Swerve Ball Review

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What is Swerve Ball?

Swerve Ball as demonstrated in the infomercial is a type of ball used while playing baseball. As the name suggests you can swerve it. But that’s not all, with Swerve Ball, you can Slide and Curve the ball and pitch like a pro. Swerve Ball unflinchingly declares that it can backyard baseball to a whole new level altogether. Swerve Ball also asserts that it will make anyone throw like a thorough professional which is a promise that can only be substantiated when Swerve Ball reviews are made public.



Swerve Ball REVIEW

Fragile – Alan who bought Swerve Ball complained in his review that all three balls break within an hour of playing. His 12 year old was playing with a friend and they get cracked before you know it. The first pitch was alright but when they got the ball back for second pitch it was dented. He wonders if the blitzball is of better quality.

Cheap Plastic Balls – Felix who used Swerve Ball exposed in his review that it came with nothing else from the commercial and he didn’t know there was a different one to buy. There was no target or sleeve for the bat. The balls were made from cheap plastic and he thinks only really small kids who use wide ended bats should use them or they will dent. They don’t curve well and deny you when hit with wiffle ball bat. He recommends buying a real Blitzball.

Confusing – Peter who reviewed Swerve Ball revealed in his review the balls aren’t sturdy and get dented after first use. What is worse is that they have markings for what pitches to throw and yet they are confusing to use as you don’t know what finger goes where. He says that he was excited by the commercial but it doesn’t work. It usually doesn’t curve and just ends up going straight, unlike the commercials where you see it curving 4 to 5 feet. He recommends buying Wiffle ball, which is a lot more fun.


How does Swerve Ball CLAIM to work?

Exercise is a must for the human body, whether you are a kid, teenager, adult or an elderly person. Nowadays with the onset of smart phones, tabs, and video games, our lifestyle has become rather sedentary. More so in the case of kids who are hardly seen in the open doing any physical activity. Another reason for lack of physical activity is homework and attending certain classes outside school. Serious efforts are being taken by parents and teachers to engage the kids in some sort of physical activity. Undoubtedly baseball is the most popular and the easiest sport. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need any practice. Every sport has its share of engagement and endurance. That’s where Swerve Ball strikes in. Claiming to transform you into throwing like a champ, Swerve Ball has certainly raised the expectations. But are we buying it? Not at this point of time till we see positive feedback coming from Swerve Ball reviews.

As it is self-explanatory from the name, Swerve Ball promises to take your backyard baseball game into a whole other dimension. The Swerve Ball hits, curves, slides and last but not the least swerves the ball like a professional. It is fun and wild game that can be enjoyed by friends and family alike. Swerve Ball claims that it will make you pitch like a pro in no time. If the claims are to be believed, the popularity of Swerve Ball is scaling heights and everyone is talking about it.

The patent pending hexpropello dodecahedron shape of Swerve Ball harnesses the power of torque and airflow to make extreme, unbelievable pitches. Unlike other balls, the Swerve Ball has a unique geometric shape which is marked with special grip points. These marks are of the letters X, Y and O. If you place your finger on X, the Swerve Ball claims to throw a jaw dropping curve ball. On placing finger on Y, the Swerve Ball throws a mind-boggling sinker. Place the finger on O to throw a backdoor slider. Come to think of it, the Swerve Ball seems like an all-rounder, almost like an ultimate ball but is it really as effective as depicted in the infomercial. If you or anyone you know has played with the Swerve Ball, do share your experience in your Swerve Ball review. Plus, the Swerve Ball also comes with a sweet spot bat sleeve which you can slide on any bat and start swinging like a champion.


What do I get?

  • 6 Swerve Balls
  • 1 Sweet Spot Bat Sleeve
  • 1 Strike Zone Backstop

Price: $14.99 plus $5.99 processing and handling at the Official Swerve Ball website BuySwerveBall.com


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1 Comment on "Swerve Ball Review"

  1. Joanne Rosenthal | May 11, 2016 at 4:21 am | Reply

    With 4 kids, I do everything last minute. However, my soon-to-be 7-year-old son was so obsessed with swerve-ball, that I ordered it over a month in advance.

    After more than a week, I was told that it was on back-order; then 20 days later, told that it would be delivered 8-10 business days later.

    OK, I no longer wish to receive this product; please cancel. What? I can’t cancel without calling to speak to a representative.

    There was a representative?

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