Stay Case Review

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About Stay Case

Stay Case claims to be a lightweight and compact jewelry organizer that prevents the pieces from tangling and makeup from breaking. Stay Case alleges to have a liner that keeps your jewelry and makeup just as neatly organized as you put them there. Stay Case convinces that you can carry the case on travels too.


How does it work

Unlike other jewelry boxes, Stay Case asserts to have a patented liner that keeps all your items in place. You just need to keep your jewelry and makeup in the jewelry case and zip it up to keep them securely snug inside and perfectly in place just like you left them. Stay Case alleges that it has a crushed velvet interior that protects the jewelry and keeps necklaces from tangling and makeup from breaking. The anti-tarnish interior of the jewelry organizer asserts to store things for a long time.


Neatly organize your jewelry and makeup

Of course there are jewelry boxes and vanity cases to keep your precious jewelry and makeup inside. But even then when just left inside a box, necklaces tangle, makeup powders or eye shadows break and you can never find the piece that you want in a mess. But the jewelry organizer kit Stay Case promises to eliminate all these hassles for you. Stay Case convinces to neatly organize all your jewelry pieces and makeup stuff so that nothing would ever tangle, break, or misplace. Stay Case emphasizes to have a patent pending liner that keeps all your objects in one place. Stay Case states that you just need to place your jewelry and makeup in the case and zip it to prevent things from breaking or becoming a mess. Stay Case guarantees that when you reopen the case you will find all the contents just as neatly organized and safe as you left them there.

Special interiors to securely hold things

Stay Case maintains that it has a crushed velvet interior that protects your jewelry. Stay Case also proclaims that its interior is anti-tarnish treated so that it will securely store your jewelry and makeup for a long time. Stay Case declares that it is very lightweight and compact so you can easily carry your stuff in it on travels. The jewelry case promises that you would never have to fish for a piece among a clutter and thus save your time and avoid frustration of finding the right piece when you are getting ready. Stay Case declares that it can hold the most delicate necklace, bracelet, liquid makeup items, brushes and more absolutely securely whether storing at home or out traveling. It maintains that you wouldn’t find anything amiss no matter how much you move it around.


What do I get?

You get Two Stay Case for just $19.99 plus $17.98 S&H.Official website

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