Supreme Toning Tower Review

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What is Supreme Toning Tower?

It claims to be exercise equipment that sculpts your body and strengthens your core right at home. It proclaims that a single equipment lets you do Barre, Pilates and Toning moves. It states to have a pull through bar, sculpting bar, and springs to help you get the tension to increase your body’s flexibility.

Supreme Toning Tower Review

A user of Supreme Toning Tower says that they like the exercise equipment but the workout video and tower basics video got monotonous after a while with the same routine. The user couldn’t find any other workout DVDs so would be sending the machine back as it would just lie around unused. They assumed there were more workout DVDs one could use apart from the ones accompanying it. Another user of the home workout system writes in their review that it is not for everyone. If you are especially in a good shape to begin with, you might find the exercises too simple and basic but it does entail a little more than they could physically do. Continuing to use it was too painful for the reviewer because of the gout on their knee and bone spurs on their foot. It would be a great equipment if someone doesn’t have physical issues.

The Supreme Toning Tower proclaims to be easy to use as it does not require assembling when it is delivered at a user’s home and one just needs to unfold it and start using it. The Yoga mat of the equipment can be cleaned by simply taking a wet towel or rag and wiping it down with soap and water or disinfectant wipes though the mat cannot be removed to wash or clean.

How Does Supreme Toning Tower Work?

Supreme Toning Tower with Barre and Pilates has been specially designed with top quality construction to suit the needs of Ballet and Pilates professionals, and regular users as well.

There’s a notion that Pilates can be difficult and you need to follow an instruction manual to learn the moves on your own. But Supreme Toning Tower makes Pilates a lot easier and convenient so that everyone can get optimum benefits out of this highly efficient workout.

The Supreme Toning Tower DVD includes Toning Tower Top10 moves that show you the basic moves that give you excellent results. Once you have learned these easy to follow moves, you can start getting the benefits of Barre and Pilates workouts from the comforts of your home, or wherever you might be.

One of the important highlights of the design of the Supreme Toning Tower is the fact that it has been set at International standards height for Ballet Barre exercising. The workout DVDs you get with the equipment offer you a complete studio Barre experience. The heavy gauge steel used here ensures that the Barre is completely sturdy and stable. It is also light and easy to maneuver around because of the special uni-tower construction.

The Resistance Coils are an important element of the Supreme Toning Tower and they are very useful whenever you want to get a cardio workout for your legs. You have the option of working out your legs alternatively or doing both of them together.

Supreme Toning Tower gives you the cutting edge advantage when it comes to building core strength, especially when compared to the regular Ab machines you find in the market. The Pilates Swing Thru Bar can be used to get those flat, hard abs you have always wanted and to make sure you are fitter, and stronger.

Those who want to work out their upper body can benefit from the Sculpting Bar, which is another important feature of the Supreme Toning Tower. You can use it on its own to get a comprehensive upper body workout. It can also be used with the Resistance Coils to get a no-impact workout.

When you work out, your posture is crucial to getting best results. Supreme Toning Tower ensures that because you can stretch out and practice till you get the perfect posture. You can straighten up and keep your back in line to get excellent results.

Body sculpting right at home

Supreme Toning Tower is an exercise equipment that assures to sculpt your body, strengthen your core and make your body more flexible right at home. However, there aren’t enough user reviews of Supreme Toning Tower yet to verify this claim. Supreme Toning Tower promises that it increases the flexibility of your body. But you must check out user reviews before investing in the machine. Supreme Toning Tower convinces to work on your full body – arms, shoulders, chest, legs, thighs, and obliques and tones them all perfectly. That makes Supreme Toning Tower sound great but it would be wiser to wait for user reviews before believing it.

Barre, Pilates and Toning with a single equipment

Supreme Toning Tower alleges that with a single equipment it gives you tons of Barre, Pilates and Toning moves. Is it possible for a machine to be this versatile? We need more Supreme Toning Tower user reviews to see if this is true or just tall claims. Other than letting you lose weight and toning your body, Supreme Toning Tower declares to strengthen your core. We can’t corroborate this claim just yet because there aren’t enough Supreme Toning Tower reviews. Supreme Toning Tower asserts to have a pull through bar that lets you perform the classic Pilates moves. Supreme Toning Tower user reviews will reveal whether that’s true.

Keeps your core engaged – There is a detachable sculpting bar in Supreme Toning Tower that convinces to keep your core engaged while working out on your torso. Whether Supreme Toning Tower can really achieve this will be known once more users review the equipment. The bar of Supreme Toning Tower guarantees to let you perform squats to tone your inner thighs, push up and pull over to tone your triceps. How much truth there is to this claim will be ascertained once Supreme Toning Tower is reviewed by users.

Accessible and easily storable

Unlike bulky treadmills or other equipments, Supreme Toning Tower emphasizes that it is quite accessible and easy to store. Such claims sound very fanciful but Supreme Toning Tower user reviews need to be analyzed before believing them. Supreme Toning Tower maintains that it is easy to set up and take down as well. Did your Supreme Toning Tower machine really stand true to all these claims? Share your Supreme Toning Tower experience with us through reviews.

What do I get?

  • 1 Supreme Toning Tower
  • 2 free flowing resistance coils
  • 2 DVDS
  • 1 Sculpting Bar
  • 2 Foot & Hand Straps
  • 1 High grade steel frame
  • 1 High density sweat resistant base Yoga pad

Price: $199 + $39.99 S/h. Official website:

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