Sno-Cone Man Review

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What is Sno-Cone Man?

Sno-Cone Man as shown in the infomercial is a sno-cone machine that makes frosty refreshments. If the claims are to be believed it will make every kid’s frosty dream come true. It is a fun, engaging and easy way to make frosty refreshments. The sno-cones can be made by the kids themselves or under the supervision of an adult. Nonetheless, it is a great source of entertainment for the kids at all times, especially in the summer time when it’s hard to beat those cravings for ice-creams or cold beverage. But does it really deliver as promised? We don’t know as yet. If you have used it why don’t you share with us your experience in a Sno-Cone Man review.


How does Sno-Cone Man work?

It is no doubt a proven fact that kids absolutely love sno-cones. Whether it is a hot sunny day, or for that matter a chilly winter holiday, kids find it absolutely irresistible. Making them through a conventional machine involves a lot of effort and time. Not to mention the mess that is left behind. Plus kids cannot be left with the bulky machine by themselves as it needs constant adult supervision. Sno-Cone Man maintains that it can make sno-cones in a matter of minutes. It claims to do so in the most fun and easy way with almost negligible mess and hassles. However we are unaware of how reliable the Sno-Cone Man Machine really is. For that we will need to analyse Sno-Cone Man reviews and as of yet we haven’t come across any.

When Sno-Cone Man declares to be a sno-cone machine that happens to be every kid’s frosty dream, we are forced to think twice as Sno-Cone Man reviews are still awaited to provide us more information about the authenticity of such a tall claim. On observing how it works, it seems like the Sno-Cone Man is fairly easy to use. One has to lift the Sno-Cone Man’s hat and add ice cubes into it. On turning the handle, the Sno-Cone Man Machine churns a mountain of snow.

Sno-Cone Man convinces us to create a number of tasty treats using the snow mountain. This can be done by squeezing any of your favorite flavours onto the shaved ice and an amazing frosty treat will be created in no time. Whether it is Cherry, Grape, Blue Raspberry, Orange or Lime, Sno-Cone Man provides an option to choose any two flavour packs. Another interesting idea is to freeze lemonade or any other fruit juice in the ice tray and then use these ice cubes in the Sno-Cone Man to create sensational treats that could turn any ordinary day into a vacation. Moreover it could be introduced as a fun surprise at any birthday party to become an instant hit among the kids. Of course it all sounds very fanciful but how effectively it really works in practical sense is yet to be seen. So we’d rather wait for Sno-Cone Man user reviews to reveal the truth.


What do I get?

You’ll receive the authentic Sno-Cone Man snow cone machine with a shovel, two flavor bottles, ten paper snow cones, five fruity flavor packets and a certificate of authenticity, all for just $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping and handling.Official website

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