Three Way Magic Mirror Review

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What is Three Way Magic Mirror?

Three Way Magic Mirror as demonstrated in the infomercial is a compact portable lighted mirror that claims to offer 5 times magnification. It promises to give you crystal clear images for perfect viewing from every angle. Three Way Magic Mirror magnifies little details that would be left unseen through a regular mirror. For instance maybe weird hair strands sprouting out of your face in the oddest of places or for that matter make-up gone bad. So the Three Way Magic Mirror does seem like a practical accessory to own but does it really deliver as promised in the claims is yet to be seen. Let’s just wait and keep an eye on the Three Way Magic Mirror reviews to come out and reveal the truth.


How does Three Way Magic Mirror work?

Men often complain that women take a long time to get ready. Whether it is to go for a grand function or a visit to the neighbor’s barbeque party. Ask any woman and they’ll always say that time is never enough to take care of the minor details. After all making an impression on everybody is always on top of their mind and there’s no harm carrying yourself in a dignified manner. The Three Way Magic Mirror claims to be a time saver for all women and men too. A must-have for any fashionista, this compact Three Way Magic Mirror measures 9.5” wide x 8” height when kept open and is 8” height and 4.75” wide when closed. When opened the Three Way Magic Mirror gives you a full perspective. It is designed in such a way that the panels can lay flat or be adjusted forward for fuller viewing from the sides. This versatile design is easy to set up and use.

The Three Way Magic Mirror asserts to have multiple uses. It can be used for applying makeup, especially eye makeup which is a rather cumbersome task and requires finesse. The distortion free mirror offers just that. It can also be used to fix your hair in any style you desire. Tweezing or shaping the eyebrows becomes an easy task if the claims are to be believed. So does putting on jewellery, especially ear-rings. What’s more, you can easily check the back of your head with the Three Way Magic Mirror which cannot be done using a regular one side mirror.

The Three Way Magic Mirror folds compactly which means it makes for a great travel partner. The LED light works for you day and night. You can use the loop to hang it up or turn it around to stand it up. It is lightweight and easy to hold so you can move it to see anything you need. Moreover it occupies hardly any space. Of course if we are to believe everything that the makers claim, the Three Way Magic Mirror surely seems like an essential accessory but if it really works will be revealed when the Three Way Magic Mirror reviews come out.


What do I get?

You will receive 2 sets of Three Way Magic™ Mirror and Eyebrow Shaping Kit or only $14.99 plus $9.98 P&H.Official website

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