Twist & Shine Review

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What is Twist & Shine?

Are you tired of using those old-fashioned flashlights every time the power goes out? You need your hands free but have to hold the flashlight to view what’s in front of you. Now there is an easy to use flexible flashlight that gives you light instantly and will keep you handsfree too.

Here’s introducing the revolutionary easy to use flashlight, Twist & Shine. Twist & Shine is an expandable light that expands instantly where it’s hard to see. The best part about the Twist & Shine flashlight is that it flexes into any shape you need. Use it anywhere, anyplace. Twist & Shine is the only flashlight you will ever need.

The Twist & Shine flashlight is guaranteed to replace those old fashioned flashlights for good.


Flexes into any shape

Twist & Shine easily flexes into any shape you want. It’s the flexible light that grabs on tight. This feature makes it the only flashlight you will need in any situation.

Simply extend it and bend it and use it anyplace you need it. Twist & Shine can extend from a bright 10″ flashlight to a giant 2′ work light. You are sure to love the flexibility and versatility of the Twist & Shine expandable flashlight.

Use anywhere and everywhere

The Twist & Shine flashlight is designed with a handy hook that flips out allowing you to hang it on your car’s hood.

Featuring a powerful magnetic base, Twist & Shine will hold on tight in tough places. It’s a flexible light that holds on tight. Twist & Shine is a must have weapon for every tool box.

With Twist & Shine you get an extra hand for those tough jobs. Twist & Shine also gives you the added flexibility to bend into any shape for any size job. You can use it as a handy flashlight or as a hands free work light. There is no other versatile flashlight like the Twist & Shine flashlight.

Order the Twist & Shine flashlight today and replace those old fashioned flashlights forever! Twist and Shine is the last and only flashlight you will ever need!


What Do I Get?

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