg Powerball do make it worth a buy; user reviews will expose the truth soon. Ped Egg Powerball maintains to be safe for removing dry skin, dead skin and calluses in mere seconds by moving the roller over the affected area. Ped Egg Powerball assures to be completely safe and painless as there are no blades attached to it. Such features will be verified once we analyze Ped Egg Powerball reviews. Ped Egg Powerball convinces to be so good and easy that it takes only seconds to perform a pedicure right at home. To further bolster Ped Egg Powerball’s capability, Ped Egg Powerball states to come in a rechargeable version too that does not need battery changing from time to time. Is Ped Egg Powerball the answer to smooth feet? Send us your Ped Egg Powerball reviews.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive Ped Egg Powerball for $14.99
  • Official website: Ped
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    1. I got my pedegg a few months ago, I have to say, it’s not what you say it is. Ever since I started using the pedegg my feet are worse and I have to use it everyday… I feel like it’s the worse thing I have ever bought….

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